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Handbook on Architectures of Information Systems

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Table of contents

1. Architectures of Information Systems
Peter Bernus, Günter Schmidt

Part One. Techniques and Languages for the Description of Information Systems

2. Properties of Information Modeling Techniques for Information Systems Engineering
John Mylopoulos, Alex Borgida

3. Express
Reiner Anderl, Harald John, Christian Pütter

4. Object-Role Modeling (ORM/NIAM)
Terry Halpin

5. Database Language SQL
Jim Melton

6. Petri Nets
Jean-Marie Proth

7. State Transition Diagrams
Jules Desharnais, Marc Frappier, Ali Mili

8. The Process Interchange Format
Jintae Lee, Michael Gruninger, Yan Jin, Thomas Malone, Austin Tate, Gregg Yost

9. Process Language GPN
Günter Schmidt, Oliver Braun

10. The IDEF Family of Languages
Christopher Menzel, Richard J. Mayer

11. The CIMOSA Languages
François Vernadat

12. ConceptBase: Managing Conceptual Models about Information Systems
Manfred A. Jeusfeld, Matthias Jarke, Hans W. Nissen, Martin Staudt

13. Conceptual Graphs
John F. Sowa

14. GRAI GridDecisional Modelling
Guy Doumeingts, Bruno Vallespir, David Chen

15. Modeling of Business Systems Using SOM
Otto K. Ferstl, Elmar J. Sinz

16. Workflow and Service Composition Languages
Mathias Weske, Gottfried Vossen, Frank Puhlmann

17. XML — The Extensible Markup Language and its Use in the Field of EDI
Erik Wüstner, Peter Buxmann, Oliver Braun

18. Modeling Information-Systems with UML Unified Modeling Language
Fritz Letters

Part Two. Software Engineering Methods for Information System Construction

19. Information Engineering Methodology
Clive Finkelstein

20. Object-Oriented Software Engineering Methods
Brian Henderson-Sellers

21. Euromethod Contract Management
Alfred Helmerich

Part Three. Tools for Analysis and Design

22. An Integrated Enterprise Modeling Environment
Florence Tissot, Wes Crump

23. WorkParty - Business Processes and Workflow Management
Walter Rupietta

24. Business Process Reengineering with PROPLAN®
Günther Schuh, Thomas Siepmann, Volker Levering

25. ARIS — Architecture of Integrated Information Systems
August-Wilhelm Scheer, Kristof Schneider

26. Tools for Analysis and Simulation: BONAPART
Herrmann Krallmann, K. Wiener, Gay Wood

27. MO2GO: User Oriented Enterprise Models for Organisational and IT Solutions
Kai Mertins, Frank-Walter Jaekel

Part Four. Reference Models

28. IBM Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) — An overview of the Insurance Business Architecture
Jürgen Huschens, Marilies Rumpold-Preining

29. Fraunhofer Simulation Reference Models
Markus Rabe, Kai Mertins

30. Configuring Business Application Systems
Stefan Meinhardt, Karl Popp

31. The SIZ Banking Data Model
Hans-Bernd Kittlaus, Daniela Krahl

32. ODP and OMA Reference Models
Andy Bond, Keith Duddy, Kerry Raymond

Part Five. Selected Topics in Integrating Infrastructures

33. Architectural Requirements of Commercial Products
Ted Goranson

34. Integration Infrastructures for Agile Manufacturing Systems
Richard H. Weston, Ian A. Coutts, Paul E. Clements

35. Distributed Processing: DCE, CORBA, and Java
Andy Bond, Keith Duddy, Kerry Raymond

36. Higher Level Integration by Multi-Agent Architectures
Mihai Barbuceanu, Rune Teigen


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