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Silicon Containing Hybrid Copolymers

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Combines chemistry and material science in order to provide a complete overview of the design, synthesis, and applications of organo-silica

This book offers comprehensive and systematic coverage of the latest developments in functional hybrid silicon copolymers, their applications, and how they were developed in relation to previous works in the preparation of various functional groups terminated silicone materials.

Silicon Containing Hybrid Copolymers begins with a chapter that introduces readers to organo-silicon materials. It then presents a chapter on reactive functionally terminated polyorganosiloxanes, and contains a section on the methods and advances of functionalized polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS) and copolymers. Nanostructured self-assemblies from silicon containing hybrid copolymers are discussed?as are superhydrophobic materials derived from hybrid silicon. Other chapters examine silicone copolymers for healthcare and personal care applications; construction of organic optoelectronic materials by using polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS); and 3D printing silicone materials and devices. The book also includes an overview of material toughening and fire retardancy in regards to hybrid POSS nanocomposites. This title:

-Focuses on design and synthesis strategies, providing a valuable resource for researchers in academia and industry
-Presents recent applications, with emphasis on the underlying strategies and the influence from previous designs, in fields such as healthcare and consumer care
-Combines synthetic pathways with design specific considerations to provide the reader with greater control over the design process

Silicon Containing Hybrid Copolymers is an ideal book for materials scientists, polymer chemists, and bioinorganic chemists.


silicon copolymers; organo-silicon; silicon; hybrid copolymers; polymers; polymer; chemical synthesis; materials science; industrial chemistry; silicone; organic polymer; inorganic polymer; copolymers; hybrid POSS nanocomposites; polyorganosiloxanes

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