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Intelligent Human Systems Integration

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Table of contents

1. A Design and Description Method for Human-Autonomy Teaming Systems
Axel Schulte, Diana Donath

2. Current Insights in Human Factors of Automated Driving and Future Outlook Towards Tele-Operated Remote Driving Services
Christopher D. D. Cabrall, Alexander Eriksson, Zhenji Lu, Sebastiaan M. Petermeijer

3. External HMIs and Their Effect on the Interaction Between Pedestrians and Automated Vehicles
Ye Eun Song, Christian Lehsing, Tanja Fuest, Klaus Bengler

4. Attuning the ‘Pedestrian-Vehicle’ and ‘Driver-Vehicle’ - Why Attributing a Mind to a Vehicle Matters
Peter Bengtsson

5. Designing a Proactive Risk Mitigation Environment for Integrated Autonomous Vehicle and Human Infrastructure
Caitlin Anne Surakitbanharn

6. The 4D LINT Model of Function Allocation: Spatial-Temporal Arrangement and Levels of Automation
Christopher D. D. Cabrall, Thomas B. Sheridan, Thomas Prevot, Joost C. F. Winter, Riender Happee

7. Study on Estimation of Driver’s State During Automatic Driving Using Seat Pressure
Kenta Okabe, Keiichi Watanuki, Kazunori Kaede, Keiichi Muramatsu

8. Automated Text Detection and Character Recognition in Natural Scenes Based on Local Image Features and Contour Processing Techniques
Remigiusz Baran, Pavol Partila, Rafal Wilk

9. Continuous Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) Improvement via Human System Integration and Customer Change
Robert A. Sharples

10. Injecting Digitized Knowledge into the Technical Support Dialog
Don Allen

11. Artificial Intelligence and Interaction Design for a Positive Emotional User Experience
Cristina Caramelo Gomes, Sandra Preto

12. The Cognitive Airport Signage System Design: Comparative Case Study Between American Airport and Chinese Airport
Yan Gan, Zhi Peng Feng

13. Legal Risks and the Countermeasures of Developing Intelligent Investment Advisor in China
Cgeng-yong Liu

14. Reactive Operation: A Framework for Event Driven Low Voltage Grid Operation
Ralf Mosshammer, Konrad Diwold, Alfred Einfalt, Christoph Groiss

15. Task Analysis of Diagnostic Ultrasound System Use: Comparison Between Sonographers’ and Physicians’ Use in Different Clinical Applications
Giuseppe Andreoni, Marco Delpiano, Nicola Guraschi, Leonardo Forzoni

16. Evaluation of the Quality of Internet Breast Cancer Information: Fuzzy VIKOR Approach
Zuhaira Muhammad Zain

17. Research on an Improved Fall Detection Algorithm for Elder People
Qi Luo

18. Estimating Driver Workload with Systematically Varying Traffic Complexity Using Machine Learning: Experimental Design
Udara E. Manawadu, Takahiro Kawano, Shingo Murata, Mitsuhiro Kamezaki, Shigeki Sugano

19. User Context Query Service Supporting Home Person-Centered Care for Elderly People
Haruhisa Maeda, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura

20. Significance of Social Factors for Effective Implementation of Smart Energy Management Systems in End-User Households
Jaroslaw Kowalski, Cezary Biele, Marek Mlodozeniec, Marcel Geers

21. “Intelligent Bathroom” - Intelligent Decision for Health
Anna Jaglarz

22. Influence of Human Based Factors on Small Neighbourhood vs. Household Energy Load Prediction Modelling
Pawel Kobylinski, Mariusz Wierzbowski, Cezary Biele

23. A Prototype of a Small Tracked Robot for Gas Pipeline Inspection and Maintenance
Wen Zhao, Mitsuhiro Kamezaki, Kento Yoshida, Minoru Konno, Ryoichi Toriumi, Shigeki Sugano

24. Human Activity Detection Patterns: A Pilot Study for Unobtrusive Discovery of Daily Working Routine
Hicham Rifai, Paula Kelly, Yoshiki Shoji, Damon Berry, Matteo Zallio

25. Eye Movements and Lie Detection
Yulia V. Bessonova, Alexander A. Oboznov

26. What Are the Benefits of Newly Developed Medical Devices When the User Does not Use Them? – An Investigation of Hearing Aid Use
Verena Wagner-Hartl

27. Development of an Active Upper Limb Orthosis Controlled by EMG with Upper Arm Rotation
Akihiko Hanafusa, Fumiya Shiki, Haruki Ishii, Masaki Nagura, Yuji Kubota, Kengo Ohnishi, Yoshiyuki Shibata

28. Design and Experimental Validation of Transparent Behavior for a Workload-Adaptive Cognitive Agent
Yannick Brand, Michael Ebersoldt, Daniel Barber, Jessie Y. C. Chen, Axel Schulte

29. Intelligent Visual Analytics – a Human-Adaptive Approach for Complex and Analytical Tasks
Kawa Nazemi

30. CPR: Bright Side of Machine-Human Relationship
Shaik Farid Abdull Wahab, Ahmad Rasdan Ismail, Rohayu Othman

31. Surface Recalibration as a New Method Improving Gaze-Based Human-Computer Interaction
Cezary Biele, Pawel Kobylinski

32. A Bionic Sphincter for Stress Urinary Incontinence: Design and Preliminary Experiments
Kenana Adem, Sarah S. Bawazir, Khulood Alameri, Gioia Lucarini, Tommaso Mazzocchi, Cesare Stefanini, Paolo Dario, Arianna Menciassi

33. Experimental Validation of Pilot Situation Awareness Enhancement Through Transparency Design of a Scalable Mixed-Initiative Mission Planner
Fabian Schmitt, Gunar Roth, Daniel Barber, Jessie Chen, Axel Schulte

34. Integrating 3D Facial Model with Person-Centered Care Support System for People with Dementia
Shota Nakatani, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura

35. Integration of Cognitive Cybernetics into Intelligent Human Systems
Zdenko Balaž, Davor Predavec

36. Gaze-Aware Cognitive Assistant for Multiscreen Surveillance
Sébastien Tremblay, Daniel Lafond, Cindy Chamberland, Helen M. Hodgetts, François Vachon

37. Computerized Brain Interfaces for Adaptive Learning and Assessment
Rosa María Arnaldo, Javier Iglesias, Víctor Fernando Gómez, Javier Crespo, Luis Pérez, José Félix Alonso, Alvaro Rodriguez Sanz

38. Recognition of Affective States via Electroencephalogram Analysis and Classification
Abeer Al-Nafjan, Manar Hosny, Yousef Al-Ohali, Areej Al-Wabil

39. Non-obtrusive Sleep Detection for Character Computing Profiling
Alia ElBolock, Rowan Amr, Slim Abdennadher

40. Biological and Social Factors that Exert an Impact on Decision Making During Working-Out of the Convergent Technologies
Evgeny Kolbachev, Tatiana Kolbacheva

41. Humans and Color Cognition – Using the Brain to Study Human Behavior
Fernando Moreira Silva

42. Assessing the Effect of Care Treatment Using Face Emotional Analysis and Cognitive Computing
Arashi Sako, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura

43. Identify Subconscious Visual Response from Brain Signals
H. T. M. A. Riyadh, Jahangir Hossain Bhuyain, Zehara Zebin, Khandaker Tabin Hasan, A. Z. M. Ehtesham Chowdhury

44. EEG Analysis from Motor Imagery to Control a Forestry Crane
Midhumol Augustian, Shafiq ur Réhman, Axel Sandvig, Thivra Kotikawatte, Mi Yongcui, Hallvard Røe Evensmoen

45. Exploring the Usage of EEG and Pupil Diameter to Detect Elicited Valence
Yasmeen Abdrabou, Khaled Kassem, Jailan Salah, Reem El-Gendy, Mahesty Morsy, Yomna Abdelrahman, Slim Abdennadher

46. Integrating Classes from Different Schools Using Intelligent Teacher Support Systems
Roberto Araya

47. AI Infused Fragrance Systems for Creating Memorable Customer Experience and Venue Brand Engagement
Anitha Ilapakurti, Jaya Shankar Vuppalapati, Santosh Kedari, Sharat Kedari, Rajasekar Vuppalapati, Chandrasekar Vuppalapati

48. Will Sketching Survive with the Use of Artificial Intelligence Tools?
Ana Moreira da Silva

49. Research on the Construction of the Hierarchical Classification Model of the Urban Intelligent Lighting Appliance (UILA) Based on User Needs
Junnan Ye, Jianxin Cheng, Chaoxiang Yang, Zhang Zhang, Xinyu Yang, Lingyun Yao

50. Influence of Personal Characteristics and Device Properties on Wearable’s Rank Order
Thea Radüntz, Uwe Rose

51. Comparative Analysis of the Quantitative Parameters of the Different Shapes of the Heart in Human Fetuses
G. A. Spirina

52. A Practice of Flight Deck Evaluation in Civil Aircraft
Haiyan Liu, Baofeng Li, Dayong Dong, Hongtao Liu, Zhefeng Jin, Yinbo Zhang

53. Operator Response to Failure of a Computerized Procedure System
Claire Taylor, Michael Hildebrandt, Niav Hughes, Robert McDonald

54. Human-Human Interaction: A Neglected Field of Study?
Piotr Chynał, Julia Falkowska, Janusz Sobecki

55. Smart Palletisation: Cognitive Ergonomics in Augmented Reality Based Palletising
Veronika Kretschmer, Thorsten Plewan, Gerhard Rinkenauer, Benedikt Maettig

56. Augmenting the Evaluation and Mapping of Progress in Scientific Research – A Human-Machine Symbiosis Perspective
Andrej Dobrkovic, Daniel A. Döppner, Maria-Eugenia Iacob, Jos Hillegersberg

57. Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Reality Grocery Shopping Application Using a Multi-kinect Walking-in-Place Approach
Vix Kemanji Ketoma, Philip Schäfer, Gerrit Meixner

58. Influence of VR-Based Slope Images on Walking Pattern
Yusuke Osawa, Keiichi Watanuki, Kazunori Kaede, Keiichi Muramatsu, Norihiro Ishizaka

59. The Concept of Narrative as a Fundamental for Human Agent-Based Modeling
Roger A. Parker

60. An Agent Based Model of Saudi Household Electricity Consumption
Yosef Alsuhaibani

61. Digital Human Modelling Method for the Evaluation of the Ultrasound System and Transducer Design Adherence to the SDMS Industry Standards
Giuseppe Andreoni, Carlo Emilio Standoli, Fabio Rezzonico, Luis Rojas, Leonardo Forzoni

62. UX Design in the Localization and Internationalization of NASA’s Eyes on the Earth
Lamees Alsuhaibani, Amal Alabdulkarim, Kevin Hussey, Areej Al-Wabil

63. Digital Media Art Utilizing Traditional Animation Digital Video Expression Using Projection Mapping and Multi Screen Technique
Zhipeng Feng, Kiyoshi Tomimatsu

64. Guidance of Enterprise Team Division Based on Security Awareness and Interaction
Yun-lu Zhang, Xue-bo Chen

65. Applying Process Mining Techniques to Learning Management Systems for Educational Process Model Discovery and Analysis
Darko Etinger, Tihomir Orehovački, Snježana Babić

66. Explorations into Deep Learning Mobile Applications
Alisa Krstova, Alek Petreski, Sonja Gievska

67. Theoretical Propositions and Practical Implementation of the Formalization of Structured Knowledge of the Subject Area for Exploratory Research
Olga Popova, Yury Shevtsov, Boris Popov, Vladimir Karandey, Vladimir Klyuchko

68. Bayesian Network Construction and Simplified Inference Method Based on Causal Chains
Yohei Ueda, Daisuke Ide, Masaomi Kimura

69. Image Super Resolution Using Wavelet Transformation and Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Gunamani Jena, Sudam Sekhar Panda, Bonam Venkata Rajesh, Subhashish Jena

70. Human Posture Tracking System for Industrial Process Design and Assessment
Francesco Caputo, Egidio D’Amato, Alessandro Greco, Immacolata Notaro, Stefania Spada

71. Instrumentation of an External Fixator for Force and Bone Healing Process Monitoring
Fatima Ba Fakih, Cesare Stefanini, Paolo Dario, Stefano Mazzoleni

72. Study of Visual Symbols Used in Food Packaging Identification for the Elderly Affected with Chronic Diseases
Jiajie Lyu, Delai Men

73. Research of a Falling Detection System for the Elderly Based on Three-Dimensional Acceleration
Qi Luo

74. A Qualitative Model to Estimate Users’ Fear of Environmental Conditions for Evacuation Route Guidance
Hiroshi Furukawa, Zhihuan Liu

75. The Effects of Enterprise Staff Safety Consciousness Based on Cellular Automata Model
Min Yang, Xue-Bo Chen

76. Machine-Man-Task System Approach and NR-17 Regulatory Standard
Norma Melo Pinto, Kazuo Hatakeyama

77. User Centered Ecological Interface Design (UCEID): A Novel Method Applied to the Problem of Safe and User-Friendly Interaction Between Drivers and Autonomous Vehicles
Kirsten Revell, Pat Langdon, Mike Bradley, Ioannis Politis, James Brown, Neville Stanton

78. Statistics-IDE: Supporting the Design of Empirical Experiments for Non-experts During Early Stages of Research Projects
Frode Eika Sandnes, Evelyn Eika

79. Measuring User Experience of Seniors in Battery Swapping Interactions
Fei-Hui Huang

80. Web Page Graphic Design Usability Testing Enhanced with Eye-Tracking
Piotr Chynał, Julia Falkowska, Janusz Sobecki

81. Preliminary Research on Competency Model for High Plateau Airline Pilots
Qi Luo

82. User Interface Design in Remote Aerodrome Flight Information Service
Shoka Nagata, Kazuhiko Yamazaki, Satoru Inoue

83. The Robot Brain Server: Design of a Human-Artificial Systems Partnership
Johan F. Hoorn

84. Act like a Human: Teach an Autonomous Vehicle to Deal with Traffic Encounters
Jianmin Wang, Jiawei Lu, Fang You, Yujia Wang

85. Design Approach for Sanpoyoshi Principle and Case Study
Kazuhiko Yamazaki

86. Identifying Significance of Human Cognition in Future Maintenance Operations
Prasanna Illankoon, Phillip Tretten, Uday Kumar

87. Collaborative Human-Machine Interaction in Mobile Phone Support Centers: A Case Study
Kyle Dent, Luke Plurkowski, John Maxwell

88. Crew Resource Management Doctrine Applicability to Human-Machine Interaction in Commercial Aircraft
Aysen K. Taylor

89. The Role of Monitoring and Evaluation in Construction Project Management
Tengan Callistus, Aigbavboa Clinton

90. Transformations in Mass Society and Emergent Properties of Human Behavior in Contemporary Media Space
Dobrinka Peicheva, Lilia Raycheva, Valentina Milenkova, Boris Manov

91. Modelling the Perceived Pragmatic and Hedonic Quality of Intelligent Personal Assistants
Tihomir Orehovački, Snježana Babić, Darko Etinger

92. The Brave New E-world of the Human-Centered Media Ecosystem
Lilia Raycheva, Dobrinka Peicheva

93. Identification of Visually Impaired Person with Deep Learning
Shoichiro Fujisawa, Ranmaru Mandai, Ryota Kurozumi, Shin-ichi Ito, Katsuya Sato

94. The Role of Mental Model in Graphical Password Selection and Design
Mona A. Mohamed, Joyram Chakraborty, Josh Dehlinger

95. Tablets and Smart Glasses in Modern Production Environments – A Lab Study on Distracted Walking
Patricia Tegtmeier, Sascha Wischniewski

96. A Perception Study of a New Set of Usability Heuristics for Transactional Web Sites
Freddy Paz, Freddy A. Paz, Juan Jesús Arenas, Carmen Rosas

97. On User eXperience Evaluation: Combining User Tests and Psychometrics
Virginia Zaraza Rusu, Cristian Rusu, Pablo Cáceres, Virginica Rusu, Daniela Quiñones, Patricia Muñoz

98. Research on Parent-Child Interaction System of Intelligent Children’s Furniture Based on Application Behavior Analysis
Ting Deng, Wei Sun, Ruiqiu Zhang

99. Adaptive Edge Analytics - A Framework to Improve Performance and Prognostics Capabilities for Dairy IoT Sensor
Santosh Kedari, Jaya Shankar Vuppalapati, Anitha Ialapakurti, Sharat Kedari, Rajasekar Vuppalapati, Chandrasekar Vuppalapati

100. Evaluation of Legibility and Visual Fatigue Caused by Luminescent Text Displays
Daiki Saito, Keiichi Watanuki, Keiichi Muramatsu, Kazunori Kaede, Masutsugu Tasaki, Takashi Kanahira, Eiji Ishiguro, Naoya Mashiko

101. Multimodal Interactive Payment Based on Biometrics
Shuxian Liu, Huaming Peng

102. Re-modeling the ‘Phonebook’ in a Smart Phone: Personalization Based on Intimacy and Immediacy
Ravi Mokashi Punekar, Shivani Holkar, Abhishek Yevalkar

103. Smart Shopping Experience. New Materials and Technologies for Social Inclusion Through Daily Activities
Stefania Camplone, Giuseppe Bucchianico

104. Next Smart Design: Inclusion, Emotions, Interaction in the Concept of Baby Soothing, Caring and Monitoring Smart Solutions
Marinella Ferrara, Anna Cecilia Russo

105. Applied Semiotics in the Context of Open Government Data (OGD) Portals in the Arab Gulf
Furat Aljishi, Arwa Alsaati, Areej Al-Wabil, Anas Alfaris

106. Cyclotourism and Social Inclusion: From Service to Product for a Smart Extra-Urban Bike Sharing
Ivo Spitilli, Stefania Camplone, Giuseppe Bucchianico, Antonio Marano

107. Service System-Based Urban Mobility System Design for Chinese Metropolis
Jintian Shi, Xiaohua Sun

108. Smart Cities-Smart Societies
Gianmarco Cifaldi, Ionut Serban

109. City of Future
Fabrizio Fornari

110. Between a Smart City and Smart Society
Gianmarco Cifaldi, Ionut Serban

111. Hemp for a Healthy and Sustainable Building in Abruzzo
Donatella Radogna, Luciana Mastrolonardo, M. Cristina Forlani

112. The Creative Space of University as a Cognitive-Generative System
Alexander O. Karpov

113. The Emotional Side of Smartness: Intelligent Materials and Everyday Aesthetics
Anna Cecilia Russo

114. Mapping ICS Materials: Interactive, Connected, and Smart Materials
Stefano Parisi, Davide Spallazzo, Venere Ferraro, Marinella Ferrara, Mauro Attilio Ceconello, Camilo Ayala Garcia, Valentina Rognoli

115. Bio-smart Materials: The Binomial of the Future
Sabrina Lucibello, Marinella Ferrara, Carla Langella, Cecilia Cecchini, Rossana Carullo

116. Exploring Scenarios for ICS Materials in the Yacht Design Framework
Arianna Bionda, Andrea Ratti

117. Advanced Materials Empowering Inclusive Engineering Design Processes
Micol Costi, Emilio Genovesi

118. Interactive, Connected, Smart materials: ICS materiality
Marinella Ferrara, Valentina Rognoli, Venanzio Arquilla, Stefano Parisi

119. Study of the Ergonomics Applied to the Reuse and Recycling of Materials
Hebert Robert da Silva

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Human Resource Management

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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