Buscot, Francois

Microorganisms in Soils: Roles in Genesis and Functions

Buscot, Francois - Microorganisms in Soils: Roles in Genesis and Functions, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. What Are Soils?
François Buscot

2. Microbial Diversity in Soils
Bhoopander Giri, Pham Huong Giang, Rina Kumari, Ram Prasad, Ajit Varma

Part II. Microorganisms and Soil Genesis

3. Role of Microorganisms in Wear Down of Rocks and Minerals
Anna A. Gorbushina, W.E. Krumbein

4. Humification and Mineralization in Soils
Georg Guggenberger

5. Importance of Microorganisms for Soil Aggregation
Jean-Luc Chotte

Part III. Microorganisms and Biogeochemical Processes in Soils

6. Microbial Energetics in Soils
Oliver Dilly

7. Role of Microorganisms in Carbon Cycling in Soils
Ellen Kandeler, Michael Stemmer, Martin H. Gerzabek

8. Contribution of Bacteria to Initial Input and Cycling of Nitrogen in Soils
Laurent Philippot, J.C. Germon

9. Influence of Microorganisms on Phosphorus Bioavailability in Soils
Annette Deubel, Wolfgang Merbach

Part IV. Biotic Interactions Involving Soil Microorganisms

10. Interactions Between Mycorrhizal Fungi and Bacteria to Improve Plant Nutrient Cycling and Soil Structure
Jose Miguel Barea, R. Azcón, C. Azcón-Aguilar

11. Mycorrhizosphere: Strategies and Functions
Bhoopander Giri, Pham Huong Giang, Rina Kumari, Ram Prasad, Minu Sachdev, Amar P. Garg, Ralf Oelmüller, Ajit Varma

12. Interactions Between Microorganisms and Soil Micro- and Mesofauna
Stefan Scheu, L. Ruess, Michael Bonkowski

Part V. Function of Microbes in Specific Soil Compartments

13. Transgenic Rhizospheres of Crop Plants: Their Impact on Indigenous Soil Fungi
Valeria Bianciotto, Mariangela Girlanda, Alexandra Lazzari, Gilda Cappellazzo, Silvia Perotto, Paola Bonfante

14. Regulation of Microbial Activities in Functional Domains of Roots and Invertebrates
Patrick Lavelle, Corinne Rouland, Michel Diouf, Françoise Binet, Anne Kersanté

15. Microorganisms of Biological Crusts on Soil Surfaces
Burkhard Büdel

16. Microorganisms in Toxic Metal-Polluted Soils
Geoffrey M. Gadd

Part VI. Techniques to Investigate Soil Microorganisms

17. Marker Genes in Soil Microbiology
Christoph C. Tebbe

18. Assessing Functions of Soil Microbes with Isotopic Measurements
Erik A. Hobbie


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