Tokhi, M. O.

Climbing and Walking Robots

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Table of contents

1. Common Situation Awareness as Basis for Human-Robot Interface
A. Halme

2. Gait Restoration by Functional Electrical Stimulation
W. K. Durfee

3. Space Robotics
G. Visentin

4. ASYSTENT - Control System of a Manipulator for Keyhole Surgery
P. Sauer, K. Kozlowski, W. Waliszewski, P. Jeziorek

5. A Biologically Inspired Model For Quadruped Locomotion
B. Hennion, J. Pill, J -C. Guinot

6. Fuzzy Logic Control Strategy for Functional Electrical Stimulation in Bipedal Cycling
R. Massoud, M. O. Tokhi, C. S. Gharooni

7. Insect-inspired, Actively Compliant Hexapod Capable of Object Manipulation
W. A. Lewinger, M. S. Branicky, R. D. Quinn

8. Modeling and Simulation of Humanoid Stair Climbing
L. Wang, Y. Zhao, M. O. Tokhi, S. C. Gharooni

9. Design Issues of Spring Brake Orthosis: Evolutionary Algorithm Approach
M S Huq, M S Alam, S Gharooni, M O Tokhi

10. Recent Developments in Implantable and Surface Based Dropped Foot Functional Electrical Stimulators
L. Kenney, P. Taylor, G. Mann, G. Bultstra, H. Buschman, H. Hermens, P. Slycke, J. Hobby, N. Aa, B. Heller, A. Barker, D. Howard, N. Sha

11. Fluidically Driven Robots with Biologically Inspired Actuators
S. Schulz, C. Pylatiuk, A. Kargov, R. Oberle, H. Klosek, T. Werner, W. Rößler, H. Breitwieser, G. Bretthauer

12. Concept for Energy-autarkic, Autonomous Climbing Robots
Werner Brockmann

13. Navigation of Walking Robots: Path Planning
B. Gaßmann, M. Huber, J. M. Zöllner, R. Dillmann

14. Study on Mobility of Connected Crawler Robot by Using GA
Sho Yokota, Kuniaki Kawabata, Pierre Blazevic, Hisato Kobayashi

15. A Robot that Climbs Walls using Micro-structured Polymer Feet
Kathryn A. Daltorio, Stanislav Gorb, Andrei Peressadko, Andrew D. Horchler, Roy E. Ritzmann, Roger D. Quinn

16. Novel Solutions to Design Problems of Industrial Climbing Robots
S. Chen, J. Shang, Z. Zhao, T. Sattar, B. Bridge

17. Fast Pointing and Tracking System for Mobile Robot Short Range Control via Free Space Optical Laser Line of Sight Communication Link
M. H. Ahmad, D. Kerr, K. Bouazza-Marouf

18. 4 Legs Positioning Control of the Quadruped Robot by LVS using Stereo Ominidirectional Camera
Yukinari Inoue, Noriaki Maru

19. Control of a 3D Quadruped Trot
L. R. Palmer, D. E. Orin

20. Research on Obstacle-navigation Control of a Mobile Robot for Inspection of the Power Transmission Lines Based on Expert System
Wang Ludan, Wang Hongguang, Fang Lijin, Zhao Mingyang

21. Measure of the Propulsion Dynamic Capability of a Walking System
A. David, O. Bruneau, J. -G. Fontaine

22. Experimental Walking Results of LUCY, a Biped with Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
Bram Vanderborght, Björn Verrelst, Ronald Ham, Michael Damme, Dirk Lefeber

23. Hip Joint Control of a Legged Robot for Walking Uniformly and the Self-lock Mechanism for Compensating Torque Caused by Weight
T. Okada, T. Sakai, K. Shibuya, T. Shimizu

24. Controlling Dynamic Stability and Active Compliance to Improve Quadrupedal Walking
E. Garcia, P. Gonzalez de Santos

25. Complete Stability Analysis of a Control Law for Walking Robots with Non-permanent Contacts
Sophie Chareyron, Pierre-Brice Wieber

26. Vision-based Stabilization of the IDP Flat Output
L. Beji, A. Abichou, M. A. Kamel

27. Bus Communication in Robot System Control
G. Mahalu, A. Graur, V. Popa

28. A Hybrid Locomotion Control Approach
Dirk Spenneberg

29. Model and Control of Joints Driven by Fluidic Muscles with the Help of Advanced Automatic Algorithm Generation Software
T. Kerscher, J. M. Zoellner, R. Dillmann, A. Stella, G. Caporaletti

30. Modelling and Control of a X4 Bidirectional Rotors
Rajia Slim, Azgal Abichou, Lotfi Beji

31. Stability Measure Comparison for the Design of a Dynamic Running Robot
Jonathan E. Clark, Mark R. Cutkosky

32. Control Architecture and Walking Strategy for a Pneumatic Biped Robot
G. Spampinato, G. Muscato

33. Time-scaling Control of a Compass Type Biped Robot
P Fauteux, P Micheau, P Bourassa

34. Mechanical Design of Step-Climbing Vehicle with Passive Linkages
Daisuke Chugo, Kuniaki Kawabata, Hayato Kaetsu, Hajime Asama, Taketoshi Mishima

35. Integrated Structure-control Design of Dynamically Walking Robots
Petko Kiriazov

36. Intuitive Design and Gait Analysis for a Closed Loop Leg Mechanism of a Quadruped with Single Actuator

37. Design of a Cockroach-like Running Robot for the 2004 SAE Walking Machine Challenge
Marc-André Lavoie, Alexis Lussier Desbiens, Marc-André Roux, Philippe Fauteux, Éric Lespérance

38. Finding Adequate Optimization Criteria to Solve Inverse Kinematics of Redundant Bird Leg Mechanism
L. Mederreg, V. Hugel, A. Abourachid, P. Blazevic, R. Hackert

39. Integrated System of Assisted Mechatronic Design for Oriented Computer to Automatic Optimising of Structure of Service Robots (SIDEMAR)
C. Castejón, A. Gimenez, A. Jardón, H. Rubio, J. C. García-Prada, C. Balaguer

40. The Construction of the Four Legged Prototype Robot ARAMIES
Jens Hilljegerdes, Dirk Spenneberg, Frank Kirchner

41. Application of Waves Displacement Algorithms for the Generation of Gaits in an All Terrain Hexapod
Alejandro Alonso-Puig

42. Extensive Modeling of a 3 DOF Passive Dynamic Walker
M. A. Roa, C. A. Villegas, R. E. Ramírez

43. Development of Biped Robots at the National University of Colombia
M. A. Roa, R. E. Ramírez, D. A. Garzón

44. Design of a Low Cost Force and Power Sensing Platform for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
David M. Alba, Hector Montes, Gabriel Bacallado, Roberto Ponticelli, Manuel Armada

45. Observer Backstepping for Height Control of a Resonance Hopping Robot
Roemi Fernández, Teodor Akinfiev, Manuel Armada

46. Standing up with Motor Primitives
V. Hamburger, K. Berns, F. Iida, R. Pfeifer

47. Multiple Terrain Adaptation Approach Using Ultrasonic Sensors for Legged Robots
S Nabulsi, M Armada, H Montes

48. Sliding Mode Observer with No Orientation Measurement for a Walking Biped
V. Lebastard, Y. Aoustin, F. Plestan

49. Detection and Classification of Posture Instabilities of Bipedal Robots
O. Höhn, J. Gačnik, W. Gerth

50. Development of a Low-Cost Humanoid Robot: Components and Technological Solutions
Vítor M. F. Santos, Filipe M. T. Silva

51. Analysis of Humanoid Robot Lower Extremities Force Distribution in Standing Position
H Montes, P Alarcon, R Ponticelli, M Armada

52. ZMP Human Measure System
M. Arbulú, F. Prieto, L. Cabas, P. Staroverov, D. Kaynov, C. Balaguer

53. Mechanical Design and Dynamic Analysis of the Humanoid Robot RH-0
L. Cabas, R. Cabas, D. Kaynov, M. Arbulu, P. Staroverov, C. Balaguer

54. Advanced Motion Control System for the Humanoid Robot Rh-0
D. Kaynov, M. A. Rodríguez, M. Arbulú, P. Staroverov, L. Cabas, C. Balaguer

55. Humanoid Vertical Jump with Compliant Contact
Victor Nunez, Nelly Nadjar-Gauthier

56. A 3D Galloping Quadruped Robot
Darren P. Krasny, David E. Orin

57. Kineto-static Analysis of an Articulated Six-wheel Rover
Philippe Bidaud, Faiz Benamar, Tarik Poulain

58. Momentum Compensation for the Dynamic Walk of Humanoids Based on the Optimal Pelvic Rotation
H. Takemura, A. Matsuyama, J. Ueda, Y. Matsumoto, H. Mizoguchi, T. Ogasawarahi

59. Walk Calibration in a Four-legged Robot
Boyan Bonev, Miguel Cazorla, Humberto Martínez

60. Peristaltic Locomotion: Application to a Worm-like Robot
Federico Cotta, Flavio Icardi, Giorgio T. Zurlo, Rezia M. Molfino

61. Impact Shaping for Double Support Walk: From the Rocking Block to the Biped Robot
J. -M. Bourgeot, C. Canudas-de-Wit, B. Brogliato

62. Proposal of 4-leg Locomotion by Phase Change
Kazuo Morita, Hidenori Ishihara

63. Introducing the Hex-a-ball, a Hybrid Locomotion Terrain Adaptive Walking and Rolling Robot
C.C. Phipps, M.A. Minor

64. Stability Control of an Hybrid Wheel-Legged Robot
G. Besseron, Ch. Grand, F. Ben Amar, F. Plumet, Ph. Bidaud

65. Hybrid Control Scheme for Tracking Performance of a Flexible system
F. M. Aldebrez, M. S. Alam, M. O. Tokhi

66. Predesign of an Anthropomorphic Lightweight Manipulator
C. Castejón, D. Blanco, S. H. Kadhim, L. Moreno

67. Design of a “Soft” 2-DOF Planar Pneumatic Manipulator
M. Damme, R. Ham, B. Vanderborght, F. Daerden, D. Lefeber

68. Simulation and Experimental Studies of Hybrid Learning Control with Acceleration Feedback for Flexible Manipulators
M. Z. Md Zain, M. S. Alam, M. O. Tokhi, Z. Mohamed

69. BNN-based Fuzzy Logic Controller for Flexible-link Manipulator
M. N. H. Siddique, M. A. Hossain, M. O. Tokhi

70. Design Constraints in Implementing Real-time Algorithms for a Flexible Manipulator System
M. A. Hossain, M. N. H. Siddique, M. O. Tokhi, M. S. Alam

71. Pay-Load Estimation of a 2 DOF Flexible Link Robot
N. K. Poulsen, O. Ravn

72. Design of Hybrid Learning Control for Flexible Manipulators: a Multi-objective Optimisation Approach
M. S. Alam, M. Z. Md Zain, M. O. Tokhi, F. Aldebrez

73. Intelligent Modelling of Flexible Manipulator Systems
M. H. Shaheed, Abul K. M. Azad, M. O. Tokhi

74. Wafer Handling Demo by SERPC
N. Abbate, A. Basile, S. Ciardo, A. Faulisi, C. Guastella, M. Presti, G. Macina, N. Testa

75. Vision Control for an Artificial Hand
M. Kaczmarski, D. Zarychta

76. Robotic Finger that Imitates the Human Index Finger in the Number and Distribution of its Tendons
David M. Alba, Gabriel Bacallado, Hector Montes, Roberto Ponticelli, Theodore Akinfiev, Manuel Armada

77. Methods for Collective Displacement of Modular Self-reconfigurable Robots
Elian Carrillo, Dominique Duhaut

78. Suboptimal System Recovery from Communication Loss in a Multi-robot Localization Scenario using EKF Algorithms
P. Kondaxakis, V. F. Ruiz, W. S. Harwin

ORTHO-BOT: A Modular Reconfigurable Space Robot Concept
V. Ramchurn, R. C. Richardson, P. Nutter

80. Motion of Minimal Configurations of a Modular Robot: Sinusoidal, Lateral Rolling and Lateral Shift
Juan Gonzalez-Gomez, Eduardo Boemo

81. The Modular Walking Machine, Platform for Technological Equipments
I. Ion, I. Simionescu, A. Curaj, L. Dulgheru, A. Vasile

82. YaMoR and Bluemove — An Autonomous Modular Robot with Bluetooth Interface for Exploring Adaptive Locomotion
R. Moeckel, C. Jaquier, K. Drapel, E. Dittrich, A. Upegui, A. Ijspeert

83. On the Development of a Modular External-pipe Crawling Omni-directional Mobile Robot
P. Chatzakos, Y. P. Markopoulos, K. Hrissagis, A. Khalid

84. Modularity and Component Reuse at the Shadow Robot Company

85. CLAWAR Design Tools to Support Modular Robot Design
Gurvinder S. Virk

86. Pneumatic Actuators for Serpentine Robot
G. Granosik, J. Borenstein

87. Nontraditional Drives for Walking Robots
Teodor Akinfiev, Roemi Fernandez, Manuel Armada

88. Energy Efficiency of Quadruped Gaits
M. F. Silva, J. A. Tenreiro Machado

89. Bellows Driven, Muscle Steered Caterpillar Robot
G. Granosik, M. Kaczmarski

90. On the Application of Impedance Control to a Non-linear Actuator
H Montes, M Armada, T Akinfiev

91. MACCEPA: the Actuator with Adaptable Compliance for Dynamic Walking Bipeds
Ronald Ham, Bram Vanderborght, Michaël Damme, Björn Verrelst, Dirk Lefeber

92. A Design of a Walking Robot with Hybrid Actuation System
Katsuhiko Inagaki, Hideyuki Mitsuhashi

93. Manipulators Driven by Pneumatic Muscles
K. Feja, M. Kaczmarski, P. Riabcew

94. New Advances on Speckle-velocimeter for Robotized Vehicles
A. Aliverdiev, M. Caponero, C. Moriconi, P. A. Fichera, G. Sagratella

95. Information Processing in Reactive Navigation and Fault Detection of Walking Robot
A. Vitko, M. Šavel, D. Kameniar, L. Jurišica

96. Intelligent Sensor System and Flexible Gripper for Security Robots
R. D. Schraft, K. Wegener, F. Simons, K. Pfeiffer

97. Search Performance of a Multi-robot Team in Odour Source Localisation
Chris Lytridis, Gurvinder S. Virk, Endre E. Kadar

98. A “T-shirt Based” Image Recognition System
P. Staroverov, C. Chicharro, D. Kaynov, M. Arbulú, L. Cabas, C. Balaguer

99. Object Shape Characterisation using a Haptic Probe
O. P. Odiase, R. C Richardson

100. Detection of Landmines Using Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR): Signal Processing to Aid Classification
S. D. Somasundaram, K. Althoefer, J. A. S. Smith, L. D. Seneviratne

101. Simulator for Locomotion Control of the Alicia3 Climbing Robot
D. Longo, G. Muscato, S. Sessa

102. A General Platform for Robot Navigation in Natural Environments
Enric Celaya, Tom Creemers, José Luis Albarral

103. Simulations of the Dynamic Behavior of a Bipedal Robot with Torso Subjected to External Eisturbances
C. Zaoui, O. Bruneau, F. B. Ouezdou, A. Maalej

104. Analysis of the Direct and Inverse Kinematics of ROMA II Robot
J. C. Resino, A. Jardón, A. Gimenez, C. Balaguer

105. Simulation of a Novel Snake-Like Robot
R. Aubin, P. Blazevic, J. -P. Guyvarch

106. An Actuated Horizontal Plane Model for Insect Locomotion
John Schmitt

107. Machine Vision Guidance System for a Modular Climbing Robot used in Shipbuilding
J. Sánchez, F. Vázquez, E. Paz

108. A Locomotion Robot for Heavy Load Transportation
Hidenori Ishihara, Kiyoshi Kuroi

109. Using Signs for Configuring Work Tasks of Service Robots
Mikko Heikkilä, Sami Terho, Minna Hirsi, Aarne Halme, Pekka Forsman

110. System for Monitoring and Controlling a Climbing and Walking Robot for Landslide Consolidation
Leif Steinicke, David Zot, Tanguy Fautré

111. Small Inspection Vehicles for Non-Destructive Testing Applications
M. Friedrich, L. Gatzoulis, G. Hayward, W. Galbraith

112. Automated NDT of Floating Production Storage Oil Tanks with a Swimming and Climbing Robot
T.P. Sattar, H.E. Leon Rodriguez, J. Shang, B. Bridge

113. 7-axis Arm for NDT of Surfaces with Complex & Unknown Geometry
T. P. Sattar, A. A. Brenner

114. Elderly People Sit to Stand Transfer Experimental Analysis
P. Médéric, V. Pasqui, F. Plumet, P. Bidaud

115. A Portable Light-weight Climbing Robot for Personal Assistance Applications
A. Gimenez, A. Jardon, R. Correal, R. Cabas, C. Balaguer

116. Modeling and Control of Upright Lifting Wheelchair
S. C. Gharooni, B. Awada, M. O. Tokhi

117. A Humanoid Head for Assistance Robots
K. Berns, T. Braun

118. An Application of the AIGM Algorithm to Hand-Posture Recognition in Manipulation
Daniel García, Miguel Pinzolas, J. L. Coronado, Pablo Martínez

119. AirEOD: a Robot for On-board Airplanes Security
S. Costo, F. Cepolina, M. Zoppi, R. Molfino

120. AIMEE: A Four-Legged Robot for RoboCup Rescue
Martin Albrecht, Till Backhaus, Steffen Planthaber, Henning Stöpler, Dirk Spenneberg, Frank Kirchner

121. Modular Situational Awareness for CLAWAR Robots
Yiannis Gatsoulis, Gurvinder S. Virk

122. Design Drivers for Robotics Systems in Space
L. Steinicke

123. A Robotics Task Scheduler - TAPAS
G. Focant, B. Fontaine, L. Steinicke, L. Joudrier

124. Mobile Mini-Robots For Space Application
Man-Wook Han

125. Teleagents for Exploration and Exploitation in Future Human Planetary Missions
G. Genta

126. An Expandable Mechanism for Deployment and Contact Surface Adaptation of Rover Wheels
Philippe Bidaud, Faiz Benamar, Sébastien Poirier

127. A New Traction Control Architecture for Planetary Exploration Robots
Daniele Caltabiano, Domenico Longo, Giovanni Muscato

128. The Lemur II-Class Robots for Inspection and Maintenance of Orbital Structures: A System Description
Brett Kennedy, Avi Okon, Hrand Aghazarian, Mike Garrett, Terry Huntsberger, Lee Magnone, Matthew Robinson, Julie Townsend

129. Lemur IIb: a Robotic System for Steep Terrain Access
Brett Kennedy, Avi Okon, Hrand Aghazarian, Mircea Badescu, Xiaoqi Bao, Yoseph Bar-Cohen, Zensheu Chang, Borna E. Dabiri, Mike Garrett, Lee Magnone, Stewart Sherrit

130. Virtual Immersion for Tele-Controlling a Hexapod Robot
Jan Albiez, Björn Giesler, Jan Lellmann, J. Marius Zöllner, Rüdiger Dillmann

131. Economic Prospects for Mobile Robotic Systems, New Modular Components
N. J. Heyes, H. A. Warren

Keywords: Engineering, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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