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Greenhouse Gas Emissions — Fluxes and Processes

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Alain Tremblay, Maryse Lambert, Claude Demers

2. Analytical Techniques for Measuring Fluxes of CO2 and CH4 from Hydroelectric Reservoirs and Natural Water Bodies
Maryse Lambert, Jean-Louis Fréchette

3. Development and Use of an Experimental near Infrared Open Path Diode Laser Prototype for Continuous Measurement of CO2 and CH4 Fluxes from Boreal Hydro Reservoirs and Lakes
Michel Larzillière, Denis Roy, Philippe Chrétien, Tommy Ringuette, Louis Varfalvy

4. Greenhouse Gas Fluxes (CO2, CH4 and N2O) in Forests and Wetlands of Boreal, Temperate and Tropical Regions
Anne-Marie Blais, Stéphane Lorrain, Alain Tremblay

5. Diffuse Flux of Greenhouse Gases — Methane and Carbon Dioxide — at the Sediment-Water Interface of Some Lakes and Reservoirs of the World
Donald D. Adams

6. Organic Carbon Densities of Soils and Vegetation of Tropical, Temperate and Boreal Forests
Anne-Marie Blais, Stéphane Lorrain, Yanick Plourde, Louis Varfalvy

7. Carbon Dioxide and Methane Emissions from Estuaries
Gwenaël Abril, Alberto Vieira Borges

8. GHG Emissions from Boreal Reservoirs and Natural Aquatic Ecosystems
Alain Tremblay, Jean Therrien, Bill Hamlin, Eva Wichmann, Lawrence J. LeDrew

9. CO2 Emissions from Semi-Arid Reservoirs and Natural Aquatic Ecosystems
Jean Therrien, Alain Tremblay, Robert B. Jacques

10. A Comparison of Carbon Dioxide Net Production in Three Flooded Uplands (FLUDEX, 1999–2002) and a Flooded Wetland (ELARP, 1991–2002) Using a Dynamic Model
Raymond H. Hesslein, Rachel A. Dwilow, Kenneth G. Beaty, Mark E. Lyng

11. Gross Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Brazilian Hydro Reservoirs
Marco Aurelio Santos, Bohdan Matvienko, Luiz Pinguelli Rosa, Elizabeth Sikar, Ednaldo Oliveira Santos

12. Long Term Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Hydroelectric Reservoir of Petit Saut (French Guiana) and Potential Impacts
Robert Delmas, Sandrine Richard, Frédéric Guérin, Gwénaël Abril, Corinne Galy-Lacaux, Claire Delon, Alain Grégoire

13. Production of GHG from the Decomposition of in vitro Inundated Phytomass and Soil
Normand Thérien, Ken Morrison

14. Diffusive CO2 Flux at the Air-Water Interface of the Robert-Bourassa Hydroelectric Reservoir in Northern Québec : Isotopic Approach (13C)
Jean-François Hélie, Claude Hillaire-Marcel

15. The Use of Carbon Mass Budgets and Stable Carbon Isotopes to Examine Processes Affecting CO2 and CH4 Production in the Experimental FLUDEX Reservoirs
Cory J.D. Matthews, Jason J. Venkiteswaran, Vincent L. St. Louis, Sherry L. Schiff

16. Mass Balance of Organic Carbon in the Soils of Forested Watersheds from Northeastern North America
François Courchesne, Marie-Claude Turmel

17. Planktonic Community Dynamics over Time in a Large Reservoir and their Influence on Carbon Budgets
Jérôme Marty, Dolors Planas, Bernadette Pinel-Alloul, Ginette Méthot

18. Production and Consumption of Methane in Soil, Peat, and Sediments from a Hydro-Electric Reservoir (Robert-Bourassa) and Lakes in the Canadian Taiga
Louis B. Jugnia, Réal Roy, Maria C. Pacheco-Oliver, Carlos B. Miguez, Charles W. Greer

19. Bacterial Activity in the Water Column and its Impact on the CO2 Efflux
Rémy D. Tadonléké, Dolors Planas, Serge Paquet

20. Production-Consumption of CO2 in Reservoirs and Lakes in Relation to Plankton Metabolism
Dolors Planas, Serge Paquet, Annick Saint-Pierre

21. Impacts of Ultraviolet Radiation on Aquatic Ecosystems: Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Implications for Hydroelectric Reservoirs
Julie Bastien

22. Impact of Methane Oxidation in Tropical Reservoirs on Greenhouse Gases Fluxes and Water Quality
Sandrine Richard, Philippe Gosse, Alain Grégoire, Robert Delmas, Corinne Galy-Lacaux

23. Using Gas Exchange Estimates to Determine Net Production of CO2 in Reservoirs and Lakes
Raymond H. Hesslein

24. A One-Dimensional Model for Simulating the Vertical Transport of Dissolved CO2 and CH4 in Hydroelectric Reservoirs
Nathalie Barrette, René Laprise

25. Modelling the GHG emission from hydroelectric reservoirs
Normand Thérien, Ken Morrison

26. Synthesis
Alain Tremblay, Louis Varfalvy, Charlotte Roehm, Michelle Garneau


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