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Practical Methods in Cardiovascular Research

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Table of contents

1. Anaesthesia (Inhalative or i.v. Narcosis) of Laboratory Animals
Katja Schneider

2. Extracorporeal Circulation
Cris W. Ullmann

3. Open-chest Models of Acute Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion
Kai Zacharowski, Thomas Hohlfeld, Ulrich K.M. Decking

4. Models of Chronic Ischemia and Infarction
Nicolas Doll, Heike Aupperle, Fabian Stahl, Thomas Walther

5. Models on Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH)
Thomas Walther, Volkmar Falk

6. Experimental Models of Heart Failure
Volkmar Falk, Jens Garbade, Thomas Walther

7. In-Vivo Models of Arrhythmias: a Canine Model of Sudden Cardiac Death
George E. Billman

8. In-Vivo Models of Atrial Fibrillation
Ulrich Schotten, Yuri Blaauw, Maurits Allessie

9. The Langendorff Heart
Stefan Dhein

10. The Working Heart
Marc W. Merx, Jürgen Schrader

11. Isolated Papillary Muscles
Stefan Dhein

12. Isolated Vessels
Rudolf Schubert

13. Optical Techniques for the Recording of Action Potentials
Helmut A. Tritthart

14. Recording Action Potentials Using Voltage-Sensitive Dyes
Vladimir G. Fast

15. Epicardial Mapping in Isolated Hearts — Use in Safety Pharmacology, Analysis of Torsade de Pointes Arrhythmia and Ischemia-Reperfusion-Related Arrhythmia
Stefan Dhein

16. Voltage-Clamp and Patch-Clamp Techniques
Hans Reiner Polder, Martin Weskamp, Klaus Linz, Rainer Meyer

17. L-Type Calcium Channel Recording
Uta C. Hoppe, Mathias C. Brandt, Guido Michels, Michael Lindner

18. Recording Cardiac Potassium Currents with the Whole-Cell Voltage Clamp Technique
Erich Wettwer, Ursula Ravens

19. Recording the Pacemaker Current If
Uta C. Hoppe, Fikret Er, Mathias C. Brandt

20. Recording Gap Junction Currents
Ardawan J. Rastan, Stefan Dhein

21. Recording Monophasic Action Potentials
Paulus Kirchhof, Larissa Fabritz, Michael R. Franz

22. Heart on a Chip — Extracellular Multielectrode Recordings from Cardiac Myocytes in Vitro
Ulrich Egert, Thomas Meyer

23. Immunohistochemistry for Structural and Functional Analysis in Cardiovascular Research
Wilhelm Bloch, Yüksel Korkmaz, Dirk Steinritz

24. Classical Histological Staining Procedures in Cardiovascular Research
Wilhelm Bloch, Yüksel Korkmaz

25. Practical Use of in situ Hybridisation and RT in situ PCR in Cardiovascular Research
Yüksel Korkmaz, Dirk Steinritz, Wilhelm Bloch

26. Practical Use of Transmission Electron Microscopy for Analysis of Structures and Molecules in Cardiovascular Research
Wilhelm Bloch, Christian Hoffmann, Eveline Janssen, Yüksel Korkmaz

27. DAF Technique for Real-Time NO Imaging in the Human Myocardium
Dirk Steinritz, Wilhelm Bloch

28. Isolation and Culture of Adult Ventricular Cardiomyocytes
Klaus-Dieter Schlüter, Hans Michael Piper

29. Culture of Neonatal Cardiomyocytes
Aida Salameh, Stefan Dhein

30. Culture of Embryoid Bodies
Cornelia Gissel, Dirk Nierhoff, Bernd Fleischmann, Jürgen Hescheler, Agapios Sachinidis

31. Culturing and Differentiation of Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells for Heart Research and Transplantation Therapy
Marcel A.G. Heyden, Henk Rozemuller

32. Preparation of Endothelial Cells from Microand Macrovascular Origin
Saskia C. Peters, Anna Reis, Thomas Noll

33. In Vitro Cultivation of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
Daniel G. Sedding, Ruediger C. Braun-Dullaeus

34. Engineering Heart Tissue for In Vitro and In Vivo Studies
Wolfram-Hubertus Zimmermann, Ivan Melnychenko, Michael Didié, Ali El-Armouche, Thomas Eschenhagen

35. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Veronika R. Meyer

36. Protein Biochemistry
Aida Salameh, Stefan Lehr, Jürgen Weiss, Peter Rösen

37. Receptor and Binding Studies
Peter Hein, Martin C. Michel, Kirsten Leineweber, Thomas Wieland, Nina Wettschureck, Stefan Offermanns

38. Recording and Analysing Concentration-Response Curves
Stefan Dhein

39. Measurement of NO and Endothelial Function in Cardiovascular Research
Renate Roesen, Anke Rosenkranz, Dirk Taubert, Reinhard Berkels

40. Biomechanical Stimulation of Vascular Cells In Vitro
Henning Morawietz, Andreas Schubert

41. Measurement of Function and Regulation of Adrenergic Receptors
Marc Brede, Melanie Philipp, Lutz Hein

42. Measurement of Function and Regulation of Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors
Björn Kaiser, Chris J. Koppen

43. Cytometry in Cardiovascular Research
Attila Tárnok

44. Real-Time PCR Analysis of Cardiac Samples
Dalton A. Foster, Steven M. Taffet

45. Use of cDNA Arrays to Explore Gene Expression in Genetically Manipulated Mice and Cell Lines
Dumitru A. Iacobas, Sandra Iacobas, David C. Spray

46. Using Antibody Arrays to Detect Protein-Protein Interactions
Heather S. Duffy, Ionela Iacobas, David C. Spray, Anthony W. Ashton

47. Surface Plasmon Resonance as a Method to Study the Kinetics and Amplitude of Protein- Protein Binding
Brian D. Lang, Mario Delmar, Wanda Coombs

48. How to Solve a Protein Structure by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance — The Connexin43 Carboxyl Terminal Domain
Paul L. Sorgen

49. Managing a Transgenic Mouse Colony: A Guide for the Novice
Robert H. Quinn, Karen L. Vikstrom


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