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Seismic Hazard and Risk Assessment

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Table of contents

Part I. Seismicity Analysis

1. Earthquake Hazard Modelling and Forecasting for Disaster Risk Reduction
Alik Ismail-Zadeh

2. Catalogue of Earthquake Mechanism and Correlation with the Most Active Seismic Zones in South-Eastern Part of Romania
Andrei Bălă, Mircea Radulian, Emilia Popescu, Dragoş Toma-Danilă

3. The Space-Time Distribution of Moderate- and Large-Magnitude Vrancea Earthquakes Fits Numerically-Predicted Stress Patterns
Mirela-Adriana Anghelache, Horia Mitrofan, Florina Chitea, Alexandru Damian, Mădălina Vişan, Nicoleta Cadicheanu

4. The Seismogenic Sources from the West and South-West of Romania
E. Oros, M. Popa, M. Diaconescu

5. Seismic Intensity Estimation Using Macroseismic Questionnaires and Instrumental Data—Case Study Barlad, Vaslui County
Iren-Adelina Moldovan, Bogdan Grecu, Angela Petruta Constantin, Andreita Anghel, Elena Manea, Liviu Manea, Victorin Emilian Toader, Raluca Partheniu

6. Testing the Macroseismic Intensity Attenuation Laws for Vrancea Intermediate Depth Earthquakes
Maria-Marilena Rogozea, Iren Adelina Moldovan, Angela Petruta Constantin, Elena Florinela Manea, Liviu Marius Manea, Cristian Neagoe

7. Historical Earthquakes: New Intensity Data Points Using Complementary Data from Churches and Monasteries
Gheorghe Marmureanu, Radu Vacareanu, Carmen Ortanza Cioflan, Constantin Ionescu, Dragos Toma-Danila

8. Presignal Signature of Radon (Rn222) for Seismic Events
Maria Zoran, Roxana Savastru, Dan Savastru, Doru Mateciuc

9. Abnormal Animal Behavior Prior to the Vrancea (Romania) Major Subcrustal Earthquakes
Angela Petruta Constantin, Iren-Adelina Moldovan, Raluca Partheniu

Part II. Site Response and Seismic Risk Assessment

10. Investigation of Local Site Responses at the Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey
Hakan Alcik, Gülüm Tanırcan

11. Ground Types for Seismic Design in Romania
Cristian Neagu, Cristian Arion, Alexandru Aldea, Elena-Andreea Calarasu, Radu Vacareanu, Florin Pavel

12. Ground Motion Intensity Versus Ground Motion Kinematics. Exploring Various Intensity Measures
Horea Sandi

13. On the Ground Motions Spatial Correlation for Vrancea Intermediate-Depth Earthquakes
Ionut Craciun, Radu Vacareanu, Florin Pavel, Veronica Coliba

14. Risk Targeting in Seismic Design Codes: The State of the Art, Outstanding Issues and Possible Paths Forward
John Douglas, Athanasios Gkimprixis

15. Earthquake Risk Assessment for Seismic Safety and Sustainability
Alik Ismail-Zadeh

16. Real-Time Safety Assessment of Disaster Management Facilities Against Earthquakes
Saito Taiki

17. Seismic Risk Assessment of Romania
Cristian Arion, Florin Pavel, Radu Vacareanu, Cristian Neagu, Mihail Iancovici, Viorel Popa, Ionuț Damian

18. Comparison of Seismic Risk Results for Bucharest, Romania
Florin Pavel, Radu Vacareanu, Ileana Calotescu

19. New Archival Evidence on the 1977 Vrancea, Romania Earthquake and Its Impact on Disaster Management and Seismic Risk
Emil-Sever Georgescu, Antonios Pomonis

20. Earthquake Risk Awareness in Bucharest, Romania: Public Survey
Ileana Calotescu, Florin Pavel, Radu Vacareanu

21. A Plea for People Centered Perspectives on Seismic Risk Evaluation
Mihai Şercăianu, Ioana Nenciu, Bogdan Suditu, Marina Neagu, Roxana Popescu, Diana Murzea

Part III. Seismic Design and Structural Performance Assessment of Buildings

22. A New Structural Health Monitoring System for Real-Time Evaluation of Building Damage
Koichi Kusunoki

23. Toward the Seismic Evaluation of “Carol I” Royal Mosque in Constanța
Alexandru Aldea, Cristian Neagu, Eugen Lozinca, Sorin Demetriu, Sidi Mohammed Bourdim, Federico Turano

24. Damage Due to Earthquakes and Improvement of Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Japan
Masaki Maeda, Hamood Al-Washali

25. Development of Two Types of Buckling Restrained Braces Using Finite Element Modelling
Ciprian-Ionut Zub, Aurel Stratan, Adrian Dogariu, Cristian Vulcu, Dan Dubina

26. Static and Dynamic Approaches on the Low-Rise RC Frames Capacity Evaluation and Damage Quantification
Victor-Adrian Pǎunescu, Mihail Iancovici

27. Nonlinear Design Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Genetic Algorithms
Pricopie Andrei, Cimbru Iulian-Valentin

28. Presentation of Structural Systems and Characteristic Parameters of Romanian Buildings for Application of the RVS Method
Claudiu-Constantin Stere, Claudiu-Anton Ursu, Vasile-Virgil Oprişoreanu

29. Structural Modeling and Elastic Calibration Based on Experimental Results for a Sensitive Torsion Structure
Claudiu-Anton Ursu, Claudiu-Constantin Stere, Vasile-Virgil Oprișoreanu

30. Influence of Infill Masonry Walls in the Seismic Response of Buildings: From Field Observations to Laboratory Research
Humberto Varum, António Arêde, André Furtado, Hugo Rodrigues

31. Code Based Performance Prediction for a Full-Scale FRP Retrofitted Building Test
Alper Ilki, Erkan Tore, Cem Demir, Mustafa Comert

32. Study of Seismic Capacity of Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames Considering the Influence of Frame Strength
Hamood Al-Washali, Kiwoong Jin, Masaki Maeda

33. A Proposal on the Simplified Structural Evaluation Method for Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Infilled Brick Masonry Walls
Matsutaro Seki, Masaki Maeda, Hamood Al-Washali

34. A Macro Modelling Blind Prediction of a Cyclic Push-Over Test on a Full Scale Masonry House
Troy Hoogeveen, Joe White

35. Design of Beam Anchorages in Beam-Column Joints in Seismic Structures
Dragos Cotofana, Mihai Pavel, Viorel Popa

Keywords: Earth Sciences, Natural Hazards, Geophysics/Geodesy, Civil Engineering

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