Landau, David P.

Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed-Matter Physics XVI

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Table of contents

Part I. Systems out of Equilibrium

1. Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed Matter Physics: An Introduction
D. P. Landau, S. P. Lewis, H.-B. Schütler

2. Shake, Rattle or Roll: Things to do with a Granular Mixture on a Computer
D. C. Rapaport

3. A New Method of Investigating Equilibrium Propertiesfrom Nonequilibrium Work
S. Yukawa

4. Numerical Simulations of Critical Dynamics far from Equilibrium
B. Zheng

Part II. Soft and Disordered Materials

5. Entropy Driven Phase Separation
R. Vink

6. Supercooled Liquids under Shear: Computational Approach
R. Yamamoto, R. Temam, J. Dean, D. Grove, C. Chambers, K. B. Bruce, E. Bertino

7. Optimizing Glasses with Extremal Dynamics
S. Boettcher, A. G. Percus

8. Stochastic Collision Molecular Dynamics Simulationsfor Ion Transfer Across Liquid-Liquid Interfaces
S. Frank, W. Schmickler

Part III. Biological Systems

9. Generalized-Ensemble Simulations of Small Proteins
U. H. E. Hansmann

10. A Biological Coevolution Model with Correlated Individual-Based Dynamics
V. Sevim, P. A. Rikvold

11. An Image Recognition Algorithm for Automatic Counting of Brain Cells of Fruit Fly
T. Shimada, K. Kato, K. Ito

12. Preferred Binding Sites of Gene-Regulatory Proteins Based on the Deterministic Dead-End Elimination Algorithm
R. G. Endres, T. C. Schulthess, N. S. Wingreen

Part IV. Algorithms and Methods

13. Geometric Cluster Algorithm for Interacting Fluids
E. Luijten, J. Liu

14. Polymer Simulations with a Flat Histogram Stochastic Growth Algorithm
T. Prellberg, J. Krawczyk, A. Rechnitzer

15. Convergence of the Wang-Landau Algorithm and Statistical Error
C. Zhou, R. N. Bhatt

16. Wang-Landau Sampling with Cluster Updates
M. Körner, M. Troyer

17. Multibaric-Multithermal Simulations for Lennard-Jones Fluids
H. Okumura, Y. Okamoto

18. A Successive Umbrella Sampling Algorithm to Sample and Overcome Free Energy Barriers
P. Virnau, M. Müller

Part V. Computer Tools

19. C++ and Generic Programming for Rapid Development of Monte Carlo Simulations
G. Brown, H. K. Lee, T. C. Schulthess

20. Visualization of Vector Spin Configurations
R. Hihinashvilli, J. Adler, S.-H. Tsai, D. P. Landau

21. The BlueGene/L Project
D. Chen

Part VI. Molecules, Clusters and Nanoparticles

22. All-Electron Path Integral Monte Carlo Simulations of Small Atoms and Molecules
J. Shumway

23. Projective Dynamics in Realistic Models of Nanomagnets
S. H. Thompson, G. Brown, P. A. Rikvold

24. Cumulants for an Ising Model for Folded 1-d Small-World Materials
M. A. Novotny

25. Embryonic Forms of Nickel and Palladium: A Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulation
Z. El-bayyari

Part VII. Surfaces and Alloys

26. Usage of Pattern Recognition Scheme in Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations: Application to Cluster Diffusion on Cu(111)
C. Ghosh, A. Kara, T. S. Rahman

27. Including Long-Range Interactions in Atomistic Modelling of Diffusional Phase Changes
D. R. Mason, R. E. Rudd, A. P. Sutton

28. Br Electrodeposition on Au(100): From DFT to Experiment
S. J. Mitchell, M. T. M. Koper

29. Simulation of ZnSe, ZnS Coating on CdSe Substrate: The Electronic Structure and Absorption Spectra
J. S. Kim, S. J. Yun, G. S. Lee

30. Simulation of Islands and Vacancy Structures for Si/Ge-covered Si(001) Using a Hybrid MC-MD Algorithm
L. Nurminen, F. Tavazza, D. P. Landau, A. Kuronen, K. Kaski

31. Spin-Polarons in the FM Kondo Model
M. Daghofer, W. Koller, A. Prüll, H. G. Evertz, W. Linden


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