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Wet Cake Filtration: Fundamentals, Equipment, and Strategies

Anlauf, Harald - Wet Cake Filtration: Fundamentals, Equipment, and Strategies, ebook


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Guides readers through the entire process of liquid filtrations, from a basic understanding and lab scale testing to advanced process applications and up-scaling of processes

Wet Cake Filtration is a key method in solid-liquid separation and plays an important role in many industrial processes from the separation of solid products from a liquid, to removing contaminants in wastewater treatment. Furthermore, separation processes are rarely isolated and the integration as well as necessary pre-treatments in the process chain must be carefully considered and implemented. Supported by more than 40 years of research, development, and teaching, this book provides a comprehensive treatment of all relevant aspects in wet cake filtration as a key method in solid-liquid-separation.

The first part of Wet Cake Filtration: Fundamentals, Equipment, Strategies discusses general principles and applications of wet cake filtration, determination of proper feed streams, and filter cake formation. The next chapters deal with variations of pre-treatment and process conditions, including necessary aspects of lab scale tests, up-scaling, and filter design. This is further strengthened with chapters examining particle purification, yield maximization, and cake deliquoring. Lastly, the filter media is discussed as the central piece of wet cake filtration. Beside the different possibilities of available filter media structures and process relevant aspects of filter media selection, the reliable characterization of pore sizes by porometry and innovative additional functionalities are introduced.

-Provides information on wet cake filtration?the necessary pre-treatments and process considerations?to guide the reader to develop or improve their own processes
-Offers the necessary tools that allow the engineer to transform a lab scale test into a scaled-up process
-Presents cake filtration process-related topics like slurry characterization or slurry pretreatment, and special developments such as hyperbaric filtration or steam pressure filtration
-Discusses promising new processes like gasless cake desaturation and shrinkage crack free cake desaturation

Wet Cake Filtration is a must-have resource for every engineer working with wet cake filtration, including water chemists, catalytic chemists, food chemists, chemical engineers, biotechnologists, and process engineers.

Keywords: pore; porosity; structure; characterization; introduction; slurry; liquid particles; particle; cake; phase; conditioning; mechanisms; filtration; formation; chemical; initial; filter; thermal; aids; feed; sorting; body; cakes; media, Industrial Chemistry, Wastewater Purification, Industrial Chemistry, Wastewater Purification

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