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Current Advances in Fern Research

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Table of contents

Part I. Biology and Biotechnology in Ferns

1. The Gametophyte of Fern: Born to Reproduce
Alejandro Rivera, María Jesús Cañal, Ueli Grossniklaus, Helena Fernández

Azolla: A Model System for Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation and Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Sophie Vries, Jan Vries

3. Meristems of Seedless Vascular Plants: The State of theArt
Alicja Dolzblasz, Elżbieta Myśkow, Edyta M. Gola

4. Biotechnology in Clone Gametophytes: Future Perspectives in Homosporous Ferns
Deepali Johari, Ajit Pratap Singh

5. Morphogenic Events in Ferns: Single and Multicellular Explants In Vitro
Jan Jarosław Rybczyński, Karolina Tomiczak, Małgorzata Grzyb, Anna Mikuła

6. Experimental and Practical Application of Fern Somatic Embryogenesis
Anna Mikuła, Małgorzata Grzyb, Karolina Tomiczak, Jan Jarosław Rybczyński

7. Biotechnology and Apogamy in Dryopteris affinis spp. affinis: The Influence of Tissue Homogenization, Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellic Acid, and Polyamines
Alejandro Rivera, Paula Conde, Ma Jesús Cañal, Helena Fernández

8. Scope of Ferns in Horticulture and Economic Development
Ajit Pratap Singh, Deepali Johari

Part II. Evolution, Biodiversity and Conservation of Ferns

9. Evolution and Classification of Ferns and Lycophytes
Emily B. Sessa

10. Reciprocal Illumination and Fossils Provide Important Perspectives in Plant Evo-devo: Examples from Auxin in Seed-Free Plants
Kelly K. S. Matsunaga, Alexandru M. F. Tomescu

11. Fern Conservation: Spore, Gametophyte, and Sporophyte Ex Situ Storage, In Vitro Culture, and Cryopreservation
Daniel Ballesteros, Valerie C. Pence

Azolla and Bougainville’s Voyage Around the World
Francisco Carrapiço

Part III. Ferns as Genetic and Metabolic Resources

13. The Power of Gametophyte Transformation
Linh Thuy Bui, Holly Long, Erin E. Irish, Angela R. Cordle, Chi-Lien Cheng

14. Generation of Transgenic Spores of theFern Ceratopteris richardii to Analyze Ca2+ Transport Dynamics During Gravity-Directed Polarization
Ashley E. Cannon, Mari L. Salmi, Araceli Cantero, Stanley J. Roux

15. Secondary Metabolites of Ferns
Janos Vetter

16. Current Trends in Pteridophyte Extracts: From Plant to Nanoparticles
Liliana Cristina Soare, Nicoleta Anca Şuţan

Part IV. Ferns and Environment

17. Novel Genes of Hyperaccumulator Ferns in Arsenic Tolerance, Uptake, and Metabolism: Implications for Crop Improvement
Yanshan Chen, Yue Cao, Bala Rathinasabapathi, Lena Ma

18. Fern Phenology
Pei-Hsuan Lee, Yao-Moan Huang, Wen-Liang Chiou

19. Desiccation Tolerance in Ferns: From theUnicellular Spore to theMulti-tissular Sporophyte
Marina López-Pozo, Beatriz Fernández-Marín, Jose Ignacio García-Plazaola, Daniel Ballesteros

20. New Insights on Atmospheric Fern Spore Dynamics
David Rodríguez de la Cruz, Estefanía Sánchez-Reyes, José Sánchez-Sánchez, José Ángel Sánchez-Agudo

21. Ecological Significance of Brassinosteroids in Three Temperate Ferns
Aránzazu Gómez-Garay, Jose Maria Gabriel y Galán, Alberto Cabezuelo, Beatriz Pintos, Carmen Prada, Luisa Martín

22. Ecomorphology of Stomata in Temperate Ferns Under Contrasting Environments
Jose Maria Gabriel y Galán, Andrea Seral, Antonio Murciano, María do Rosario Anjos, Francisco B. Cuevas-Fernández, Pablo Fernández, Teresa Pinto

23. Recent Advances in theUse of Mitochondrial Activity of Fern Spores for theEvaluation of Acute Toxicity
Alexis Joseph Rodríguez-Romero, Jacinto Elías Sedeño-Díaz, Eugenia López-López, Marta Esteban, Luis G. Quintanilla, Myriam Catalá

24. Update on theAssessment of Chronic Phytotoxicity Using Fern Spore Biomarkers
Helena García-Cortés, Myriam Catalá, José Luis Rodríguez-Gil

25. Role of Ferns in Environmental Cleanup
Bhupinder Dhir

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Breeding/Biotechnology, Plant Genetics and Genomics, Plant Ecology, Plant Physiology

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