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Communicating Climate Change Information for Decision-Making

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Table of contents

Part I. Developing Climate Change Information

1. Science and Knowledge Production for Climate Change Adaptation: Challenges and Opportunities
Silvia Serrao-Neumann, Anne Coudrain

2. Science and Evidence-Based Climate Change Policy: Collaborative Approaches to Improve the Science–Policy Interface
Edward A. Morgan, Gabriela Marques Giulio

3. Conceptual Analysis of Climate Change in the Light of Society-Environment Relationships: Observatories Closer to Both Systems and Societies
Mireille Fargette, Maud Loireau, Nabil Ben Khatra, Habiba Khiari, Thérèse Libourel

4. Rethinking IPCC Expertise from a Multi-actor Perspective
Maud H. Devès, Michel Lang, Paul-Henri Bourrelier, François Valérian

5. Computational Constraint Models for Decision Support and Holistic Solution Design
Carmen Gervet

Part II. Communicating Climate Change Information

6. Uncertainty and Future Planning: The Use of Scenario Planning for Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Decision
Silvia Serrao-Neumann, Darryl Low Choy

7. Future Climate Narratives: Combining Personal and Professional Knowledge to Adapt to Climate Change
Liese Coulter

8. Integrating Research and Practice in Emerging Climate Services—Lessons from Other Transdisciplinary Dialogues
Susanne Schuck-Zöller, Carina Brinkmann, Simone Rödder

9. Communicating Climate Information: Traveling Through the Decision-Making Process
Ghislain Dubois, Femke Stoverinck, Bas Amelung

10. Transforming Climate Change Policymaking: From Informing to Empowering the Local Community
Michael Howes

11. Resilience and Vulnerability Assessment as the Basis for Adaptation Dialogue in Information-Poor Environments: A Cambodian Example
Chris Jacobson, Stacy Crevello, Chanseng Nguon, Chanthan Chea

Part III. Applying Climate Change Information: Case Studies

12. Scalable Interactive Platform for Geographic Evaluation of Sea-Level Rise Impact Combining High-Performance Computing and WebGIS Client
Agnès Tellez-Arenas, Robin Quique, Faïza Boulahya, Gonéri Cozannet, François Paris, Sylvestre Roy, Fabrice Dupros, François Robida

13. Coral Reef Monitoring Coping with Climate Change, Toward a Socio-ecological System Perspective
Gilbert David, Jean-Pascal Quod

14. The Experience of the Brazilian Climate and Health Observatory: Seeking Interaction Between Organizations and Civil Society
Renata Gracie, Diego Ricardo Xavier, Sandra Hacon, Vanderlei Matos, Heglaucio Barros, Maria Fátima de Pina, Christovam Barcellos

Part IV. Conclusion

15. Informing Decisions with Climate Change Information
Liese Coulter, Anne Coudrain

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change, Climate Change Management and Policy, Political Communication, Environmental Health, Communication Studies

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