Malyshev, Oleg B.

Vacuum in Particle Accelerators: Modelling, Design and Operation of Beam Vacuum Systems

Malyshev, Oleg B. - Vacuum in Particle Accelerators: Modelling, Design and Operation of Beam Vacuum Systems, ebook


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A unique guide on how to model and make the best vacuum chambers

Vacuum in Particle Accelerators offers a comprehensive overview of ultra-high vacuum systems that are used in charge particle accelerators. The book?s contributors ? noted experts in the field ? also highlight the design and modeling of vacuum particle accelerators.

The book reviews vacuum requirements, identifies sources of gas in vacuum chambers and explores methods of removing them. In addition, Vacuum in Particle Accelerators offers an in-depth explanation of the control of the beam and the beam aperture. In the final part of the book, the focus is on the modelling approaches for vacuum chambers under various operating conditions. This important guide:

-Offers a review of vacuum systems in charge particle accelerators
-Contains contributions from an international panel of noted experts in the field
-Highlights the systems, modelling, and design of vacuum particle accelerators
-Includes information on vacuum requirements, beam-gas interactions, cryogenic temperatures, ion induced pressure instability, heavy ion machines
-Presents the most up-to-date information on the topic for scientists and engineers

Written for vacuum physicists, vacuum engineers, plasma physicists, materials scientists, and engineering scientists, Vacuum Particle Accelerators is an essential reference offering an in-depth exploration of vacuum systems and the modelling and design of charged particle accelerators.

Keywords: isotherms vacuum chamber; ultra-high vacuum systems; charge particle accelerators; cryogenic temperatures pressure; vacuum vacuum specification; particle accelerators sources; vacuum chambers; vacuum chamber materials, Materials Characterization, Mechanical Engineering - Design, Materials Characterization, Mechanical Engineering - Design

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