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Table of contents

A. Mathematik

1. Mathematics for engineers

2. Complements for engineering mathematics

3. Numerical methods

B. Mechanik

4. Statics of rigid bodies

5. Kinematics

6. Dynamics

7. Mechanical vibrations

8. Hydrostatics

9. Hydrodynamics and aerodynamics (dynamics of fluids)

10. Similarity mechanics

11. Special bibliography

C. Festigkeitslehre

12. General fundamentals

13. Stresses in bars and beams

14. Theory of elasticity

15. Hertzian contact stresses (Formulas of Hertz)

16. Plates and shells

17. Rotating bars

18. Stability problems

19. Finite analysis methods

20. Theory of plasticity

21. Structural integrity assessment

22. Appendix C:Diagrams and Tables

23. Special bibliography

D. Thermodynamik

24. Scope of Thermodynamics.Definitions

25. Temperatures.Equilibria

26. First law

27. Second law

28. Exergy and anergy

29. Thermodynamics of substances

30. Changes of state of gases and vapours

31. Thermodynamic processes

32. Ideal gas mixtures

33. Heat transfer

34. Appendix D:Diagrams and tables

35. Special bibliography

E. Werkstofftechnik

36. Properties of materials and structures
C. Berger, K.H. Kloos, B. Pyttel

37. Materials testing
C. Berger, K.H. Kloos

38. Properties and Application of Materials
C. Berger, K.H. Kloos

39. Plastics
A. Burr, G. Harsch

40. Tribology
K.-H. Habig

41. Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Metals
H. Speckhardt, M. Gugau

42. Appendix E:Diagrams and tables

43. Special bibliography

F. Grundlagen der Konstruktionstechnik

44. Fundamentals of technical systems and systematic approach
J. Feldhusen, G. Pahl

45. Fundamentals of Material Processing Machines
H. Goldhahn

46. Special bibliography

G. Mechanische Konstruktionselemente

47. Connections
H. Wohlfahrt, K. Thomas, M. Kaßner

48. Elastic connections (springs)
H. Mertens, H.D. Motz

49. Couplings,clutches and brakes
P. Dietz

50. Rolling bearings
G. Poll

51. Plain bearings
L. Deters

52. Belt and chain drives
H. Mertens

53. Traction drives
H. Peeken, G. Poll

54. Gearing
B.-R. Höhn, H. Winter

55. Mechanism-engineering,kinematics
H. Kerle

56. Appendix G: Diagrams and tables

57. Special bibliography

H. Fluidische Antriebe

58. Fundamentals of fluid power transmission

59. Components of hydrostatic transmissions

60. Structure and function of hydrostatic transmissions

61. Configuration and Layout of hydrostatic transmissions

62. Pneumatic drives

63. Appendix H:Diagrams and tables

64. Special bibliography

I. Mechatronische Systeme Mechatronic systems

65. Mechatronics:methodology and components
H. Lehr

66. Electronic components
H.-J. Gevatter, U. Grünhaupt

67. Structure of mechatronic systems
H. Lehr

68. Special bibliography

K. Komponenten des thermischen Apparatebaus

69. Fundamentals

70. Components of apparatus and pipe lines

71. Types of heat exchangers

72. Condensers and cooling systems

73. Appendix K:Diagrams and tables

74. Special bibliography

L. Energietechnik

75. Principles of energy supply

76. Primary energies

77. Transformation of primary energy into useful energy

78. Distribution und storage of energy

79. Furnaces

80. Steam generators

81. Nuclear reactors

82. Appendix L:Diagrams and tables

83. Special bibliography

M. Klimatechnik

84. Fundamentals
T. Rákóczy

85. Calculation and sizing principles of heating and air handling engineering
T. Rákóczy

86. Heating systems and components
T. Rákóczy

87. Airconditioning systems and components
T. Rákóczy

88. Systems and components of refrigeration plants
C. Hainbach

89. Systems and equipment for heat pump plants
C. Hainbach

90. Special air conditioning and cooling plants
A. Bothe, C. Böttcher, C. Hainbach

91. Economy and energy consumption
T. Rákóczy

92. Appendix M:Diagrams and tables

93. Special bibliography

N. Grundlagen der Verfahrenstechnik Fundamentals of process engineering

94. Introduction
M. Bohnet

95. Mechanical process engineering
J. Schwedes

96. Thermal process engineering
A. Mersmann

97. Chemical Process Engineering
A. Seidel-Morgenstern

98. Multiphase fluid flow
M. Bohnet

99. Biochemical Engineering
D.C. Hempel

O. Maschinendynamik

100. Graph of torque fluctuations in multicylinder reciprocating machines
K.H. Küttner

101. Vibrations
R. Nordmann

102. Acoustics in mechanical engineering
P.W. Gold

103. Special bibliography

P. Kolbenmaschinen

104. Basic principles of reciprocating engines
K. Mollenhauer

105. Positive displacement pumps
H. Hölz

106. Compressors
H. Hölz

107. Internal combustion engines
K. Mollenhauer, H. Tschöke

108. Special bibliography

Q. Fahrzeugtechnik

109. Vehicle vehicles
U. Seil ert.

110. Rail vehicles
M. Hecht, G. Krause, O. Polach

111. Aircrafts
T. Keilig, R. Voit-Nitschmann

112. Special bibliography

R. Strömungsmaschinen

113. Common fundamentals
G. Dibelius, H. Stoff

114. Water turbines
H. Siekmann, P. Thamsen

115. Centrifugal Pumps
H. Siekmann, P. Thamsen

116. Propellers
H. Siekmann, P. Thamsen

117. Hydrodynamic drives and torque convertors
H. Siekmann, P. Thamsen

118. Steam turbines
E. Kramer

119. Turbocompressors
K. Lüdtke

120. Gas turbines
H. Pucher

121. Special bibliography

S. Fertigungsverfahren

122. Survey of manufacturing processes
H. K. Tönshoff, B. Denkena

123. Primary shaping
K. Herfurth

124. Metal forming
K. Siegert

125. Cutting
H. K. Tönshoff, B. Denkena

126. Special technologies

127. Assembly and disassembly
G. Seliger

128. Production and works management
E. Westkämper, M. Stolz, J. Niemann

129. Appendix S:Diagrams and tables

130. Special bibliography

T. Fertigungsmittel

131. Machine tool components
M. Weck

132. Control systems
G. Pritschow

133. Shearing and blanking machines
K. Siegert, T. Werle

134. Presses and hammers for metal forming
K. Siegert, E. Dannenmann

135. Metal cutting machine tools
G. Spur, E. Uhlmann

136. Welding and soldering (brazing) machines
L. Dorn

137. Industrial robot
G. Spur, E. Uhlmann

138. Special bibliography

U. Fördertechnik

139. Fundamentals
D. Severin, G. Wagner

140. Lifting equipment and cranes
D. Severin, G. Wagner

141. Conveyors
M. Hager, F. Krause

142. Industrial trucks
M. Hager, R. Bruns

143. Material handling Systems and Components
W. Günthner, D. Severin

144. Construction machinery
W. Poppy

145. Special bibliography

V. Elektrotechnik

146. Fundamentals

147. Transformers

148. Rotating electrical machines

149. Power electronics

150. Electric drives

151. Electric power distribution

152. Electric heating

153. Information technology

154. Appendix V:Diagrams and tables

155. Special bibliography

W. Meßtechnik und Sensorik

156. Fundamentals

157. Measuring quantities and methods

158. Transduction of measured signals

159. Output of measured quantities

160. Appendix W:Diagrams and tables

161. Special bibliography

X. Regelungstechnik

162. Basic concepts

163. Linear transfer elements

164. Controlled systems

165. Controllers

166. Linear control loop

167. Special monovariable control

168. Automatic control of the multivariable systems

Y. Elektronische Datenverarbeitung

169. Introduction

170. Information technology

171. Virtual product creation

172. Appendix D:Diagrams and tables

173. Special bibliography

Z. Allgemeine tabellen

174. General Table

Keywords: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

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