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Dynamics in Logistics

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Table of contents

1. Digitalization Elements for Collaborative Planning and Control in Supply Chains
Endric Hetterscheid, Ulrike Beißert

2. Mapping Research on Logistics and Supply Chain Coordination, Cooperation and Collaboration
Herbert Kotzab, Inga-Lena Darkow, Ilja Bäumler, Christoph Georgi, Sandra Luttermann

3. A System Dynamics Approach for SMEs Internationalization Networking Process
Sylvia Mercedes Novillo Villegas, Hans-Dietrich Haasis

4. Theory Landscape and Research Perspectives in Current Supply Chain Resilience Research
Lukas Biedermann, Herbert Kotzab, Timothy J. Pettit

5. Simulation Vs. Optimization Approaches to Ripple Effect Modelling in the Supply Chain
Dmitry Ivanov, Alexandre Dolgui, Marina Ivanova, Boris Sokolov

6. Models of Stochastic Optimization for Deteriorating Cargo Inventory Control at Port’s Terminal
Ludmila Filina-Dawidowicz, Mykhaylo Postan

7. Modeling of Critical Products Supply Chain Required to Affected People on Earthquakes and Tsunamis Through Use of SCOR Model
Raul Zuniga, Gabriel Icarte, John Griffiths, Juan Lopez, Juan Quezada

8. Designing a Model for Supply Chain Agility (SCA) Indexes Using Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM)
Haniyeh Dastyar, Ali Mohammadi, Moslem Ali Mohamadlou

9. A Collaborative Framework for Governance Mechanism and Sustainability Performance in Supply Chain
Usama Awan, Andrzej Kraslawski, Janne Huiskonen

10. Ranking Parameters of a Memetic Algorithm for a Flexible Integrated Logistics Network
Elham Behmanesh, Jürgen Pannek

11. Fleet Management for Pickup and Delivery Problems with Multiple Locations and Preferences
Johan Los, Matthijs T. J. Spaan, Rudy R. Negenborn

12. Collaborative Distributed Operational Planning for Spare Parts Supply Chains
Matheus Cardoso Pires, Enzo Morosini Frazzon, Lucas Souza Silva, Túlio Henrique Holtz, Bernd Hellingrath, Philipp Saalmann

13. Measuring the Quality of B2B Logistic Services – An Industry-Specific Instrument
Aleksander Lubarski, Katharina Schute

14. Integrating High-Performance Transport Modes into Synchromodal Transport Networks
Sarah Pfoser, Thomas Berger, Georg Hauger, Claudia Berkowitsch, Reinhold Schodl, Sandra Eitler, Karin Markvica, Bin Hu, Jürgen Zajicek, Matthias Prandtstetter

15. Supplier Selection and Order Allocation with Intermodal Transportation Cost
Getachew Basa, Till Becker, Abdelkader Kedir

16. Mathematical Modeling for Integrating Production-Routing-Inventory Perishable Goods: A Case Study of Blood Products in Iranian Hospitals
Ayad Hendalianpour

17. Improving Logistics Efficiency in Offshore Wind Farms Construction
Sylvain Chartron, Hans-Dietrich Haasis

18. Integrating Ship Scheduling and Berth Allocation for Container Seaports with Channel Access
Christian Bierwirth, Paul Corry

19. Revenue Management and Freight Rate Coordination in the Container Shipping Industry
Jörn Schönberger

20. Conducting Safety Inspections of Container Gantry Cranes Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Michael Stein

21. Dispatching Strategies of Drayage Trucks at Seaport Container Terminals with Truck Appointment System
Ann-Kathrin Lange, Fredrik Branding, Tilmann Schwenzow, Constantin Zlotos, Anne Kathrina Schwientek, Carlos Jahn

22. Simulation-Based Analysis of Dispatching Methods on Seaport Container Terminals
Anne Schwientek, Ann-Kathrin Lange, Carlos Jahn

23. Port Call Optimization by Estimating Ships’ Time of Arrival
Carlos Jahn, Tina Scheidweiler

24. Sub-Sahara African from Seaports and Their Influence on Pharmaceutical Chains
Liliane Streit-Juotsa, Hans-Dietrich Haasis

25. Global Value Chains and Supply Chain Trade: How Organizations Create Sustainable Business Models
Lars Stemmler

26. Security in Maritime Logistics – Learning by Gaming
Rainer Müller, Hans-Dietrich Haasis

27. How Blockchain Could Be Implemented for Exchanging Documentation in the Shipping Industry
Christopher Loklindt, Marc-Philip Moeller, Aseem Kinra

28. Analysis of the Choice Behavior for Container Transport Services in the Maritime Hinterland
Ralf Elbert, Katrin Scharf

29. Fleet Expansion Strategy of Indonesian Container Line Integrated with Sea Tollway Logistics System
Jauhari Alafi, Uswatun Hasanah, Rizqi Luthfiana Khairu Nisa, Satrio Wicaksono

30. Decommissioning of Offshore Wind Farms
Thies Beinke, Abderrahim Ait Alla, Michael Freitag

31. Towards a Flexible Banana Supply Chain: Dynamic Reefer Temperature Management for Reduced Energy Consumption and Assured Product Quality
Hugo O. Mees, Xiao Lin, Rudy R. Negenborn

32. Assessment of Cooperation and Competition Among Container Ports in the Northern Adriatic
Elen Twrdy, Milan Batista

33. A Concept for Predictability and Adaptability in Maritime Container Supply Chains
Aaron Heuermann, Heiko Duin, Christian Gorldt, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

34. Impacts of the BRI on International Logistics Network
Jing Ye, Hans-Dietrich Haasis

35. Towards an Adaptive Simulation-Based Optimization Framework for the Production Scheduling of Digital Industries
Ricardo Pimentel, Pedro P. P. Santos, Apolo M. Carreirão Danielli, Enzo M. Frazzon, Matheus C. Pires

36. Operator-Based Capacity Control of Job Shop Manufacturing Systems with RMTs
Ping Liu, Jürgen Pannek

37. Wireless Pick-by-Light: Usability of LPWAN to Achieve a Flexible Warehouse Logistics Infrastructure
Usman Asghar, Michael Lütjen, Ann-Kathrin Rohde, Jörn Lembke, Michael Freitag

38. Internet of Things and the Risk Management Approach in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
Giset N. Montoya, Jose Benedito S. Santos Junior, Antonio G. N. Novaes, Orlando F. Lima

39. Effects of Sensor-Based Quality Data in Automotive Supply Chains – A Simulation Study
Daniel Sommerfeld, Michael Teucke, Michael Freitag

40. Retail Micrologistics: Chaotic Storage Taken to the Point of Sale
Thomas Neukirchen

41. Forecasting Manufacturing Tardiness in OEM Milk-Run Operations Within the Industry 4.0 Framework
Antonio G. N. Novaes, Orlando F. Lima, Giset N. Montoya

42. Design of Emergency Response System for Disaster Management Using VANET
Kishwer Abdul Khaliq, Omer Chughtai, Amir Qayyum, Jürgen Pannek

43. Enhancing the Cybersecurity of Port Community Systems
Nils Meyer-Larsen, Rainer Müller

44. Interval Superposition Arithmetic Inspired Communication for Distributed Model Predictive Control
Tobias Sprodowski, Yanlin Zha, Jürgen Pannek

45. Requirements for an Augmented Reality-Based Assistance System
Moritz Quandt, Thies Beinke, Michael Freitag, Christian Kölsch

46. Evaluation of the Performance of Heuristic Algorithms in an Intersection Scenario
Tobias Sprodowski, Adnan Shoaib Mayet, Jürgen Pannek

47. Big Data Analytics: A Case Study of Public Opinion Towards the Adoption of Driverless Cars
Rasmus Buch, Samaneh Beheshti-Kashi, Thomas Alexander Sick Nielsen, Aseem Kinra

48. Airships as a Possible Logistic Solution for the Transport of Special and Bulk Loads
Carla Bispo Mendes, Herman Augusto Lepikson

49. Predictive Control of a Job Shop System with RMTs Using Equilibrium Terminal Constraints
Qiang Zhang, Jürgen Pannek

50. Economic and Social Advances for Geospatial Data Use in Vehicle Routing
Matthias Klumpp

51. Applying Process Mining in Manufacturing and Logistic for Large Transaction Data
Wacharawan Intayoad, Till Becker

52. Enforcing Structural Robustness for Vehicle Routing Plans Despite Stochastic Demands
Marcella Bernardo, Jürgen Pannek

53. Big Textual Data in Transportation: An Exploration of Relevant Text Sources
Samaneh Beheshti-Kashi, Rasmus Buch, Maxime Lachaize, Aseem Kinra

54. Building Fast Multi Agent Systems Using Hardware Design Languages for High-Throughput Systems
Jannis Stoppe, Christina Plump, Sebastian Huhn, Rolf Drechsler

55. System Dynamics of Dependent Requirements Variations in Automotive Supply Networks – Insights on a Horizontal Bullwhip Effect
Tim Gruchmann, Tobias Rebs

56. Utilizing Domain-Specific Information in Decision Support for Logistics Networks
Markus Rabe, Dominik Schmitt, Majsa Ammouriova

57. A Tool for an Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior of Logistic Systems with the Instruments of Complex Networks
Thorben Funke, Till Becker

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Logistics, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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