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From Parity Violation to Hadronic Structure and more

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Table of contents

I. Introductory talks

1. Today’s view on strangeness
John Ellis

2. Strange and gluonic contributions to the nucleon spin
Jean-Marc Goff

II. Form factors and two-photon effects

3. Electromagnetic form factors of the nucleon
Kees Jager

4. Two photon effects in electron scattering
P.A.M. Guichon

5. Single spin asymmetries in elastic electron-nucleon scattering
B. Pasquini, M. Vanderhaeghen

6. Transverse single spin asymmetry in elastic electron-proton scattering
M. Gorchtein, P.A.M. Guichon, M. Vanderhaeghen

7. Transverse spin asymmetry at the A4 experiment
Sebastian Baunacka

8. Normal beam spin asymmetries during the G0 forward angle measurement
P.M. King

III. Weak form factors of the nucleon

9. The axial form factor of the nucleon
Elizabeth Beise

10. Parity violating electron scattering at the MAMI facility in Mainz
F. E. Maas

11. Updated results from the SAMPLE experiment
Damon T. Spayde

12. The next generation HAPPEX experiments
Richard S. Holmes

13. The G0 experiment: Parity violation in e-N elastic scattering
Philip G. Roos

14. Study of the parity violation in the ?(1232) region
Luigi Capozza

15. Don’t forget to measure ?s
Stephen F. Pate

16. Getting to grips with hadrons
Damir Becirevic

17. Systematic uncertainties in the precise determination of the strangeness magnetic moment of the nucleon
D.B. Leinweber, S. Boinepalli, A.W. Thomas, A.G. Williams, R.D. Young, J.B. Zhang, J.M. Zanotti

18. Current status of parton charge symmetry
J.T. Londergan

19. Pion-nucleon interaction and the strangeness content of the nucleon
M.E. Sainio

20. Strange form factors of the nucleon in the chiral quark-soliton model
A. Silva, D. Urbano, H.-C. Kim, K. Goeke

21. Strange form factors and Chiral Perturbation Theory
Bastian Kubis

22. Time-like compton scattering and the Bethe-Heitler process
Stephen R. Cotanch

23. Corrections to the nuclear axial vector coupling in a nuclear medium
G.W. Carter, E.M. Henley

24. Strangeness-conserving effective weak chiral Lagrangian
Hee-Jung Lee, Chang Ho Hyun, Chang-Hwan Lee, Hyun-Chul Kim

IV. Experimental techniques in PV electron scattering

25. Overview of laser systematics
Gordon D. Cates

26. Beam optics for electron scattering parity-violation experiments
Douglas H. Beck, Mark L. Pitt

27. G0 beam quality and multiple linear regression corrections
Kazutaka Nakahara

28. Møller polarimetry with atomic hydrogen targets
E. Chudakov, V. Luppov

29. Progress report on the A4 Compton backscattering polarimeter
Yoshio Imai

30. The transmission Compton polarimeter of the A4 experiment
Christoph Weinrich

31. Stabilization system of the laser system of the A4 Compton backscattering polarimeter
Jürgen Diefenbach

32. Electron beam line design of A4 Compton backscattering polarimeter
Jeong Han Lee

33. Background substraction in parity violation experiments
J. Wiele, M. Morlet

34. Redesign of the A4 calorimeter for the measurement at backward angles
Boris Gläser

35. Performance of the G0 superconducting magnet system
Steven E. Williamson

36. Cherenkov counter for the G0 backward angle measurements
Benoît Guillon

37. A bin-per-bin dead-time control technique for time-of-flight measurements in the G0 experiment: The differential buddy
L. Bimbot

V. Hadronic structure... and more

38. A precise measurement of sin 2 ? W at low Q 2 in Møller scattering
Antonin Vacheret, David Lhuillier

39. Qweak: A precision measurement of the proton’s weak charge
Gregory R. Smith

40. The Qweak tracking system
Klaus H. Grimm

41. Neutral currents and strangeness of the nucleon from the NuTeV experiment
Kevin S. McFarland

42. Parity violation in astrophysics
C.J. Horowitz

43. Parity violation in nuclear systems
B. Desplanques

44. Parity violation in nuclear systems
Efstathios Stiliaris

45. Parity violating asymmetry in ? + d ? n + p at low energy
C.H. Hyun, C.-P. Liu, B. Desplanques

46. Precision physics at a neutrino factory
A. Blondel

47. The MINER?A experiment at FNAL
Kevin S. McFarland

VI. Concluding talks

48. Frontiers of polarized electron scattering experiments
Krishna S. Kumar

49. Parity-violation with electrons: Theoretical perspectives
M.J. Ramsey-Musolf

50. Workshop summary
R.D. McKeown


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