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Table of contents

Part I.Analytical Chemistry

1. In-situ Method for Analyzing the Long-Term Behavior of Particulate Metal Phases in Soils
A. Birkefeld, R. Schulin, B. Nowack

2. Analysis of Toxic Metals by Micro Total Analytical Systems (µTAS) with Chemiluminescence
P. A. Greenwood, G. M. Greenway

3. Diffuse Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy in Environmental Chemistry
B. Azambre, O. Heintz, D. Robert, J. Zawadzki, J. V. Weber

4. Detection of Biomarkers of Pathogenic Bacteria by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
V. Ruelle, B. Moualij, W. Zorzi, D. Zorzi, P. Ledent, O. Pierard, N. Bonjean, M. C. Pauw-Gillet, E. Heinen, E. Pauw

5. Multi-Isotopic Approach (15N, 13C, 34S, 18O and D) for Tracing Agriculture Contamination in Groundwater
L. Vitòria, A. Soler, R. Aravena, À. Canals

6. 2H and 18O Isotopic Study of Ground Waters under a Semi-Arid Climate
L. Bouchaou, Y. Hsissou, M. Krimissa, S. Krimissa, J. Mudry

7. 13C/12C Ratio in Peat Cores: Record of Past Climates
G. Skrzypek, M.-O. Jedrysek

8. Isotopic Composition of Cd in Terrestrial Materials: New Insights from a High-Precision, Double Spike Analytical Method
C. Innocent

9. Organic Petrology: A New Tool to Study Contaminants in Soils and Sediments
B. Ligouis, S. Kleineidam, H. K. Karapanagioti, R. Kiem, P. Grathwohl, C. Niemz

10. The Comminution of Large Quantities of Wet Sediment for Analysis and Testing with Application to Dioxin-Contaminated Sediments from Lake Ontario
K. B. Lodge

11. Study on the Large Volume Stacking Using the EOF Pump (LVSEP) for Analysis of EDTA by Capillary Electrophoresis
L. Zhang, Z. Zhu, M. Arun, Z. Yang

Part II.Toxic Metals

12. A Framework for Interpretation and Prediction of the Effects of Natural Organic Matter Heterogeneity on Trace Metal Speciation in Aquatic Systems
M. Filella, R. M. Town

13. Binding Toxic Metals to New Calmodulin Peptides
L. Clainche, C. Vita

14. Leaching of Selected Elements from Coal Ash Dumping
A. Popovic, D. Radmanovic, D. Djordjevic, P. Polic

15. Storm-Driven Variability of Particulate Metal Concentrations in Streams of a Subtropical Watershed
V. L. Beltran, E. H. Carlo

16. A Model for Predicting Heavy Metal Concentrations in Soils
L. Frolova, A. Zakirov, T. Koroleva

17. Phytoremediation of Thallium Contaminated Soils by Brassicaceae
H. -Najar, R. Schulz, V. Römheld

18. Mercury Recovery from Soils by Phytoremediation
L. Rodriguez, F. J. Lopez-Bellido, A. Carnicer, F. Recreo, A. Tallos, J. M. Monteagudo

19. Effect of Cadmium and Humic Acids on Metal Accumulation in Plants
F. Baraud, T. W.-M. Fan, R. M. Higashi

20. Selection of Microorganisms for Bioremediation of Agricultural Soils Contaminated by Cadmium
D. Bagot, T. Lebeau, K. Jezequel, B. Fabre

21. Electrodialytic Remediation of Heavy Metal Polluted Soil
L. M. Ottosen, I. V. Cristensen, A. J. Pedersen, A. Villumsen

22. Electrodialytic Removal of Cu, Cr and As from Treated Wood
I. V. Cristensen, L. M. Ottosen, A. B. Ribeiro, A. Villumsen

23. Treatment of Wastewater Contaminated by Mercury by Adsorption on the Crandallite Mineral
J. M. Monteagudo, J. M. Frades, M. A. Alonso, L. Rodriguez, R. Schwab, P. Higueras

24. Low Cost Materials for Metal Uptake from Aqueous Solutions
N. Fiol, J. Serarols, J. Poch, M. Martínez, N. Miralles, I. Villaescusa

25. Removal of Copper(II) and Cadmium(II) from Water Using Roasted Coffee Beans
M. Minamisawa, S. Nakajima, H. Minamisawa, S. Yoshida, N. Takai

Part III.Organic Pollutants

26. Bioremediation for the Decolorization of Textile Dyes — A Review
A. Kandelbauer, G. M. Guebitz

27. Degradation of the Indigo Carmine Dye by an Anaerobic Mixed Population
G. Fischer-Colbrie, J. Maier, K. H. Robra, G. M. Guebitz

28. Biodegradation of Benzothiazoles by Rhodococcus Bacteria Monitored by 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
N. Haroune, P. Besse, B. Combourieu, M. Sancelme, H. Wever, A. M. Delort

29. Biotransformation of Nonylphenol Surfactants in Soils Amended with Contaminated Sewage Sludges
J. Dubroca, A. Brault, A. Kollmann, I. Touton, C. Jolivalt, L. Kerhoas, C. Mougin

30. Quantification of in-situ Trichloroethene Dilution versus Biodegradation Using a Novel Chloride Concentration Technique
C. Walecka-Hutchison, J. L. Walworth

31. Anthropogenic Organic Contaminants Incorporated into the Non-Extractable Particulate Matter of Riverine Sediments from the Teltow Canal (Berlin)
J. Schwarzbauer, M. Ricking, B. Gieren, R. Keller, R. Littke

32. Behaviour of Dioxin in Pig Adipocytes
P. Irigaray, G. Rychen, C. Feidt, F. Laurent, L. Mejean

33. Control of Halogenated By-Products During Surface Water Potabilisation
E. Chauveheid

34. Organic Pollutants in Airborne Particulates of Algiers City Area
N. Yassaa, B. Y. Meklati, A. Cecinato

35. A Reactive Transport Model for Air Pollutants
K. Iinuma, Y. Satoh, S. Uchida

Part IV.Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds

36. Analysis of High-Molecular-Weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Laser Desorption-Ionisation/Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry and Liquid Chromatography/Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometry
J. Cáslavský, P. Kotlaríková

37. Atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Two French Alpine Valleys
N. Marchand, J.-L. Besombes, P. Masclet, J.-L. Jaffrezo

38. Evaluation of the Risk of PAHs and Dioxins Transfer to Humans via the Dairy Ruminant
C. Feidt, S. Cavret, N. Grova, C. Laurent, G. Rychen

39. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Removal during Anaerobic and Aerobic Sludge Treatments
E. Trably, D. Patureau, J.-P. Delgenes

40. Photodegradation of Pyrene on Solid Phase
A. Boscher, B. David, S. Guittonneau

41. Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Sewage Sludges by Fenton’s Reagent
V. Flotron, C. Delteil, A. Bermond, V. Camel

Part V.Pesticides

42. Pesticide Mobility Studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
B. Combourieu, J. Inacio, C. Taviot-Guého, C. Forano, A. M. Delort

43. Photo- and Biodegradation of Atrazine in the Presence of Soil Constituents
P. Besse, M. Sancelme, A. M. Delort, J. P. Aguer, B. Lavédrine, C. Richard, T. Alekseeva, C. Taviot-Guého, C. Forano, A. Kersanté, N. Josselin, F. Binet

44. Behaviour of Imidacloprid in Fields. Toxicity for Honey Bees
J. M. Bonmatin, I. Moineau, R. Charvet, M. E. Colin, C. Fleche, E. R. Bengsch

45. Impact of a Sulfonylureic Herbicide on Growth of Photosynthetic and Non-Photosynthetic Protozoa
T. Kawano, T. Kosaka, H. Hosoya

46. Abiotic Degradation of the Herbicide Rimsulfuron on Minerals and Soil
L. Scrano, S. A. Bufo, C. Emmelin, P. Meallier

47. Binding of Endocrine Disrupters and Herbicide Metabolites to Soil Humic Substances
A. Höllrigl-Rosta, R. Vinken, A. Schäffer

48. Potential Exposure to Pesticides during Amateur Applications of Home and Garden Products
P. Harrington, J. Mathers, R. Lewis, S. Perez Duran, R. Glass

Part VI.Green Chemistry

49. Carbon Dioxide, a Solvent and Synthon for Green Chemistry
D. Ballivet-Tkatchenko, S. Camy, J. S. Condoret

50. Mechanochemistry: An Old Technology with New Applications to Environmental Issues. Decontamination of Polychlorobiphenyl-Contaminated Soil by High-Energy Milling in the Solid State with Ternary Hydrides
M. Aresta, A. Dibenedetto, T. Pastore

51. Development of a Bioreactor for Cometabolic Biodegradation of Gas-Phase Trichloroethylene
E. Y. Lee

52. Enhanced Solubilization of Organic Pollutants through Complexation by Cyclodextrins
S. Shirin, E. Buncel, G. W. vanLoon

53. Chemical Samples Recycling: The MDPI Samples Preservation and Exchange Project
S.-K. Lin

54. Photodecomposition of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Solution in the Presence of Titania Catalysts
B. Malinowska, J. Walendziewski, D. Robert, J. V. Weber, M. Stolarski

55. Depollution of Waters Contaminated by Phenols and Chlorophenols Using Catalytic Hydrogenation
D. Richard, L. D. Núñez, C. Bellefon, D. Schweich

56. Treatment of Wastewater Containing Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)
P. Baldoni-Andrey, A. Commarieu, S. Plisson-Saune

57. Productive Use of Agricultural Residues: Cements Obtained from Rice Hull Ash
L. B. Paiva, F. A. Rodrigues

Part VII.Ecotoxicology

58. Environmental Metal Cation Stress and Oxidative Burst in Plants. A Review
N. Kawano, T. Kawano, F. Lapeyrie

59. The LUX-FLUORO Test as a Rapid Bioassay for Environmental Pollutants
Rettberg P., C. Baumstark-Khan, E. Rabbow, G. Horneck

60. Effects of Two Cyanotoxins, Microcystin-LR and Cylindrospermopsin, on Euglena gracilis
E. Duval, S. Coffinet, C. Bernard, J. Briand

61. A New Bioassay for Toxic Chemicals Using Green Paramecia, Paramecium bursaria
M. Tanaka, Y. Ishizaka, H. Tosuji, M. Kunimoto, N. Hosoya, N. Nishihara, T. Kadono, T. Kawano, T. Kosaka, H. Hosoya

62. Detection of Toxic Pollution in Waste Water by Short-Term Respirometry
S. Bonté, M. N. Pons, O. Potier, C. Plançon, A. Alinsafi, A. Benhammou

63. Environmental Biosensors Using Bioluminescent Bacteria
M. B. Gu

64. Evaluation of Water-Borne Toxicity Using Bioluminescent Bacteria
B. C. Kim, M. B. Gu, P. D. Hansen

65. Bacteria-Degraders Based Microbial Sensors for the Detection of Surfactants and Organic Pollutants
A. N. Reshetilov, L. A. Taranova, I. N. Semenchuk, P. V. Iliasov, V. A. Borisov, N. L. Korzhuk, J. Emnéus

66. Study of Cr(VI) and Cd(II) Ions Toxicity Using the Microtox Bacterial Bioassay
E. Fulladosa, I. Villaescusa, M. Martínez, J.-C. Murat

67. Cultured Human Cells as Biological Detectors for Assessing Environmental Toxicity
E. Fulladosa, Y. Gaubin, D. Skandrani, I. Villaescusa, J.-C. Murat

68. Genotoxic Impact of ‘Erika’ Petroleum Fuel on Liver of the Fish Solea Solea
A. Amat, T. Burgeot, M. Castegnaro, A. Pfohl-Leszkowicz

69. Heavy-Metal Resistant Actinomycetes
M. Siñeriz Louis, J. M. Benito, V. H. Albarracín, Thierry Lebeau, M. J. Amoroso, C. M. Abate


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