Karev, Vladimir

Physical and Mathematical Modeling of Earth and Environment Processes

Karev, Vladimir - Physical and Mathematical Modeling of Earth and Environment Processes, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Tyrrhenian Continent Ragmentation
Al. A. Schreider, A. A. Schreider, A. E. Sazhneva

2. Long Waves Influence on Polarization Ratio for Microwave Backscattering from the Sea Surface
Alexandr Zapevalov

3. Elimination of Hydrocarbons Spills on Water Objects and Fluorescent Diagnostics of Water Pureness
T. O. Chaplina, E. V. Stepanova

4. Investigations of Internal Waves in the Seas of Russia and in the Central Atlantic
K. S. Grigorenko, S. M. Khartiev

5. Critically Stressed Fractures and Their Relation to Elastic Moduli
Nikita Vladislavovich Dubinya, Ilya Vladimirovich Fokin

6. Mechanical Properties of Thin Films of Coals by Nanoindentation
Elena Kossovich, Svetlana Epshtein, Nadezhda Dobryakova, Maxim Minin, Darya Gavrilova

7. Using the Variational Approach and Adjoint Equations Method Under the Identification of the Input Parameter of the Passive Admixture Transport Model
Sergey Germanovich Demyshev, Vladimir Sergeevich Kochergin, Sergey Vladimirovich Kochergin

8. Mechanisms Accounting for Interannual Variability of Advective Heat Transport in the North Atlantic Upper Layer
A. B. Polonsky, P. A. Sukhonos

9. Convective Jets: Volcanic Activity and Turbulent Mixing in the Boundary Layers of the Atmosphere and Ocean
Alexander Vulfson, Oleg Borodin, Petr Nikolaev

10. Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of Formation Fluid Composition Influence on Filtration and Elastic Properties of Porous Media
Daniil Karmanskiy, Andrey Maltsev

11. Synchronous Changes of Geophysical Fields in the Earth’s Near-Surface Zone
Svetlana Riabova, Alexander Spivak

12. Vertical Mass Transport by Weakly Nonlinear Inertia-Gravity Internal Waves
A. A. Slepyshev, D. I. Vorotnikov

13. Field Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Wind-Wave Interaction at the Middle-Sized Inland Reservoirs
G. A. Baydakov, A. M. Kuznetsova, V. V. Papko, A. A. Kandaurov, M. I. Vdovin, D. A. Sergeev, Yu. I. Troitskaya

14. Multidecadal Variability of Hydro-Thermodynamic Characteristics and Heat Fluxes in North Atlantic
N. A. Diansky, P. A. Sukhonos

15. Reconstruction of Hydrophysical Fields in the Coastal Region of the Black Sea on the Basis of Hydrodynamic Model with Assimilation of Observational Data
Demyshev Sergei, Evstigneeva Natalia

16. The Vertical Turbulent Exchange Features in the Black Sea Active Layer
A. S. Samodurov, A. M. Chukharev

17. Model of Oscillations of Earth’s Poles Based on Gravitational Tides
S. A. Kumakshev

18. Laboratory Modeling of Ring Geophysical Structures
B. Shvilkin

19. Principles of Controlling the Apparatus Function for Achieving Super-Resolution in Imagers
E. N. Terentiev, N. E. Terentiev, I. I. Farshakova

20. A Regular System of Vortices in a Circular Stratified Flow Behind the Edge of a Rotating Disk
Roman N. Bardakov

21. Comparison of Empirical Sea-Surface Slopes Probability Densities for the Purposes of Satellite Sounding
Nick Evgenievich Lebedev, Alexandr Sergeevich Zapevalov

22. Mathematical Modeling of Thermomechanical Behavior of Porous Impermeable Medium with Active Filler
M. V. Alekseev, E. B. Savenkov, N. G. Sudobin

23. Evaluation of the Temporal Dynamics of Oceanic Eddies with Initial Peripheral Rate Shift
Alexander Aleхeyevich Solovyev, Dmitry Alexandrovich Solovyev

24. Reservoir Proxy Model as a Part of Geo-Technological Model of Gas Fields and Underground Gas Storages
Sergey A. Kirsanov, Andrey V. Chugunov, Oleg S. Gatsolaev, Yan S. Chudin, Ivan А. Fedorov, Aleksey A. Kontarev, Alexandra P. Popovich

25. Understanding of Rock Material Behavior Under Dynamic Loadings Based on Incubation Time Criteria Approach
A. N. Martemyanov, Yu. V. Petrov

26. Analytical Research of Character of Relative Permeability Function Under Unsteady Two-Phase Filtration
D. U. Semiglasov, V. M. Maximov

27. Estimation of the Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Rate in the Laboratory Experiment
M. Trimonova, E. Zenchenko, N. Baryshnikov, S. Turuntaev, P. Zenchenko, A. Aigozhieva

28. Paleomagnetism of Some Basalts Samples from the Red Sea Rift Zone
V. I. Maksimochkin, L. R. Preobrazhenskii

29. Influence of Hydrodynamic Perturbations on Dispersion Characteristics of a Near-Water Aerosol
V. N. Nosov, S. G. Ivanov, V. I. Pogonin, V. I. Timonin, N. A. Zavyalov, E. A. Zevakin, A. S. Savin

30. A Comparative Analysis of Optical Methods for Detection and Prediction of Radionuclides Migration in the Geosphere
B. P. Yakimov, G. S. Budylin, V. G. Petrov, V. V. Fadeev, S. N. Kalmykov, S. A. Evlashin, E. A. Shirshin

31. Advanced Procedure for Estimation of Phytoplankton Fluorescence Quantum Yield Using Remote Sensing Data: A Comparative Study of the Amundsen Sea Polynyas
Elena E. Nikonova, Evgeny A. Shirshin, Victor V. Fadeev, Maxim Y. Gorbunov

32. The Exact Mathematical Models of Nonlinear Surface Waves
Anatoly Kistovich

33. Numerical Analysis and Prediction of the Consequences of Natural and Technological Impacts in Coastal Areas of the Azov Sea
T. Ya. Shul’ga, S. M. Khartiev, A. R. Ioshpa

34. The Problem of Forecasting of Vertical Temperature Distribution in Inland Hydrophysical Objects with Experimental Data
D. Gladskikh, D. Sergeev, G. Baydakov, I. Soustova, Yu. Troitskaya

35. Modeling Geomechanical Processes in Oil and Gas Reservoirs at the True Triaxial Loading Apparatus
V. I. Karev, D. M. Klimov, Yu. F. Kovalenko

36. Modeling of Deformation and Filtration Processes Near Wells with Emphasis of their Coupling and Effects Caused by Anisotropy
V. I. Karev, D. M. Klimov, Yu. F. Kovalenko, K. B. Ustinov

37. Effect of a Tidal Wave Caused by Large Gliding Satellite on Formation of 220km Seismic Boundary and Split of the Mantle into Blocks
S. Kasyanov, V. Samsonov

38. Influence of Baroclinicity on Sea Level Oscillations in the Baltic Sea
Evgeny Zakharchuk, Natalia Tikhonova, Anatoly Gusev, Nikolay Diansky

Keywords: Physics, Geophysics and Environmental Physics, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences

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