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Electromagnetic Aquametry

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Table of contents

1. Recent Developments in Electromagnetic Aquametry
Andrzej W. Kraszewski

2. Electromagnetic Wave Interactions with Water and Aqueous Solutions
Udo Kaatze

3. Water in Polymers and Biopolymers Studied by Dielectric Techniques
Polycarpos Pissis

4. Thermal and Geometrical Effects on Bulk Permittivity of Porous Mixtures Containing Bound Water
Scott B. Jones, Dani Or

5. Model Systems for Materials with High Dielectric Losses in Aquametry
Ari Sihvola

6. Moisture Measurement in Multi-Layered Systems
Kailash Prasad Thakur

7. Methods of Density-Independent Moisture Measurement
Klaus Kupfer

8. Microwave and RF Resonator-Based Aquametry
Alexander S. Sovlukov

9. Density and Moisture Measurements Using Microwave Resonators
Thorsten Hauschild

10. Microwave Semisectorial and Other Resonator Sensors for Measuring Materials under Flow
Ebbe Nyfors

11. Microstrip Transmission- and Reflection-Type Sensors Used in Microwave Aquametry
Ferenc Völgyi

12. A Blind Deconvolution Approach for Free-Space Moisture Profile Retrieval at Microwave Frequencies
David Glay, Tuami Lasri

13. Sensors for Soil, Substrates, and Concrete Based on the MCM100 Microchip
Jos Balendonck, Max A. Hilhorst, William R. Whalley

14. Advanced Measurement Methods in Time Domain Reflectometry for Soil Moisture Determination
Christof Huebner, Stefan Schlaeger, Rolf Becker, Alexander Scheuermann, Alexander Brandelik, Wolfram Schaedel, Rainer Schuhmann

15. Simulations and Experiments for Detection of Moisture Profiles with TDR in a Saline Environment
Klaus Kupfer, Eberhard Trinks

16. Combined TDR and Low-Frequency Permittivity Measurements for Continuous Snow Wetness and Snow Density Determination
Markus Stacheder, Christof Huebner, Stefan Schlaeger, Alexander Brandelik

17. Principles of Ultra-Wideband Sensor Electronics
Jürgen Sachs

18. Permittivity Measurements and Agricultural Applications
Stuart O. Nelson, Samir Trabelsi

19. Determination of the Composition of Foodstuffs Using Microwave Dielectric Spectra
Frank Daschner, Reinhard Knöchel

20. Microwave Dielectric Properties of Hevea Rubber Latex, Oil Palm Fruit and Timber and Their Application for Quality Assessment
Kaida Khalid, Jumiah Hassan, Zulkifly Abbas, Mohd Hamami

21. Moisture Measuring with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Bernd Wolter, Martin Krus

Keywords: Engineering, Microwaves, RF and Optical Engineering, Geosciences, general, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Control Engineering, Measurement Science, Instrumentation

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