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Table of contents

2.Sustainable Development: The Contribution by Biosphere Reserves

1. MAB — a Programme over the Course of Time
Alfred Walter, Folkert Precht, Rolf-Dieter Preyer

2. World Network of Biosphere Reserves
Jürgen Nauber

3. Biosphere Reserves: Model Regions for the Future
Harald Plachter, Lenelis Kruse-Graumann, Werner Schulz

4. The Network of Biosphere Reserves in Germany
Dieter Mayerl

3.New Concepts for the Model Regions

5. People and Cultures in Biosphere Reserves
Lenelis Kruse-Graumann

6. From Environmental Education to Learning for Sustainability
Gertrud Hein, Lenelis Kruse-Graumann

7. Communication and Cooperation
Karl-Heinz Erdmann, Uwe Brendle, Ariane Meier

8. Objectives and Strategies for Nature Conservation
Michael Vogel

9. Cultural and Natural Landscapes and the New Wilderness
Michael Succow

10. Cultural Landscapes and Biodiversity
Harald Plachter, Guido Puhlmann

11. Conserve Diversity! Practical Landscape Management
Josef Göppel

12. The Importance of Nature Rangers
Beate Blahy, Gertrud Hein

13. Sustainable Economic Development
Werner Schulz

14. Sustainable Land Management
Jürgen Rimpau

15. Sustainable Forestry
Hermann Graf Hatzfeldt

16. Sustainable Tourism Development
Barbara Engels, Beate Job-Hoben

17. Environmental Management in Industry
Frauke Druckrey

18. Research and Monitoring in Biosphere Reserves
Doris Pokorny, Lenelis Kruse-Graumann

19. Planning for Biosphere Reserves
Dieter Mayerl

20. Biosphere Reserves in Development Cooperation
Monika Dittrich, Rolf-Peter Mack

21. The Further Development of the German System of Biosphere Reserves — Model Regions for Sustainable Development
Alfred Walter, Hans-Joachim Schreiber, Peter Wenzel

4.Examples from Practice

22. From the Rhön lamb to the Rhön Apple Initiative: Marketing Local Produce
Michael Geier

23. The Wilderness Camp on Falkenstein
Susanne Gietl

24. The ”Biosphere Job Motor“ — a Start-Up Initiative
Michael Weigelt

25. The Regional Brand as a Working Instrument for Sustainable Regional Development
Eberhard Henne

26. The Framework Concept as Regional Agenda 21
Klaus Jarmatz

27. Tourism with Nature — Nature Conservation with People: Visitor Guidance in a Biosphere Reserve
Johannes Treß, Elke Hellmuth

28. Sustainable Agriculture on the Hallig Islands
Kirsten Boley-Fleet

29. Environmental Education: A Component of Sustainable Development
Peter Heyne

30. Health and the Biosphere Reserve
Werner d’Oleire-Oltmanns, Ulrich Brendel

31. Natural Dynamics at the Heart of Europe
Irmgard Remmers

32. Management of Migrant Birds
Brigitte Kïonigstedt

33. Traditional Farms and the Spree Forest Landscape
Michael Petschick, Christiane Schulz

34. Cooperation Between the German and Chinese MAB National Committees
Jürgen Nauber, Han Nianyong

35. Transboundary Biosphere Reserves: Win-Win Solutions for People and Nature
Elke Steinmetz

5.Examples from Research

36. Research and Monitoring in German Biosphere Reserves: An Overview
Birgit Heinze

37. Regional Marketing of Agricultural Produce in German Biosphere Reserves
Armin Kullmann

38. Integrated Environmental Monitoring — an Ecosystem-Based Approach
Kati Mattern, Benno Hain, Konstanze Schönthaler

39. Socio-Economic Monitoring in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea Region
Christiane Gätje

40. Allensbach Survey in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve
Doris Pokorny

41. The Schorfheide-Chorin Project: Development of Methods for Integrating Nature Conservation Goals into Agricultural Practice
Eberhard Henne

42. Moderation Procedure in the Water Edge Project in the Spree Forest Biosphere Reserve
Elke Baranek, Beate Günther, Christine Kehl

43. Nature Conservation and Organic Farming in a Biosphere Reserve — the Brodowin Eco-Village Development and Testing Project (Schorfheide-Chorin BR)
Karin Reiter, Johannes Grimm, Helmut Frielinghaus

44. Further Development of the “Ecosystem Approach” of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Selected Forest Biosphere Reserves
Anke Höltermann

6.Biosphere Reserves in Germany: An Overview

45. Germany in Key Figures
46. UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Germany


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