Balas, Valentina Emilia

Security with Intelligent Computing and Big-data Services

Balas, Valentina Emilia - Security with Intelligent Computing and Big-data Services, ebook


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Table of contents

1. A Social Tagging Recommendation Model Based on Improved Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm and Tensor Decomposition
Hao Zhang, Qiong Hong, Xiaomeng Shi, Jie He

2. Research on the Nearest Neighbor Representation Classification Algorithm in Feature Space
Yan-Hong Hu, Yu-Hai Li, Ming Zhao

3. A New Aesthetic QR Code Algorithm Based on Salient Region Detection and SPBVM
Li Li, Yanyun Li, Bing Wang, Jianfeng Lu, Shanqing Zhang, Wenqiang Yuan, Saijiao Wang, Chin-Chen Chang

4. Compact Cat Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Ming Zhao, Jeng-Shyang Pan, Shuo-Tsung Chen

5. Copy-Move Forgery Detection Based on Local Gabor Wavelets Patterns
Chao-Lung Chou, Jen-Chun Lee

6. A Hybrid Intrusion Detection System for Contemporary Network Intrusion Dataset
Jheng-Mo Liao, Jui-Sheng Liu, Sheng-De Wang

7. Mitigating DoS Attacks in SDN Using Offloading Path Strategies
Tai-Siang Huang, Po-Yang Hsiung, Bo-Chao Cheng

8. An Extension of Attack Trees
Yi-Chih Kao, Yuan-Ping Hwang, Shih-Chen Wang, Sheng-Lung Peng

9. Face Detection in a Complex Background Using Cascaded Conventional Networks
Jianjun Li, Juxian Wang, Chin-Chen Chang, Zhuo Tang, Zhenxing Luo

10. Cryptanalysis on the Anonymity of Li et al.’s Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme
Yi-Fan Tseng, Chun-I Fan

11. Overlapping Community Detection with Two-Level Expansion by Local Clustering Coefficients
Yi-Jen Su, Che-Chun Lee

12. Writing Security Specification with Things That Flow
Sabah Al-Fedaghi, Omar Alsumait

13. Automatically Generating Aspect Taxonomy for E-Commerce Domains to Assist Sentiment Mining
Nachiappan Chockalingam

14. History Management for Network Information of IoT Devices
Daeil Jang, Taeeun Kim, Hwankuk Kim

15. A Noise Generation Scheme Based on Huffman Coding for Preserving Privacy
Iuon-Chang Lin, Li-Cheng Yang

16. Privacy-Preserving Outsource Computing for Binary Vector Similarity
Dan Yang, Yu-Chi Chen, Shaozhen Ye

17. Strategies to Improve Auditing Performance and Soundness for Cloud Computation
Shin-Jia Hwang, Tsung-Lin Li

18. Reversible Image Steganography for Color Image Quantization Based on Lossless Index Coding
Yu-Chen Hu, Chin-Feng Lee, Yi-Hung Liu

19. Capacity on Demand Steganography Through Adaptive Threshold Strategy
Sheng-Chih Ho, Chung-Yi Lin, Chao-Lung Chou

20. Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme in Parallel
Shyong Jian Shyu, Ying Zhen Tsai

21. A Cognitive Global Clock Synchronization Protocol in WSNs
Bilal Ahmad, Ma Shiwei, Fu Qi

22. A Generic Web Application Testing and Attack Data Generation Method
Hsiao-Yu Shih, Han-Lin Lu, Chao-Chun Yeh, Hsu-Chun Hsiao, Shih-Kun Huang

23. The Study of Improvement and Risk Evaluation for Mobile Application Security Testing
Huey-Yeh Lin, Hung-Chang Chang, Yung-Chuan Su

24. Application of Pattern for New CAPTCHA Generation Idea
Thawatwong Lawan

25. An Automatic Approach of Building Threat Patterns in Android
Chia-Mei Chen, Yu-Hsuan Tsai, Gu-Hsin Lai

26. Identifying Temporal Patterns Using ADS in NTFS for Digital Forensics
Da-Yu Kao, Yuan-Pei Chan

27. Ant-Based Botnet C&C Server Traceback
Chia-Mei Chen, Gu-Hsin Lai

28. T-Brain: A Collaboration Platform for Data Scientists
Chao-Chun Yeh, Sheng-An Chang, Yi-Chin Chu, Xuan-Yi Lin, Yichiao Sun, Jiazheng Zhou, Shih-Kun Huang

29. Feature Extraction in Security Analytics: Reducing Data Complexity with Apache Spark
Dimitrios Sisiaridis, Olivier Markowitch

30. Storage-Saving Bi-dimensional Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation inSmartGrids
Chun-I Fan, Yi-Fan Tseng, Yi-Hui Lin, Fangguo Zhang

31. Verifying the Validity of Public Key Certificates Using Edge Computing
Shogo Kitajima, Masahiro Mambo

32. A Study on Blockchain-Based Circular Economy Credit Rating System
Hsin-Te Wu, Yi-Jen Su, Wu-Chih Hu

33. Using Blockchainto Support Data and Service Management in IoV/IoT
Obaro Odiete, Richard K. Lomotey, Ralph Deters

34. A Blockchain-Based Traceable Certification System
Po-Yeuan Chang, Min-Shiang Hwang, Chao-Chen Yang

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Security

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Page amount
16 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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