Liu, Dong

Inorganic Flexible Optoelectronics: Materials and Applications

Liu, Dong - Inorganic Flexible Optoelectronics: Materials and Applications, ebook


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Comprehensively covering inorganic flexible optoelectronics and their applications

This highly application-oriented book provides an overview of the vibrant research field of inorganic flexible optoelectronics ? from materials to applications ? covering bulk materials as well as nanowires, thin films, nanomembranes for application in light emitting diodes, photodetectors, phototransistors, and solar cells.

Edited and written by world-leading experts in the field, Inorganic Flexible Optoelectronics: Materials and Applications begins by covering flexible inorganic light emitting diodes enabled by new materials and designs, and provides examples of their use in neuroscience research. It then looks at flexible light-emitting diodes based on inorganic semiconductor nanostructures ? from thin films to nanowires. Next, the book examines flexible photodetectors with nanomembranes and nanowires; 2-D material based photodetectors on flexible substrates; and IV group materials based solar cells and their flexible photovoltaic technologies. Following that, it presents readers with a section on thin-film III-V single junction and multijunction solar cells and demonstrates their integration onto heterogeneous substrates. Finally, the book finishes with in-depth coverage of novel materials based flexible solar cells.

-A must-have book that provides an unprecedented overview of the state of the art in flexible optoelectronics
-Supplies in-depth information for new and already active researchers in the field of optoelectronics
-Lays down the undiluted knowledge on inorganic flexible optoelectronics ? from materials to devices
-Focuses on materials and devices for high-performance applications such as light-emitting diodes, solar cells, and photodetectors

Inorganic Flexible Optoelectronics: Materials and Applications appeals to materials scientists, electronics engineers, electrical engineers, inorganic chemists, and solid state physicists.


flexible electronics; optoelectronics; inorganic flexible optoelectronics; nanowires; thin films; nanomembranes; light emitting diodes; photodetectors; photonics; phototransistors; solar cells; bioelectronics; electronic materials; materials science

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