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Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication

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Table of contents

1. Smart Specialisation Strategies: An Online Platform for Strategy Design and Assessment
Anastasia Panori, Nicos Komninos, Christina Kakderi, Katharina Fellnhofer

2. A Multistakeholders Multicriteria Decision Support Platform for Assessing Urban Freight Transport Measures
Eftihia Nathanail

3. From Travel Time and Cost Savings to Value of Mobility
Tatiana Kováčiková, Giuseppe Lugano, Ghadir Pourhashem

4. Synchronisation of Timetables for Public Bus Lines Using Genetic Algorithms and Computer Simulations
Vitalii Naumov

5. Modelling the Location of Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in Urban Areas
Larisa Grackova, Irina Oleinikova, Gaidis Klavs

6. The System of the School Routes’ Development and Their Safety Assessment
Irina Makarova, Ksenia Shubenkova, Vadim Mavrin, Aleksey Boyko

7. The Impact of Selected Road Freight Transport Management Measures for the Society and Environment
Tatjana Vasiljeva, Michael Minx

8. Contribution to the Optimization of the Operation of an Urban Railway Line. Case Study: Constantine Tramway
Kahlouche Abdelaziz, Chaib Rachid

9. Risk Assessment of Emission Abatement Technologies for Clean Shipping
Sina Atari, Gunnar Prause

10. Strategic Energy Partnership in Shipping
Eunice O. Olaniyi, Patrick Gerber, Gunnar Prause

11. Smart and Sustainable Cross-Sectoral Stakeholder Integration into Macro-Regional LNG Value Chain
Laima Gerlitz, Robert Philipp, Anatoli Beifert

12. Time Series Analysis and Prediction Statistical Models for the Duration of the Ship Handling at an Oil Terminal
Julia Rudnitckaia, Tomáš Hruška

13. Advanced Vibration Diagnostics for Perspectives of Helicopter Technical Maintenance
Aleksey Mironov, Pavel Doronkin, Alexander Priklonsky

14. Evaluation of the Risk Management Issues in the Seaports of Latvia and Lithuania
Darius Bazaras, Ramūnas Palšaitis

15. Advanced Structural Health Monitoring and Diagnostics of Transport, Industrial and Energy Facilities
Aleksey Mironov, Deniss Mironovs, Igor Kabashkin

16. Risk Management of Innovative Projects: New Aspects
Alina Konovalova

17. Estimation and Evaluation of Risk in the Railway Infrastructure
Piotr Smoczyński, Adam Kadziński

18. An Empirical Analysis of Time Headways on Two-Lane Roads with Mixed Traffic
Rupali Roy, Pritam Saha

19. Shared Risks at Interface Between Railway Undertakings and Infrastructure Managers
Piotr Smoczyński, Adrian Gill

20. Risks Associated with the Use of High-Strength Titanium Alloys in Transportation Systems
Mykola Chausov, Pavlo Maruschak, Olegas Prentkovskis, Myroslav Karpets

21. Markov-Modulated Linear Regression: Tasks and Challenges in Transport Modelling
Nadezda Spiridovska

22. Spatiotemporal Big Data Challenges for Traffic Flow Analysis
Dmitry Pavlyuk

23. Wide-Scale Transport Network Microscopic Simulation Using Dynamic Assignment Approach
Mihails Savrasovs, Irina Pticina, Valery Zemlyanikin

24. The Riga Public Transport Service Reliability Investigation Based on Traffic Flow Modelling
Irina Yatskiv (Jackiva), Irina Pticina, Kateryna Romanovska

25. Modelling Kinetics of Dynamic Crack Propagation in a Gas Mains Pipe as Cyclic Random Process
Iaroslav Lytvynenko, Pavlo Maruschak, Olegas Prentkovskis, Andriy Sorochak

26. Multi Criteria Decision Making in Life Cycle Management of Modular Ships with Test System
Igor Kabashkin, Andrejs Zvaigzne

27. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP): Prospects for Application in Supply Chain Management
Valery Lukinskiy, Vladislav Lukinskiy

28. Methodology for Assessment of Electronic Payment Systems in Transport Using AHP Method
Ivana Olivková

29. Intellectualization of the Spare Parts Supplier Selection by the Analysis of Multi-criterial Solutions
Irina Makarova, Ksenia Shubenkova, Polina Buyvol, Eduard Mukhametdinov

30. Models of Inventory Management in Multi-level Distribution Systems
Valery Lukinskiy, Vladislav Lukinskiy

31. The Development of Models of Supply Chain Management in Retailing
Tatyana Odintsova, Nataliya Kocherjagina, Olga Ryzhova

32. Factors Influencing Local Food Sales Through Green Public Procurement in Rezekne Municipality
Anda Zvaigzne, Inita Krivašonoka, Inta Kotāne

33. Determination of Parameters for Forming Right Allocation of Items in Picking Area
Raitis Apsalons, Genady Gromov

34. The Main Challenges of Winter Road Service to be Solved Within the Framework of Intelligent Transportation System
Boriss Jelisejevs

35. Effective Wireless Communications for V2G Applications and Objects in Motion
Aleksandr Krivchenkov, Alexander Krainyukov, Rodion Saltanovs

36. Weigh-in-Motion by Fibre-Optic Sensors: Problem of Measurement Errors Compensation for Longitudinal Oscillations of a Truck
Alexander Grakovski, Alexey Pilipovecs

37. Experimental Research on Introduction of Distributed Road Tracking System for Road Traffic Registration in Latvia
Alexander Dudko, Irina Yatskiv, Yasushi Kiyoki

38. Introducing Fixed-Wing Aircraft into Cooperative UAV Collision Avoidance System
Dmitrijs Lancovs

39. The Importance of Mapping Regional Disparities and Regional Development: Case Study of the ICT Sector in the Slovak Republic
Emilia Madudova

40. Quantitative Analysis of the Competitive Environment in the Electronic Communications Sector
Lucia Madleňáková, Mária Matúšková, Radovan Madleňák, Paweł Droździel

41. The Analysis of the System that Includes Two Ferromagnetic Spheres in Outer Magnetic Field
Yury A. Krasnitsky

42. Model of Wireless Data Network in GPSS Language
Aleksandr Krivchenkov

43. Automatic Gender and Emotion Recognition System as Important Factor for Safety Improvement
Jacek Mazurkiewicz

44. Implementation Efficiency of BLAKE2 Cryptographic Algorithm in Contemporary Popular-Grade FPGA Devices
Jarosław Sugier

45. Performance Comparison of Observer Design Pattern Implementations in JavaScript
Artur Zochniak, Tomasz Walkowiak

46. Multistage Hammerstein–Wiener System Identification with the Help of Binary Excitation
Marcin Biegański, Grzegorz Mzyk

47. Towards CLARIN-PL LTC Digital Research Platform for: Depositing, Processing, Analyzing and Visualizing Language Data
Marcin Pol, Tomasz Walkowiak, Maciej Piasecki

48. Assessing the Design and Operation of Riga’s International Coach Terminal
Maria Tsami, Evelina Budilovich (Budiloviča), Vissarion Magginas, Giannis Adamos, Irina Yatskiv (Jackiva)

49. Mechanism for Investment in the Transport Infrastructure Development in Latvia
Irina Kuzmina-Merlino, Oksana Skorobogatova, Niels Schmidtke, Fabian Behrendt

50. Analysis of Riga International Airport Flight Delays
Iyad Alomar, Juri Tolujew, Aleksandrs Medvedevs

51. Modelling and Simulation of the Riga International Airport to Reduce Turnaround Times of Crucial Clearance Processes
David Weigert, Alina Rettmann, Iyad Alomar, Juri Tolujew

52. A Thorough Review of Big Data Sources and Sets Used in Transportation Research
Maria Karatsoli, Eftihia Nathanail

53. Evaluating Smart Urban Freight Solutions Using Microsimulation
Ioannis Karakikes, Lambros Mitropoulos, Mihails Savrasovs

54. Industry 4.0 – For Sustainable Development of Lean Manufacturing Companies in the Shipbuilding Sector
Anatoli Beifert, Laima Gerlitz, Gunnar Prause

55. Corporate Governance Disclosures: The Case of Latvian Companies Listed on Baltic Stock Exchange
Ieva Kozlovska

56. Customer Satisfaction with Banking Services and Its Estimation
Ishgaley Ishmuhametov

57. Socially Responsible Investing and Public Pension Fund Performance in Latvia
Irina Kuzmina-Merlino, Svetlana Saksonova

58. The Role of Productivity in Increasing Latvian Competitiveness
Ilze Sproģe, Sandra Jekabsone, Irina Skribane

59. Adjustment of Banking Activity According to Basel III Requirements: Experience and Problems of Eastern Europe Countries
Natalia Konovalova, Nina Trubnikova

60. Assessment of the Competitive Environment of Passengers in Rail Transport: Case Study of Lithuania
Aldona Jarašūnienė, Nijolė Batarlienė, Kristina Čižiūnienė

61. Career Management in a Technical University as an Essential Factor Influencing Its Competitiveness
Yulia Stukalina

62. Learning Analytics and Software Engineering Competences
Boriss Misnevs, Aliaksandr Puptsau

63. Ensuring the Academic Workforce Age Balance as a Personnel Management Tool
Oksana Pozdnyakova, Anatoly Pozdnyakov

64. Mobile Education: Review of Literature on Negative Effects of Multitasking
Kristīne Užule

Keywords: Engineering, Complexity, Applied Statistics, Communications Engineering, Networks, Transportation Technology and Traffic Engineering

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Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems
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