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Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy

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Table of contents

Part I. Experimental Methods and Technical Aspects

1. Experimental Technique and Working Modes
Sascha Sadewasser, Thilo Glatzel

2. Dissipation Modulated Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy Method
Yoichi Miyahara, Peter Grütter

3. Dynamic Modes in Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy: Band Excitation and G-Mode
Stephen Jesse, Liam Collins, Sabine Neumayer, Suhas Somnath, Sergei V. Kalinin

4. Practical Aspects of Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in Liquids
Kei Kobayashi, Hirofumi Yamada

5. Time-Resolved Electrostatic and Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
Sascha Sadewasser, Nicoleta Nicoara

Part II. Data Interpretation and Theoretical Aspects

6. Imaging Static Charge Distributions: A Comprehensive KPFM Theory
Philipp Rahe, Hagen Söngen

7. Interpretation of KPFM Data with the Weight Function for Charges
Hagen Söngen, Philipp Rahe, Ralf Bechstein, Angelika Kühnle

8. Precise Modeling of Electrostatic Interactions with Dielectric Samples in Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
Ali Sadeghi

9. Quantitative Analysis of Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy on Semiconductors
Leo Polak, Rinke J. Wijngaarden

Part III. Application to Device Characterization

10. Nanoscale Transport Imaging of Active Lateral Devices: Static and Frequency Dependent Modes
Evgheni Strelcov, Mahshid Ahmadi, Sergei V. Kalinin

11. Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy Characterization of Organic and Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells
Benjamin Grévin

12. KPFM of Nanostructured Electrochemical Sensors
Alex Henning, Yossi Rosenwaks

13. Applications of KPFM-Based Approaches for Surface Potential and Electrochemical Measurements in Liquid
Liam Collins, Stefan A.L. Weber, Brian J. Rodriguez

Part IV. Atomic Scale Experiments

14. Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy with Atomic Resolution

Yan Jun Li, Haunfei Wen, Zong Min Ma, Lili Kou, Yoshitaka Naitoh, Yasuhiro Sugawara

15. The Electrostatic Field of CO Functionalized Metal Tips
Michael Ellner, Pablo Pou, Ruben Perez

16. Imaging Charge DistributionWithin Molecules by Scanning ProbeMicroscopy
Martin Ondráček, Prokop Hapala, Martin Švec, Pavel Jelínek

Keywords: Physics, Spectroscopy and Microscopy, Surfaces and Interfaces, Thin Films, Nanotechnology and Microengineering, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Measurement Science and Instrumentation

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