Wang, Joseph

Nanomachines: Fundamentals and Applications

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Nanomachines represent one of the most fascinating topics in of nanotechnology. These tiny devices provide diverse opportunities towards a wide range of important applications, ranging from targeted delivery of drug payloads to environmental remediation. This book addresses comprehensively the latest developments and discoveries in the field of nano- and microscale machines. It covers the evolution of nanomachines in general from a historical perspective, the fundamental challenges for motion at the nanoscale, different categories of biological and synthetic nano/microscale motors based on different propulsion mechanisms, ways for controlling the movement directionality
and regulated speed, followed by detailed of major areas for which nanomachines has the potential to make a transformational impact. It ends with a futuristic look at nano/microscale machines and into their impact on the society.

Key Features:

* The only nanomachine introductory textbook currently available.
* Written with college graduate level in mind to appeal to a broad interdisciplinary audience.
* Covers the fundamental challenges for nanoscale motion.
* Covers the latest advances in the design and operaton of a wide range of small-scale machines.
* Covers diverse biomedical, environmental and technological applications of nanomachines.
* Written in review format with cited articles to cover latest research and developments.

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