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Breaking Down Barriers

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Table of contents

Part I. Breaking Down Barriers Between Disciplines

1. Creating an Inclusive Architectural Intervention as a Research Space to Explore Community Well-being
J. Bichard, R. Alwani, E. Raby, J. West, J. Spencer

2. The Effect of Age and Gender on Task Performance in the Automobile
L. Skrypchuk, A. Mouzakitis, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

3. Introducing Assistive Technology and Universal Design Theory, Applications in Design Education
Y. M. Choi

4. Exploring User Capability Data with Topological Data Analysis
U. Persad, J. Goodman-Deane, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

5. Enhancing the Fashion and Textile Design Process and Wearer Experiences
W. Moody, P. M. Langdon, M. Karam

Part II. Breaking Down Barriers Between Users, Designers and Developers

6. Using Inclusive Design to Drive Usability Improvements Through to Implementation
J. Goodman-Deane, S. D. Waller, M. Bradley, P. J. Clarkson, O. Bradley

7. Improving Pool Design: Interviewing Physically Impaired Architects
C. M. Pereira, T. V. Heitor, A. Heylighen

8. Intelligent Support Technologies for Older People: An Analysis of Characteristics and Roles
H. Petrie, J. S. Darzentas, S. Carmien

9. Participatory Design Resulting in a ‘Do-It-Yourself Home Modification’ Smartphone App
C. Bridge

10. Identifying Barriers to Usability: Smart Speaker Testing by Military Veterans with Mild Brain Injury and PTSD
T. Wallace, J. Morris

Part III. Removing Barriers to Usability, Accessibility and Inclusive Design

11. Breaking Down Barriers: Promoting a New Look at Dementia-Friendly Design
J. Kirch, G. Marquardt, K. Bueter

12. Usability of Indoor Network Navigation Solutions for Persons with Visual Impairments
G. A. Giannoumis, M. Ferati, U. Pandya, D. Krivonos, T. Pey

13. Physical Barriers to Mobility of Stroke Patients in Rehabilitation Clinics
M. Kevdzija, G. Marquardt

14. A Practical Tool for the Evaluation of Contrast
S. Danschutter, B. Deroisy

Part IV. Breaking Down Barriers Between People with Impairments and Those Without

15. Breaking Down Barriers Between Undergraduate Computing Students and Users with Disabilities
Jonathan Lazar

16. Improving Design Understanding of Inclusivity in Autonomous Vehicles: A Driver and Passenger Taskscape Approach
M. Strickfaden, P. M. Langdon

17. The Role of Inclusive Design in Improving People’s Access to Treatment for Back Pain
Y. Liu, T. Dickerson, S. D. Waller, P. Waddingham, P. J. Clarkson

18. Inclusivity Considerations for Fully Autonomous Vehicle User Interfaces
T. Amanatidis, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson

19. At Home in the Hospital and Hospitalised at Home: Exploring Experiences of Cancer Care Environments
P. Jellema, M. Annemans, A. Heylighen

20. Do Exergames Motivate Seniors to Exercise? Computer Graphics Impact
R. Alyami, H. Wei

Part V. Breaking Down Barriers Between Research and Policy-Making

21. On Becoming a Cyborg: A Reflection on Articulation Work, Embodiment, Agency and Ableism
Jennifer Ann Rode

22. Breaking Well-Formed Opinions and Mindsets by Designing with People Living with Dementia
Paul A. Rodgers, E. Winton

23. The Effect of Simulation in Large-Scale Data Collection—An Example of Password Policy Development
J. Chakraborty, N. Nguyen

24. Education and Existing Knowledge of Architects in Germany About Accessibility and Building for the Older Generation
E. Rudolph, S. Kreiser

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Robotics and Automation, Rehabilitation Medicine, Citizenship

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