Emelyanov, Emelyan M.

The Barrier Zones in the Ocean

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Table of contents

Part I.Brief Characteristics and Classification of Barriers and Barriers Zones in the Ocean

1. Mechanical (Hydrodynamic) Barriers
2. Physicochemical Barriers
3. Salinity Barriers
4. Temperature, Density and Dynamic Barriers
5. Geochemical Barriers That Exist Independently of Their Position in Space (Autonomic Barriers)
6. Geochemical Barrier Zones
7. Geochemical Landscapes
Part II.Barriers as transformation areas of sedimentary material

8. River-Sea
9. Coast-Sea
10. Hydrofronts
11. Front of Coastal Upwelling
12. Ice-Water Boundary
13. Hydrothermal Fluid-Seawater Barrier Zone
14. Ocean-Atmosphere
15. Photic Layer
16. The Thermocline and Pycnocline as GBZs
17. Oxygen Minimum Layer
18. Redox (Eh) Barrier in Seawater
19. Salinity Barrier
20. Calcium Carbonate Compensation Depth (CCD)
21. The Water-Bottom Interface
22. Redox (Eh) Barrier in Sediments
23. The Upper Active Sediment Layer
24. Lithogeochemical Areas, Regions and Provinces
Part III.Lithogeochemical Barriers as Leading Factors in Ore Formation

25. General
26. Mechanical Barriers and Placer Formation
27. River-Sea GBZs and Formation of Oil Hydrocarbons
28. River-Sea GBZs and Formation of Pseudo-oolitic and Oolitic Hydrogoethite-Chamosite Ferruginous Ores and Glauconite
29. Front of Coastal Upwelling and Accumulation of Phosphorites
30. Hydrofronts and Ore Formation in Pelagic Areas of the Ocean
31. The Halocline (Pycnocline) and Accumulation of Shallow-water Ferromanganese Crusts and Nodules
32. The Oxygen Minimum Layer and Development of Cobalt-Manganese Crusts
33. Geochemical Barrier Zones and Processes of Accumulation of Carbonate-Oxic Manganese Ores
34. Ore Formation at the Redox (Eh) Barrier in Sediments
35. Geochemical Barrier Zones and Formation of Siderite
36. Hydrothermal Process and Ore Formation
37. Calcium Carbonate Compensation Depth and Formation of FMNs
38. Geochemical Barrier Zones and Formation of Sapropel
39. Predicting and Prospecting for Ores of Marine Genesis
Part IV.Some Geological Aspects of Variations in Marine

40. Second-Order Boundaries
41. First-Order Boundaries
42. Internal Boundaries


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