Acevedo, Rogelio Daniel

Geoethics In Latin America

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Geoethics
Rogelio Daniel Acevedo, Jesús Martínez Frías

2. Geoethics: Basic Concepts and Its Potential for UNESCO Geoparks
Joan Poch

Part II. Argentina

3. Towards a Latin American Geoethics?
Cristian Lorenzo

4. The Superior Geology Professional Council and Ethics
Claudio Alberto Parica

Part III. Brazil

5. Ferruginous Geosystems and the Current Situation of Iron in Brazil: Economic Growth or Environmental Regression?
Giana Márcia dos Santos Pinheiro

6. Gigantic Cities and the New Challenge of an Old Science: Geoethics, Geoeducation, and Geoknowledge in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Rualdo Menegat, Rodrigo Cybis Fontana

Part IV. Chile

7. Meteorites and Craters Found in Chile: A Bridge to Introduce the First Attempt for Geoheritage Legal Protection in the Country
Millarca Valenzuela, José Benado

Part V. Colombia

8. Geology as a Profession and Geoethics in Colombia
Michel Hermelin Arbaux, Orlando Navas

9. The Geoethical Promise and the Incorporation of Disaster Risk Management in the Territorial Ordination of Colombia
Jorge Alberto Hernández-Restrepo

Part VI. Cuba

10. Geodiversity, Heritage, and Geoethics in an Archipelago
Reinaldo Rojas Consuegra, Jorge Isaac Mengana, Rolando Cardenas, Kenya E. Núñez Cambra, Noel Pérez-Díaz, Osmel Martín

Part VII. Ecuador

11. Ethics, Policy, and Risk Assessment of the Cotopaxi Volcanic Crisis in Ecuador—Vulnerable Society Versus Unprepared Volcanic Monitoring Staff and Authorities
Theofilos Toulkeridis, Ana Jacome, Fernando Mato

Part VIII. Paraguay

12. An Approach to Geoethics in Paraguay
Jaime Leonardo Báez Presser, Gilda Agostino, Sergio Daniel Ríos

Part IX. Peru

13. Geoethics: The Peruvian Case
H. Saul Pérez-Montaño

Part X. Venezuela

14. The Epistemological Evolution… The Beginning of a “Geoethics” Cosmovision
Gladys Dávila, Robert Bello

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Geology, Research Ethics, Environmental Politics, Area Studies, Natural Hazards, Environmental and Sustainability Education

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The Latin American Studies Book Series
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8 pages
Natural Sciences
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