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Collaborative Innovation Networks

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Table of contents

Part I. Entrepreneurship

1. Analyzing VC Influence on Startup Success: A People-Centric Network Theory Approach
Beth Hadley, Peter A. Gloor, Stephanie L. Woerner, Yuhong Zhou

2. Resilient Community and Economic Development Through Collaborative Innovation Networks
Jacob Leppek, Jen Bruen, John Schweitzer

3. Resilience Through Collaborative Networks in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Chinese Venture Capital
Yuhong Zhou, Peter A. Gloor, Stephanie L. Woerner

4. Enhancing Social and Intellectual Collaboration in Innovation Networks: A Study of Entrepreneurial Networks in an Urban Technological University
Christine Miller, Jacqueline Verrilli, Teesta Jain, Nik Rokop

5. “German Association or Chinese Emperor?” Building COINs Between China and Germany
Yang Song, Matthäus P. Zylka, Peter A. Gloor

Part II. Healthcare

6. Dynamically Adapting the Environment for Elderly People Through Smartwatch-Based Mood Detection
Antonio Capodieci, Pascal Budner, Joscha Eirich, Peter Gloor, Luca Mainetti

7. Creating Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) to Reduce Infant Mortality
Peter A. Gloor, Francesca Grippa

8. Muse Headband: Measuring Tool or a Collaborative Gadget?
Aleksandra Przegalinska, Leon Ciechanowski, Mikolaj Magnuski, Peter Gloor

9. Creative Systems Analysis of Design Thinking Process
Namino Sakama, Haruka Mori, Takashi Iba

Part III. Society and Culture

10. Indigenous Siberian Food Sharing Networks: Social Innovation in a Transforming Economy
John P. Ziker, Karen S. Fulk

11. Protecting New Zealand Native Birds: An Investigation of Founder Motivations in the Squawk Squad Collaborative Innovation Network
Stephen J. Thorpe, Leanne Bint

12. Analyzing the Evolution of World Cultures Through Epic Stories: From Gilgamesh to Games of Thrones
Peter Praeder, Gloria Volkmann, Peter A. Gloor

13. GalaxyScope: Finding the “Truth of Tribes” on Social Media
Joao Marcos Oliveira, Peter A. Gloor

14. Wuity as Higher Cognition Combining Intuitive and Deliberate Judgments for Creativity: Analyzing Elon Musk’s Way to Innovate
Xin Wang, Peter A. Gloor

15. A Method of Generating Societal Vision Based on the Social Systems Theory
Norihiko Kimura, Haruka Mori, Yuzuki Oka, Wataru Murakami, Rio Nitta, Takashi Iba

Part IV. Open Dialogue and Creativity

16. Peer Learning via Dialogue with a Pattern Language
Takashi Iba

17. Using Open Dialogue Patterns to Improve Conversation in Daily Life
Masafumi Nagai, Takashi Iba

18. Open Dialogue as Coupling of Psychic, Social and Creative Systems
Takashi Iba, Masafumi Nagai, Tsuyoshi Ishida

19. Story Writing for Creative Revising of Ideas
Konomi Munakata, Shuichiro Ando, Takashi Iba

Keywords: Business and Management, Innovation/Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, Health Care Management, Business Strategy/Leadership, Health Economics

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Studies on Entrepreneurship, Structural Change and Industrial Dynamics
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12 pages
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