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Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies

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Table of contents

1. A Comparison of Small Area Estimation and Kriging in Estimating Rainfall in Sri Lanka
Kalum Udagepola, Mithila Perera

2. Managing Telework from an Austrian Manager’s Perspective
Michal Beno

3. Soft Innovation in the Video Game Industry
Hrafnhildur Jónasdóttir

4. Does the Interactivity and Participation of the Audience in the Iberoamerican Cyber-Media Advance?
Abel Suing, Kruzkaya Ordóñez, Lilia Carpio

5. Knowledge Sharing in Industrialization Project Management Practices
Ana Almeida, Anabela Tereso, João Faria, Teresa Ruão

6. Mexican Spanish Affective Dictionary
Adriana Peña Pérez Negrón, Luis Casillas, Graciela Lara, Mario Jiménez

7. Measuring Knowledge Management Project Performance
Latifa Oufkir, Ismail Kassou

8. Feasibility and Development Analysis of P2P Online Lending Platforms in Taiwan
Bih-Huang Jin, Yung-Ming Li, Tsai-Wei Liu

9. Analysis of Interoperability Attributes for Supplier Selection in Supply Chain Segmentation Strategy
Laion Xavier Pereira, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos, Eduardo Freitas Rocha Loures

10. Solvency II – A BPM Application
Tiago Gonçalves, João Silva, Nuno Silva

11. Legal and Economic Aspects of Virtual Organizations
Luboš Smrčka, Dagmar Čámská

12. An Approach for Knowledge Extraction from Source Code (KNESC) of Typed Programming Languages
Azanzi Jiomekong, Gaoussou Camara

13. Measuring the Quality of Humanitarian Information Products: Insights from the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
Hossein Baharmand, Tina Comes

14. Assessing Review Reports of Scientific Articles: A Literature Review
Amanda Sizo, Adriano Lino, Álvaro Rocha

15. Differences Between Urgent and Non Urgent Patients in the Paediatric Emergency Department: A 240,000 Visits’ Analysis
João Viana, Almeida Santos, Alberto Freitas

16. Methodology for the Implementation of Knowledge Management Systems in the University
Víctor Hugo Medina García, Lina María Medina Estrada, Joaquín Javier Meza Alvarez

17. Adapting a Multi-SOM Clustering Algorithm to Large Banking Data
Imèn Khanchouch, Mohamed Limam

18. Redundant Independent Files (RIF): A Technique for Reducing Storage and Resources in Big Data Replication
Mostafa R. Kaseb, Mohamed H. Khafagy, Ihab A. Ali, ElSayed M. Saad

19. Improving Employee Recruitment Through Data Mining
Visar Shehu, Adrian Besimi

20. Where to go in Brooklyn: NYC Mobility Patterns from Taxi Rides
Juan Carlos Garcia, Allan Avendaño, Carmen Vaca

21. Supporting IoT Data Similarity at the Edge Towards Enabling Distributed Clustering
Hasibur Rahman

22. Uncertainty in Context-Aware Systems: A Case Study for Intelligent Environments
Leandro Oliveira Freitas, Pedro Rangel Henriques, Paulo Novais

23. An Incident Handling Guide for Small Organizations in the Hospitality Sector
Oluwadamilola Ogunyebi, Bobby Swar, Shaun Aghili

24. The Moderating Influence of Socially-Inspired Trust on the Connection Between Persuasive Governmental Social Media Quality and Success
Adel M. Aladwani

25. Persuasive Website Quality and Knowledge Sharing Success: A Preliminary Examination
Adel M. Aladwani

26. Human Post-editing in Hybrid Machine Translation Systems: Automatic and Manual Analysis and Evaluation
Juncal Gutiérrez-Artacho, María-Dolores Olvera-Lobo, Irene Rivera-Trigueros

27. LGBT Tourism: The Competitiveness of the Tourism Destinations Based on Digital Technology
Pedro Liberato, Dália Liberato, António Abreu, Elisa Alén, Álvaro Rocha

28. Facial Emotion Detection in Massive Open Online Courses
Mohamed Soltani, Hafed Zarzour, Mohamed Chaouki Babahenini

29. Integration of Process Mining and Simulation: A Survey of Applications and Current Research
Brian Keith Norambuena

30. Improving Regression Models Using Simulated Annealing for Stock Market Speculation
Hana Jamali, Omar Bencharef, Abdellah Nabaji, Khalid Housni, Zahra Asebriy

31. Machine Learning Based Sentiment Analysis on Spanish Financial Tweets
José Antonio García-Díaz, María Pilar Salas-Zárate, María Luisa Hernández-Alcaraz, Rafael Valencia-García, Juan Miguel Gómez-Berbís

32. Software-Based Brand Ambassador Selection — A Celebrity-Branding Assessment Framework in Action
Selina Görgner, Philipp Brune

33. Field Measurements of Electrical Consumption in a Multi-purpose Educational Building
Fernando Ama Gonzalo, Jose A. Ferrandiz, David Fonseca Escudero, Juan A. Hernandez

34. Role of Data Properties on Sentiment Analysis of Texts via Convolutions
Erion Çano, Maurizio Morisio

35. A Comparison of Feature Selection Methods to Optimize Predictive Models Based on Decision Forest Algorithms for Academic Data Analysis
Antonio Jesús Fernández-García, Luis Iribarne, Antonio Corral, Javier Criado

36. Building Sustainable NRENs in Africa - A Technological and e-Education Perspective
Marangaze Munhepe Mulhanga, Solange Rito Lima

37. Augmenting SMT with Semantically-Generated Virtual-Parallel Corpora from Monolingual Texts
Krzysztof Wołk, Agnieszka Wołk

38. Assessing the Impact of Internet of Everything Technologies in Football
Marcelo Pires, Vítor Santos

39. A Model for Knowledge Management and Information Systems at the Faculty of Education in Kuwait University
Sultan Ghaleb Aldaihani

40. Who Are Your Design Heroes? Exploring User Roles in a Co-creation Community
Manuel Moritz, Tobias Redlich, Jens Wulfsberg

41. Digital Transformation: A Literature Review and Guidelines for Future Research
João Reis, Marlene Amorim, Nuno Melão, Patrícia Matos

42. Evaluation of the Maturity Level of the IT Services in Higher Education Institutions: Portugal and Russia
João Paulo Pereira, Iuliia Zubar, Efanova Natalya

43. Improving Project Management Practice Through the Development of a Business Case: A Local Administration Case Study
Fernando Martins, Pedro Ribeiro, Francisco Duarte

44. An Online Focus Group Approach to e-Government Acceptance and Use
Soraia Nunes, José Martins, Frederico Branco, Mijail Zolotov

45. Archetype Development Process: A Case Study of Support Interoperability Among Electronic Health Record in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Thais Abreu Maia, Cristiana Fernandes Muylder, Zilma Silveira Nogueira Reis

46. Towards Information Warehousing: A Case Study for Tweets
Hadjer Moulai, Habiba Drias

47. Predictive Maintenance in the Metallurgical Industry: Data Analysis and Feature Selection
Marta Fernandes, Alda Canito, Verónica Bolón, Luís Conceição, Isabel Praça, Goreti Marreiros

48. Model for Sharing Knowledge in a Co-creation Process with High Ability Students
Juan Pablo Meneses-Ortegón, Teodor Jové, Ramon Fabregat, Mery Yolima Uribe-Rios

49. Evaluation of Information Systems Curriculum in Portugal and Russia
João Paulo Pereira, Ivlev Aleksandr, Elena Popova

50. Implementation of Paperless Office in the Classroom
Richardus Eko Indrajit, Saide, Rizqi Wahyuningsih, Lisa Tinaria

51. Towards a Mathematical Knowledge Management System: Ontology to Model Linear Equations
Alan Ramírez-Noriega, Yobani Martínez-Ramírez, José Armenta, Sergio Miranda, J. Francisco Figueroa Pérez, José Mendivil-Torres, Samantha Jiménez

52. A Conceptual Research Model Proposal of Digital Marketing Adoption and Impact on Low Density Tourism Regions
Filipa Jorge, Mário Sérgio Teixeira, Ricardo Jorge Correia, Ramiro Gonçalves, José Martins, Maximino Bessa

53. A Conceptual Model Proposal for Characterizing Discount and Outlet Platforms Adoption
Carlos Peixoto, José Martins, Ramiro Gonçalves, Frederico Branco, Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira

54. IoT Semantic Modeling Using the GWE (Generalized World Entities) Paradigm
Gian Piero Zarri

55. Search in Collections of Mathematical Articles
Eugeny Birialtsev, Alexander Gusenkov, Olga Zhibrik, Polina Gusenkova, Yana Palacheva

56. Extending PythonQA with Knowledge from StackOverflow
Renato Preigschadt Azevedo, Pedro Rangel Henriques, Maria João Varanda Pereira

57. Using Probabilistic Topic Models to Study Orientation of Sustainable Supply Chain Research
Carlos Montenegro, Edison Loza-Aguirre, Marco Segura-Morales

58. A Vulnerability Study of Mhealth Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Applications (apps)
Tolulope Mabo, Bobby Swar, Shaun Aghili

59. Specialized Case Tools for the Development of Expert Systems
Rustam A. Burnashev, Albert V. Gubajdullin, Arslan I. Enikeev

60. A BPMN Extension for the Annotation of HACCP Plans in Hospital Protocols
Mateo Ramos Merino, Luis M. Álvarez Sabucedo, Juan M. Santos Gago, Víctor M. Alonso Rorís

61. An Evaluation of Data Model for NoSQL Document-Based Databases
Debora G. Reis, Fabio S. Gasparoni, Maristela Holanda, Marcio Victorino, Marcelo Ladeira, Edward O. Ribeiro

62. Information Sharing as a Coordination Tool in Supply Chain Using Multi-agent System and Neural Networks
Halima Bousqaoui, Ilham Slimani, Said Achchab

63. CaVa: An Example of the Automatic Generation of Virtual Learning Spaces
Ricardo G. Martini, Cristiana Araújo, Pedro Rangel Henriques, Maria João Varanda Pereira

64. Using Social Network Analysis to Identify User Preferences for Cultural Events
Stevan Milovanović, Zorica Bogdanović, Aleksandra Labus, Dušan Barać, Marijana Despotović-Zrakić

65. Validity Issues of Digital Trace Date for Platform as a Service: A Network Science Perspective
Mehmet N. Aydin, Dzordana Kariniasukaite, N. Ziya Perdahci

66. The Role of Big Data in University Strategy and Performance Eco System: A Case Study
Ali AlSoufi

67. A P2P Algorithm for a Smart Information System
Agostino Forestiero, Giuseppe Papuzzo

68. Proposal of a BI/SSBI System for Knowledge Management of the Traffic of a Network Infrastructure – A University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro Case Study
José Bessa, Frederico Branco, António Rio Costa, Ramiro Gonçalves, Fernando Moreira

69. Application of High Performance Computing Techniques to the Semantic Data Transformation
José Antonio Bernabé-Díaz, María del Carmen Legaz-García, José M. García, Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis

70. A Semantic MatchMaking Framework for Volunteering MarketPlaces
Johannes Schönböck, J. Altmann, E. Kapsammer, E. Kimmerstorfer, B. Pröll, W. Retschitzegger, W. Schwinger

71. A Candidate Generation Algorithm for Named Entities Disambiguation Using DBpedia
Wissem Bouarroudj, Zizette Boufaida

72. Higher Education Analytics: New Trends in Program Assessments
Adam Marks, Maytha AL-Ali

73. Visualization on Decision Support Systems Models: Literature Overview
Carlos Manuel Oliveira Alves, Manuel Pérez Cota

74. An Efficient Real-Time Monitoring to Manage Home-Based Oxygen Therapy
Vincenza Carchiolo, Lucio Compagno, Michele Malgeri, Natalia Trapani, Maria Laura Previti, Mark Philip Loria, Marco Toja

75. Video Analytics on a Mixed Network of Robust Cameras with Processing Capabilities
Juan Pablo D‘Amato, Alejandro Perez, Leonardo Dominguez, Aldo Rubiales, Rosana Barbuzza, Franco Stramana

76. Increasing Authorship Identification Through Emotional Analysis
Ricardo Martins, José Almeida, Pedro Henriques, Paulo Novais

77. Modeling an Information Visualization Engine for Situational-Awareness in Health Insurance
Flávio Epifânio, Gabriel Pestana

78. Learning Ecosystem Metamodel Quality Assurance
Alicia García-Holgado, Francisco J. García-Peñalvo

79. Statistical Approach to Noisy-Parallel and Comparable Corpora Filtering for the Extraction of Bi-lingual Equivalent Data at Sentence-Level
Krzysztof Wołk, Emilia Zawadzka, Agnieszka Wołk

80. Empirical-Evolution of Frameworks Supporting Co-simulation Tool-Chain Development
Jinzhi Lu, Didem Gürdür, De-Jiu Chen, Jian Wang, Martin Törngren

81. Trust and Reputation Modelling for Tourism Recommendations Supported by Crowdsourcing
Fátima Leal, Benedita Malheiro, Juan Carlos Burguillo

82. A Context-Awareness System to Promote Cooperation in Implanting High-Speed Electronic Communications Network
Gabriel Pestana, Ana Isaias, Manuel Barros

83. FAMAP: A Framework for Developing m-Health Apps
Iván García-Magariño, Manuel Gonzalez Bedia, Guillermo Palacios-Navarro

84. PMBOK as a Reference Model for Academic Research Management
Sussy Bayona, Jose Bustamante, Nemias Saboya

85. Classifying Cloud Computing Challenges: A Taxonomy Proposal
Bastian Ferrer, Aldo Quelopana

86. Development of a Grooming Process for an Agile Software Team in the Automotive Domain
Francisca Ribeiro, André L. Ferreira, Anabela Tereso, Deborah Perrotta

87. Characterization of an Evaluation Success Model of an IS Project, Focused on Stakeholders
Luís Barros, Pedro Ribeiro

88. Development of an Interface for Managing and Monitoring Projects in an Automotive Company
Andreia Reis, Anabela Tereso, Cláudio Santos, Jorge Coelho

89. Evaluation of “Method” as IT Artifacts in Soft Design Science Research: Development of Community Based E-Museum Framework Towards Sustainable Cultural Heritage Information System
Suriyati Razali

90. Business Process Reengineering Using Enterprise Social Network
Amjed Al-Thuhli, Mohammed Al-Badawi

91. Information Technology Determinants of Organizational Performance in the Context of a Cameroonian Electricity Company
Francis Dany Balie Djong, Jean Robert Kala Kamdjoug, Samuel Fosso Wamba

92. Evaluation Metrics of the Development of Municipal e-Government
Vicente Morales, Sussy Bayona

93. The Importance of the Dimensions of a Smart City – A Survey in Small Cities
Isabel Maria Lopes, Pedro Oliveira

94. The Rise of the Unicorn: Shedding Light on the Creation of Technological Enterprises with Exponential Valuations
Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira, João Pedro Costa, Ramiro Gonçalves, Frederico Branco

95. Mobile Sharing Platform Operation Model and System Dynamic Analysis: Uber and Taiwan Taxi as Examples
Ting-Kai Hwang, Bih-Huang Jin, Yung-Ming Li, Shin-Jui Lee

96. Improving Work Allocation Practices in Business Processes Supported by BPMS
Robbie Uahi, José Luís Pereira, João Varajão

97. Integrated Framework for the Civil Construction Projects Management by Mean PMBOK, ISO 21500 and ITIL V3
Eduardo Isacás-Ojeda, Monserrate Intriago-Pazmiño, Hernán Ordoñez-Calero, Elizabeth Salazar-Jácome, Wilson Sánchez-Ocaña

98. Cognitive Determinants of IT Professional Belief and Attitude Towards Green IT
Adedapo Oluwaseyi Ojo, Murali Raman, Rameswaran Vijayakumar

99. Corporate Digital Learning – Proposal of Learning Analytics Model
Maria José Sousa, Álvaro Rocha

100. Freemium Project Management Tools: Asana, Freedcamp and Ace Project
Tânia Ferreira, Juncal Gutiérrez-Artacho, Jorge Bernardino

101. Agile Analytics: Applying in the Development of Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence System in Higher Education
Reynaldo Joshua Salaki, Kalai Anand Ratnam

102. Satisfaction with e-participation: A Model from the Citizen’s Perspective, Expectations, and Affective Ties to the Place
Mijail Naranjo Zolotov, Tiago Oliveira, Frederico Cruz-Jesus, José Martins

103. Coalition-OrBAC: An Agent-Based Access Control Model for Dynamic Coalitions
Iman Ben Abdelkrim, Amine Baina, Christophe Feltus, Jocelyn Aubert, Mostafa Bellafkih, Djamel Khadraoui

104. Health Data Analytics: A Proposal to Measure Hospitals Information Systems Maturity
João Vidal Carvalho, Álvaro Rocha, José Vasconcelos, António Abreu

105. Supply Chain Challenges with Complex Adaptive System Perspective
Abla Chaouni Benabdellah, Imane Bouhaddou, Asmaa Benghabrit

106. Understanding the Adoption of Business Analytics and Intelligence
Frederico Cruz-Jesus, Tiago Oliveira, Mijail Naranjo

107. The Planning Process Integration Influence on the Efficiency of Material Flow in Production Companies
Michal Adamczak, Piotr Cyplik

108. Time Difference of Arrival Enhancement with Ray Tracing Simulation
Marcelo N. Sousa, Eduardo F. S. Corrêa, Reiner S. Thomä

109. E-Mail Client Multiplatform for the Transfer of Information Using the SMTP Java Protocol Without Access to a Browser
Liliana Enciso, Ruben Baez, Alvaro Maldonado, Elmer Zelaya-Policarpo, Pablo Alejandro Quezada-Sarmiento

110. CRUDi Framework Application – Bank Company Case Study
Jorge Pereira, Frederico Branco, Manuel Au-Yong-Oliveira, Ramiro Gonçalves

111. GRAPHED: A Graph Description Diagram for Graph Databases
Gustavo Erven, Waldeyr Silva, Rommel Carvalho, Maristela Holanda

112. Capabilities and Work Practices - A Case Study of the Practical Use and Utility
Anders W. Tell, Martin Henkel

113. Systematic Review of the Literature, Research on Blockchain Technology as Support to the Trust Model Proposed Applied to Smart Places
António Brandão, Henrique São Mamede, Ramiro Gonçalves

114. An Architecture for a Viable Information System
Anton Selin, Vitor Santos

115. Smart Bengali Idiomatic Translator Service Using Morphological Marketing Technique
Amit Roy, Vitor Duarte Santos

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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