Li, Longbiao

Thermomechanical Fatigue of Ceramic-Matrix Composites

Li, Longbiao - Thermomechanical Fatigue of Ceramic-Matrix Composites, ebook

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Guides researchers and practitioners toward developing highly reliable ceramic-matrix composites

The book systematically introduces the thermomechanical fatigue behavior of fiber-reinforced ceramic-matrix composites (CMCs) and environmental barrier coatings, including cyclic loading/unloading tensile behavior, cyclic fatigue behavior, dwell-fatigue behavior, thermomechanical fatigue behavior, and interface degradation behavior. It discusses experimental verification of CMCs and explains how to determine the thermomechanical properties. It also presents damage evolution models, lifetime prediction methods, and interface degradation rules.

Thermomechanical Fatigue of Ceramic-Matrix Composites offers chapters covering unidirectional ceramic-matrix composites and cross-ply and 2D woven ceramic-matrix composites. For cyclic fatigue behavior of CMCs, it looks at the effects of fiber volume fraction, fatigue peak stress, fatigue stress ratio, matrix crack spacing, matrix crack mode, and woven structure on fatigue damage evolution. Both the Dwell-fatigue damage evolution and lifetime predictions models are introduced in the next chapter. Experimental comparisons of the cross-ply SiC/MAS composite, 2D SiC/SiC composite, and 2D NextelTM 720/Alumina composite are also included. Remaining sections examine: thermomechanical fatigue hysteresis loops; in-phase thermomechanical fatigue damage; out-of-phase thermomechanical fatigue; interface degradation models; and much more.

-Offers unique content dedicated to thermomechanical fatigue behavior of ceramic-matrix composites (CMCs) and environmental barrier coatings
-Features comprehensive data tables and experimental verifications
-Covers a highly application-oriented subject?CMCs are being increasingly utilized in jet engines, industrial turbines, and exhaust systems

Thermomechanical Fatigue of Ceramic-Matrix Composites is an excellent book for developers and users of CMCs, as well as organizations involved in evaluation and characterization of CMCs. It will appeal to materials scientists, construction engineers, process engineers, and mechanical engineers.

Keywords: thermomechanical fatigue, ceramic-matrix composite, composites, ceramic, construction material, CMCs, environmental barrier coatings, cyclic loading/unloading, tensile behavior, cyclic fatigue, fatigue behavior, dwell-fatigue, fatigue damage

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