Buckley, David L.

Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Oncology

Buckley, David L. - Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Oncology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. An Introduction to Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI in Oncology
Ingrid S. Gribbestad, Kjell I. Gjesdal, Gunnar Nilsen, Steinar Lundgren, Mari H. B. Hjelstuen, Alan Jackson

2. Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Timothy P. L. Roberts, Michael D. Noseworthy

3. The Role of Blood Pool Contrast Media in the Study of Tumor Pathophysiology
Laure S. Fournier, Robert C. Brasch

4. Quantification of Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast T2* MRI in Oncology
Fernando Calamante

5. Measuring Contrast Agent Concentration in T1-Weighted Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI
1David L. Buckley, Geoffrey J. M. Parker

6. Tracer Kinetic Modelling for T1-Weighted DCE-MRI
Geoffrey J. M. Parker, David L. Buckley

7. Imaging Techniques for Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast-Enhanced MRI
Michael Pedersen, Peter Gelderen, Chrit T. W. Moonen

8. Consensus Recommendations for Acquisition of Dynamic Contrasted-Enhanced MRI Data in Oncology
Jeffrey L. Evelhoch

9. Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI in Cerebral Tumours
Xiao Ping Zhu, Kah Loh Li, Alan Jackson

10. Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Breast Cancer
Mei-Lin W. Ah-See, Anwar R. Padhani

11. Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging for Predicting Tumor Control in Patients with Cervical Cancer
Joseph F. Montebello, Nina A. Mayr, William T. C. Yuh, D. Scott McMeekin, Dee. H. Wu, Michael W. Knopp

12. Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI of Prostate Cancer
Anwar R. Padhani

13. Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging in Musculoskeletal Tumors
June S. Taylor, Wilburn E. Reddick

14. Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI in the Liver
Alan Jackson, David A. Nicholson

15. Use of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI in Multi-Centre Trials with Particular Reference to Breast Cancer Screening in Women at Genetic Risk
Martin O. Leach

16. Applications of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI in Oncology Drug Development
Gordon C. Jayson, John C. Waterton


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