Battisti, Lorenzo

Wind Energy Exploitation in Urban Environment

Battisti, Lorenzo - Wind Energy Exploitation in Urban Environment, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Experimental and Numerical Wind-Resource Assessment of an University Campus Site
A. El Bahlouli, J. Bange

2. Measurements of Semi-urban Gust Factors for Wind Load Determination
O. L. C. Antonio, D. H. Wood

3. Generation of Uniform Turbulence Profiles in the Wind Tunnel for Urban VAWT Testing
A. Carbó Molina, G. Bartoli, T. De Troyer

4. Operational Behaviour of SWT
M. Peppoloni, A. Hirschl, K. Leonhartsberger

5. Environmental Influences on SWT Vibrations and Oscillations
M. Peppoloni, K. Leonhartsberger, A. Hirschl

6. Dynamic Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Loads for a Horizontal Axis Micro Wind Turbine
F. Castellani, M. Becchetti, D. Astolfi, F. Cianetti

7. Rooftop Siting of a Small Wind Turbine Using a Hybrid BEM-CFD Model
F. Balduzzi, A. Bianchini, D. Gentiluomo, G. Ferrara, L. Ferrari

8. Numerical Wind Tunnel Tests of an Open Data IPC-VAWT
P. Schito, I. Bayati, M. Belloli, L. Bernini, V. Dossena, A. Zasso

9. Wake Measurements of Small-Scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbines at Politecnico Di Milano: A Critical Review
G. Persico, V. Dossena, A. Zasso

10. A Review Based on Evaluation Experiences with Ten-Years Activity in VAWT Experimental Wind Tunnel Testing
L. Battisti, E. Benini, A. Brighenti, S. Dell’Anna, M. Raciti Castelli, V. Dossena, G. Persico, B. Paradiso

11. Small Wind Turbine Performance Assessment for Canada
A. Medd, D. H. Wood

12. Energy-Yield-Based Optimization of a H-Darrieus Wind Turbine in Skewed Flow
A. Bianchini, F. Balduzzi, G. Ferrara, L. Ferrari

13. Numerical and Experimental Comparison of Performance of Two Stage and Helical Savonius Wind Turbines
L. Brito Kothe, A. Prisco Petry

14. MPPT with Current Control for a PMSG Small Wind Turbine in a Grid-Connected DC Microgrid
D. Zammit, C. Spiteri Staines, A. Micallef, M. Apap

15. Landscape Compatibility of Wind Energy: Suggestions from Italian and Foreign Guidelines
R. Laviscio

Keywords: Energy, Energy Harvesting, Renewable and Green Energy, Sustainable Architecture/Green Buildings

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Green Energy and Technology
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8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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