Alenezi, Mamdouh

5th International Symposium on Data Mining Applications

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Table of contents

1. Use of Machine Learning for Rate Adaptation in MPEG-DASH for Quality of Experience Improvement
Ibrahim Rizqallah Alzahrani, Naeem Ramzan, Stamos Katsigiannis, Abbes Amira

2. Analysis of Traffic Accident in Riyadh Using Clustering Algorithms
Alaa Almjewail, Aljoharah Almjewail, Suha Alsenaydi, Haifa ALSudairy, Isra Al-Turaiki

3. Support of Existing Chatbot Development Framework for Arabic Language: A Brief Survey
Eman Saad AL-Hagbani, Mohammad Badruddin Khan

4. The Generative Power of Arabic Morphology and Implications: A Case for Pattern Orientation in Arabic Corpus Annotation and a Proposed Pattern Ontology
Mohammed A. El-Affendi

5. A Benchmark Collection for Mapping Program Educational Objectives to ABET Student Outcomes: Accreditation
Addin Osman, Anwar Ali Yahya, Mohammed Basit Kamal

6. Bug Reports Evolution in Open Source Systems
Wajdi Aljedaani, Yasir Javed

7. Analysis of Call Detail Records for Understanding Users Behavior and Anomaly Detection Using Neo4j
Emsaieb Geepalla, Nasser Abuhamoud, Abdulla Abouda

8. Empirical Analysis of Static Code Metrics for Predicting Risk Scores in Android Applications
Mamdouh Alenezi, Iman Almomani

9. Toward Stream Analysis of Software Debugging Data
Sarab A. AlMuhaideb, Sarah M. AlMuhanna

10. Evaluating the Influence of Twitter on the Saudi Arabian Stock Market Indicators
Mohammed Alshahrani, Fuxi Zhu, Ahmed Sameh, Lin Zheng, Summaya Mumtaz

11. Comparative Analysis of Danger Theory Variants in Measuring Risk Level for Text Spam Messages
Kamahazira Zainal, Mohd Zalisham Jali, Abu Bakar Hasan

12. Analyzing User Behaviors: A Study of Tips in Foursquare
Nafla Alrumayyan, Sumayah Bawazeer, Rehab AlJurayyad, Muna Al-Razgan

13. Classification of Customer Tweets Using Big Data Analytics
Abeer Nafel Alharbi, Hessah Alnnamlah, Liyakathunisa

14. Evolution of Hashtags on Twitter: A Case Study from Events Groups
Layal Abu Daher, Rached Zantout, Islam Elkabani, Khaled Almustafa

15. Investments in Deep Learning Techniques for Improving the Biometric System Accuracy
A. Meraoumia, S. Chitroub, O. Chergui, H. Bendjenna

16. New Feature Extraction Approach Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Systems for Reliable Biometric Identification
Z. Tidjani, A. Meraoumia, S. Chitroub, K. Ben sid

17. An Efficient PHSW-DC Algorithm for Solving Motif Finding Problem in TP53 Cancer Gene
Asmaa G. Seliem, Wael Abouelwafa, Hesham F. Hamed

18. The Effect of Vitamin B12 Deficiency on Blood Count Using Data Mining
Nada Almugren, Nafla Alrumayyan, Rabiah Alnashwan, Abeer Alfutamani, Isra Al-Turaiki, Omar Almugren

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
16 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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