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Innovations in Smart Cities and Applications

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Table of contents

1. Logical Model of AS Implementing IPv6 Addressing
Acia Izem, Mohamed Wakrim, Abderrahim Ghadi

2. Model Driven Modernization and Cloud Migration Framework with Smart Use Case
Khadija Sabiri, Faouzia Benabbou, Adil Khammal

3. SDL Modeling and Validation of Home Area Network in Smart Grid Systems
Zahid Soufiane, En-Nouaary Abdeslam, Bah Slimane

4. Automatics Tools and Methods for Patents Analysis: Efficient Methodology for Patent Document Clustering
Ayoub Khammal, El Mokhtar En-Naimi, Mohamed Kanas, Jaber Bouhdidi, Anass Haddadi

5. Impact of Aggregation and Deterrence Function Choice on the Parameters of Gravity Model
Asma Sbai, Fattehallah Ghadi

6. A Semantic Web Architecture for Context Recommendation System in E-learning Applications
Bouchra Bouihi, Mohamed Bahaj

7. BECAMEDA: A Customizable Method to Specify and Verify the Behavior of Multi-agent Systems
Abdelhay Haqiq, Bouchaib Bounabat

8. Ontology of the CBA: Towards Operationalization and Implementation
Malika Sedra, Samir Bennani

9. IT Collaboration Based on Actor Network Theory: Actors Identification Through Data Quality
Mohammed Salim Benqatla, Meryam Belhiah, Dikra Chikhaoui, Bounabat Bouchaib

10. Allocation of Static and Dynamic Wireless Power Transmitters Within the Port of Le Havre
Nisrine Mouhrim, Ahmed El Hilali Alaoui, Jaouad Boukachour, Dalila Boudebous

11. Using the CBR Dynamic Method to Correct the Generates Learning Path in the Adaptive Learning System
Nihad El Ghouch, El Mokhtar En-Naimi, Abdelhamid Zouhair, Mohammed Al Achhab

12. Noisy Satellite Image Segmentation Using Statistical Features
Salma El Fellah, Salwa Lagdali, Mohammed Rziza, Mohamed El Haziti

13. Including Personality Traits, Inferred from Social Networks, in Building Next Generation of AEHS
Kenza Sakout Andaloussi, Laurence Capus, Ismail Berrada

14. Embedded Systems HW/SW Partitioning Based on Lagrangian Relaxation Method
Adil Iguider, Mouhcine Chami, Oussama Elissati, Abdeslam En-Nouaary

15. Multi-Agent System for Arabic Text Categorization
Mounir Gouiouez, Meryeme Hadni

16. A Data Processing System to Monitor Emissions from Thermal Plants in Morocco
Mohamed Akram Zaytar, Chaker Amrani, Abderrahman Kharrim, Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Mohammed Bouhorma

17. Detection and Classification of Malwares in Mobile Applications
Soussi Ilham, Abderrahim Ghadi

18. Head Gesture Recognition Using Optical Flow Based Background Subtraction
Soukaina Chraa Mesbahi, Mohamed Adnane Mahraz, Jamal Riffi, Hamid Tairi

19. An Intelligent Model for Enterprise Resource Planning Selection Based on BP Neural Network
Amine Elyacoubi, Hicham Attariuas, Noura Aknin

20. Discrete Wavelet Transform and Classifiers for Appliances Recognition
El Bouazzaoui Cherraqi, Nadia Oukrich, Soufiane El Moumni, Abdelilah Maach

21. Cloud-Based Integrated Information System for Medical Offices
Sanou Landry, Anouar Dalli, Seddik Bri

22. A Game Theoretic Approach for Cloud Computing Security Assessment Using Moving Target Defense Mechanisms
Iman Mir, Abdelkrim Haqiq, Dong Seong Kim

23. Ensuring Security in Cloud Computing Using Access Control: A Survey
Fatima Sifou, Ahmed Hammouch, Ali Kartit

24. Fuzzy C-Means Based Hierarchical Routing Approach for Homogenous WSN
Aziz Mahboub, El Mokhtar En-Naimi, Mounir Arioua, Hamid Barkouk

25. The Allocation of Submissions in Online Peer Assessment: What Can an Assessor Model Provide in This Context?
Mohamed-Amine Abrache, Aimad Qazdar, Abdelkrim Bendou, Chihab Cherkaoui

26. Combined Mean Shift and Interactive Multiple Model for Visual Tracking by Fusing Multiple Cues
Younes Dhassi, Abdellah Aarab

27. A New Task Scheduling Algorithm for Improving Tasks Execution Time in Cloud Computing
Naoufal Er-raji, Faouzia Benabbou, Ahmed Eddaoui

28. Big Data: Methods, Prospects, Techniques
Lamrani Kaoutar, Abderrahim Ghadi, Florent Kunalè Kudagba

29. CDT to Detect Co-residence in Cloud Computing
Hicham Boukhriss, Mustapha Hedabou, Omar Boutkhoum

30. A Multi-layer Architecture for Services Management in IoT
Abderrahim Zannou, Abdelhak Boulaalam, El Habib Nfaoui

31. Backpropagation Issues with Deep Feedforward Neural Networks
Anas Korchi, Youssef Ghanou

32. Contribution of Pedagogical Agents to Motivate Learners in Online Learning Environments: The Case of the PAOLE Agent
Abdelkrim Bendou, Mohamed-Amine Abrache, Chihab Cherkaoui

33. A Modular Multi-agent Architecture for Smart Parking System
Khaoula Hassoune, Wafaa Dachry, Fouad Moutaouakkil, Hicham Medromi

34. Visual Vehicle Localization System for Smart Parking Application
Hicham Lahdili, Zine El Abidine Alaoui Ismaili

35. RNA Secondary Structure an Overview
Abdelhakim El Fatmi, Arakil Chentoufi, M. Ali Bekri, Said Benhlima, Mohamed Sabbane

36. A Game Theoretical Based Self-organization Dispatching Mechanism with IEEE802.16 Mesh Networks in Public Bicycle Station Scheduling
Jun Yu, Wei Zhang

37. Amazigh Speech Recognition System Based on CMUSphinx
Meryam Telmem, Youssef Ghanou

38. An Improved Competency Meta-model for Adaptive Learning Systems
El Asame Maryam, Wakrim Mohamed, Battou Amal

39. A Noise-Free Homomorphic Evaluation of the AES Circuits to Optimize Secure Big Data Storage in Cloud Computing
Ahmed EL-Yahyaoui, Mohamed Dafir Ech-Chrif El Kettani

40. Compact CPW-Fed Microstrip Octagonal Patch Antenna with Hilbert Fractal Slots for WLAN and WIMAX Applications
Mohamed Tarbouch, Abdelkebir amri, Hanae Terchoune, Ouadiaa Barrou

41. MultiPrime Cloud-RSA Scheme to Promote Data Confidentiality in the Cloud Environment
Khalid El Makkaoui, Abderrahim Beni-Hssane, Abdellah Ezzati

42. Relationship Between Smart City Drivers and Socially Cohesive Societies
Ayodeji E. Oke, Clinton O. Aigbavboa, Taniele K. Cane

43. Appraisal of Smartization of Major Cities in South Africa
Ayodeji E. Oke, Clinton O. Aigbavboa, Taniele K. Cane

44. Sentiment Analysis in Social Media with a Semantic Web Based Approach: Application to the French Presidential Elections 2017
Mohamed El Hamdouni, Hamza Hanafi, Adil Bouktib, Mohamed Bahra, Abdelhadi Fennan

45. A General Overview of 3D RNA Structure Prediction Approaches
Arakil Chentoufi, Abdelhakim El Fatmi, Ali Bekri, Said Benhlima, Mohamed Sabbane

46. Proposition of a Parallel and Distributed Algorithm for the Dimensionality Reduction with Apache Spark
Abdelali Zbakh, Zoubida Alaoui Mdaghri, Mourad El Yadari, Abdelillah Benyoussef, Abdellah El Kenz

47. Toward an Intelligent Traffic Management Based on Big Data for Smart City
Yassine Karouani, Ziyati Elhoussaine

48. Comparison of Fuzzy and Neural Networks Controller for MPPT of Photovoltaic Modules
Aouatif Ibnelouad, Abdeljalil Kari, Hassan Ayad, Mostafa Mjahed

49. A Ubiquitous Students Responses System for Connected Classrooms
Aimad Karkouch, Hajar Mousannif, Hassan Moatassime

50. A Cyber-Physical Power Distribution Management System for Smart Buildings
Youssef Hamdaoui, Abdelilah Maach

51. Amazigh PoS Tagging Using Machine Learning Techniques
Amri Samir, Zenkouar Lahbib, Outahajala Mohamed

52. Training and Evaluation of TreeTagger on Amazigh Corpus
Amri Samir, Zenkouar Lahbib, Outahajala Mohamed

53. Knowledge-Based Multicriteria Spatial Decision Support System (MC-SDSS) for Trends Assessment of Settlements Suitability
Waleed Lagrab, Noura Aknin

54. Big Data Analytics: A Comparison of Tools and Applications
Imane Alaoui, Youssef Gahi, Rochdi Messoussi, Alexis Todoskoff, Abdessamad Kobi

55. Towards Smart Urban Freight Distribution Using Fleets of Modular Electric Vehicles
Dhekra Rezgui, Jouhaina Chaouachi Siala, Wassila Aggoune-Mtalaa, Hend Bouziri

56. Entropic Method for 3D Point Cloud Simplification
Abdelaaziz Mahdaoui, A. Bouazi, A. Marhraoui Hsaini, E. H. Sbai

57. Human Daily Activity Recognition Using Neural Networks and Ontology-Based Activity Representation
Nadia Oukrich, El Bouazzaoui Cherraqi, Abdelilah Maach

58. Analysis of Energy Production and Consumption Prediction Approaches in Smart Grids
Atimad El Khaouat, Laila Benhlima

59. Toward a Smart Tourism Recommender System: Applied to Tangier City
Zineb Aarab, Asmae Elghazi, Rajaa Saidi, Moulay Driss Rahmani

60. Iris Recognition Algorithm Analysis and Implementation
Siham Kichou, Abdessalam Ait Madi, Hassan Erguig

61. Optimization of Task Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Computing: A Review
Gibet Tani Hicham, El Amrani Chaker

62. Improving Online Search Process in the Big Data Environment Using Apache Spark
Karim Aoulad Abdelouarit, Boubker Sbihi, Noura Aknin

63. An E-learning Labs Platform for Moroccan Universities
Mohammed l’Bachir El Kbiach, Loubna Bounab, Abderrahim Tahiri, Khalil El Hajjaji, Francisco Esquembre, Hassan Ezbakhe

64. Using Decision Making AHP Method for the Choice of the Best Pedagogical Method for Developing Reading Skills for Young and Illiterate Public
Hasnââ Chaabi, Abdellah Azmani, Amina Azmani

65. Learners’ Motivation Analysis in Serious Games
Othman Bakkali Yedri, Lotfi El Aachak, Amine Belahbib, Hassan Zili, Mohammed Bouhorma

66. Scoring Candidates in the Adaptive Test
Tarik Hajji, Zakaria Itahriouan, Mohammed Ouazzani Jamil, El Miloud Jaara

67. Learning Management System and the Underlying Learning Theories
Mohammed Ouadoud, Amel Nejjari, Mohamed Yassin Chkouri, Kamal Eddine El-Kadiri

68. Knowledge Acquisition for an Expert System for Diabetic
Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed Ali

69. Quality Control Results for Linear Accelerator at Oncology Center in Nouakchott
Ahmed El Mouna Ould Mohamed Yeslem, Moussa Ould Cheibetta, Jilali Ghassoun, Oum Keltoum Hakam, Slimane Semghouli, Abdelmajid Choukri

70. A Hybrid Approach for French Medical Entity Recognition and Normalization
Allaouzi Imane, Mohamed Ben Ahmed

71. Analysis of Evolutionary Trends of Incidence and Mortality by Cancers
Hajar Saoud, Abderrahim Ghadi, Mohamed Ghailani

72. Simplified and Efficient Framework for Securing Medical Image Processing Over Cloud Computing
Mbarek Marwan, Ali Kartit, Hassan Ouahmane

73. AWS for Health Care System
Abdelilah Bouslama, Yassin Laaziz

74. Comparative Study of Different Open-Source Hospital Information Systems in Order to Develop an Application for the Healthcare Institution’s Needs in Morocco
Youssef Bouidi, Mostafa Azzouzi Idrissi, Noureddine Rais

75. Using Homomorphic Encryption in Cloud-Based Medical Image Processing: Opportunities and Challenges
Mbarek Marwan, Ali Kartit, Hassan Ouahmane

76. Impact of the Multi-criteria Methods in Supporting
Jihane Abdessadak, Houda Youssouf, Akram El Hachimi, Kamal Reklaoui, Abdelatif Benabdellah

77. Computer Vision Control System for Food Industry
Hadj Baraka Ibrahim, Oussama Aiadi, Yassir Zardoua, Mohamed Jbilou, Benaissa Amami

78. Improvement of Scheduling, Assignment of Tools on Assembly Machines Connected to a Supervision Interface
El Fekri Yassine, Ouardouz Mustapha, Bel Fekih Abdelaziz, Bernoussi Abdessamad

79. Contribution of Industrial Information Systems to Industrial Performance: Case of Industrial Supervision
Derboul Ahmed, Hadj Baraka Ibrahim, Chafik Khalid

80. Prediction of Temperature Gradient on Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Part Using 3-Dimensional Finite Element Method
Mohammed Abattouy, Mustapha Ouardouz, Abdes-Samed Bernoussi

81. Interaction Between the VaR of Cash Flow and the Interest Rate Using the ALM
Mostafa Hachloufi, Driss Ezouine, Mohammed Haddad

82. Optimal Reinsurance Under CTV Risk Measure
Abderrahim Attar, Mostafa Hachloufi, Zine El Abidine Guennoun

83. Influence of Wall Deformation on a Slip Length
Redouane Assoudi, Khalid Lamzoud, Mohamed Chaoui

84. Existence of Sign Changing Radial Solutions for Elliptic Equation Involving the p-Laplacian on Exterior Domains
Boubker Azeroual, Abderrahim Zertiti

85. On the Linear Essential Spectrum Operator
Hassan Outouzzalt

86. Complex Event Processing and Role-Based Access Control Implementation in ESN Middleware
Yassir Rouchdi, Khalid El Yassini, Kenza Oufaska

87. Big Data Analytics for Supply Chain Management
Mariam Moufaddal, Asmaa Benghabrit, Imane Bouhaddou

88. Modeling and Resolution of Consumer Behavior Problem in both Periods Active/Retired
Badreddine Goumi, Mohammed Khomssi, Jamali Alaoui Amine

89. The Pricing of Interest Rate Derivatives: Caps/Floors and the Construction of the Yield Curve
Ghizlane Kouaiba, Moulay-Driss Saikak

90. Stochastic Model of Economic Growth with Heterogeneous Technology and Technological Upgrading
Amine Jamali Alaoui, Mohammed Khomssi, Badreddine Goumi

91. Optimization of Design of Wind Farm Layout for Maximum Wind Energy Capture: A New Constructive Approach
Mohamed Tifroute, Hassane Bouzahir

92. Some Properties of Pettis Integrable Multivalued Martingales
M’hamed El-Louh, Fatima Ezzaki

93. Optimization of Actuarial Calculation Processes by Application of Stochastic Methods
Jamal Zahi, Merieme Samaoui

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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