Fujita, Shigeji

Electrical Conduction in Graphene and Nanotubes

Fujita, Shigeji - Electrical Conduction in Graphene and Nanotubes, ebook


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Written in a self-contained manner, this textbook allows both advanced students and practicing applied physicists and engineers to learn the relevant aspects from the bottom up. All logical steps are laid out without omitting steps.
The book covers electrical transport properties in carbon based materials by dealing with statistical mechanics of carbon nanotubes and graphene - presenting many fresh and sometimes provoking views. Both second quantization and superconductivity are covered and discussed thoroughly. An extensive list of references is given in the end of each chapter, while derivations and proofs of specific equations are discussed in the appendix.
The experienced authors have studied the electrical transport in carbon nanotubes and graphene for several years, and have contributed relevantly to the understanding and further development of the field. The content is based on the material taught by one of the authors, Prof Fujita, for courses in quantum theory of solids and quantum statistical mechanics at the University at Buffalo, and some topics have also been taught by Prof. Suzuki in a course on advanced condensed matter physics at the Tokyo University of Science.
For graduate students in physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and material sciences, with a knowledge of dynamics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and solid-state physics at the senior undergraduate level. Includes a large numbers of exercise-type problems.

Keywords: manner; selfcontained; aspects; relevant; physicists; bothadvanced; bottom; omitting; logical; based; statistical mechanics; dealing; nanotubes; book; properties; transport; carbon; electrical; superconductivity; thoroughly; quantization, Solid State Physics, Electronic Materials, Nanomaterials, Solid State Physics, Electronic Materials, Nanomaterials

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