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The Mathematics of the Uncertain

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Table of contents

Part I. Pedro Gil’s Vision on the Mathematics of the Uncertain

1. The Mathematics of the Uncertain
Pedro Gil

Part II. The Mathematics of Chance: Probability, Statistics and Applications

2. Using Mathematica to Calculate Shortest Confidence Intervals
Ramón Ardanuy

3. An Optimal Transportation Approach for Assessing Almost Stochastic Order
Eustasio del Barrio, Juan A. Cuesta-Albertos, Carlos Matrán

4. An Alternative to the Variation Coefficient
Carlo Bertoluzza, Rosa Casals, Gloria Naval, Antonia Salas

5. Nonparametric Mean Estimation for Big-But-Biased Data
Ricardo Cao, Laura Borrajo

6. Band Depths Based on Multiple Time Instances
Ignacio Cascos, Ilya Molchanov

7. On the Combination of Depth-Based Ranks
Ignacio Cascos, Ignacio Montes

8. A Bayesian Network Model for the Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Roads
Enrique Castillo, Zacarías Grande, Elena Mora

9. The Spiking Problem in the Context of the Isotonic Regression
Ana Colubi, J. Santos Domínguez-Menchero, Gil González-Rodríguez

10. Estimation of the Inter-occurrence Time Between Events from Incomplete Data. Analysis of Periods of Unemployment in Spain
José Antonio Cristóbal, José Tomás Alcalá, Pilar Olave

11. Modelling Dynamic Hotel Pricing with Isotonic Functions
J. Santos Domínguez-Menchero, Emilio Torres-Manzanera

12. On Multistage Stochastic Mixed 0–1 Optimization with Time-Consistent Stochastic Dominance Risk Averse Management
Laureano F. Escudero, Juan F. Monge

13. Bivariate Copula Additive Models for Location, Scale and Shape with Applications in Biomedicine
Jenifer Espasandín-Domínguez, Carmen Carollo-Limeres, Luis Coladas-Uría, Carmen Cadarso-Suárez, Oscar Lado-Baleato, Francisco Gude

14. Domain Mean Estimators Assisted by Nested Error Regression Models
María Dolores Esteban, Domingo Morales, María del Mar Rueda

15. Robust Approaches for Fuzzy Clusterwise Regression Based on Trimming and Constraints
Luis Angel García-Escudero, Alfonso Gordaliza, Francesca Greselin, Agustín Mayo-Iscar

16. Robust Morphometric Analysis Based onLandmarks
Alfonso García-Pérez

17. Smoothing-Based Tests with Directional Random Variables
Eduardo García-Portugués, Rosa M. Crujeiras, Wenceslao González-Manteiga

18. Asymptotic Behavior of Fractional Blending Systems
F. Javier Girón, M. Lina Martínez

19. Multiple Hypothesis Tests: A Bayesian Approach
Miguel A. Gómez-Villegas, Beatriz González-Pérez



-Records Observations in Models with Random Trend
Raúl Gouet, Miguel Lafuente, F. Javier López, Gerardo Sanz

21. Recent Developments and Advances in Joint Modelling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
Ipek Guler, Christel Faes, Francisco Gude, Carmen Cadarso-Suárez

22. Long-Term Survival After Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
José Manuel Llaneza, Norberto Corral, Sara Busto, Amer Zanabili, Manuel Alonso

23. Some Comments on Stochastic Orders and Posets
María Concepción López-Díaz, Miguel López-Díaz

24. Optimal Experimental Design for Model Selection: A Partial Review
Jesús López–Fidalgo, Chiara Tommasi

25. A Statistical Analysis of the Treatment ofType 2 Diabetes in the Presence of Chronic Kidney Disease in Patients Hospitalized forHeart Failure
Juan Ignacio López-Gil, María Asunción Lubiano

26. A Diagnostic Test Approach for Multitesting Problems
Pablo Martínez-Camblor, Sonia Pérez-Fernández, Norberto Corral

27. The Length-Time Bias in Tourism Surveys
José Manuel Menéndez-Estébanez, José Manuel González-Sariego

28. Detecting Change-Points in the Time Series of Surfaces Occupied by Pre-defined NDVI Categories in Continental Spain from 1981 to 2015
Ana F. Militino, M. Dolores Ugarte, Unai Pérez-Goya

29. Choice Functions and Rejection Sets
Enrique Miranda, Arthur Camp, Gert Cooman

30. Mathematical Modeling in Biological Populations with Reproduction in a Non-predictable Environment
Manuel Molina, Manuel Mota, Alfonso Ramos

31. Field Substitution and Sequential Sampling Method
M. Macarena Muñoz-Conde, Joaquín Muñoz-García, Antonio Pascual-Acosta, Rafael Pino-Mejías

32. Working with (too) Few Samples
Angela L. Riffo-Campos, Francisco Montes, Guillermo Ayala

33. Estimation of the Owen Value Based on Sampling
Alejandro Saavedra-Nieves, Ignacio García-Jurado, M. Gloria Fiestras-Janeiro

34. The


-Gradient for Testing Probability Profiles
Miquel Salicrú, Juan José Barreiro, María Isabel González-Framil

35. Mixtures of Gaussians as a Proxy in Hybrid Bayesian Networks
Antonio Salmerón, Fernando Reche

36. Sublinear Expectations: On Large Sample Behaviours, Monte Carlo Method, and Coherent Upper Previsions
Pedro Terán

37. A Non-iterative Estimator for Interval Sampling and Doubly Truncated Data
Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez

38. The Mathematics of the Uncertain: Factors Related to Survival of Spanish Firms Along Recent Crisis
Antonio Vaamonde-Liste, Manuel Meijide-Vecino, Patricio Sánchez-Bello, Pilar Muñoz-Dueñas

39. A Functional Stochastic Model for theEvolution of Spanish Stock Market
Mariano J. Valderrama, Manuel Escabias, Federico Galán, Antonio Gil

40. Limit Behavior of Polya Urn Schemes
Ricardo Vélez, Tomás Prieto-Rumeau

41. A Simple Step-Stress Model for Coherent Systems and Associated Inference Based on System Signatures
Xiaojun Zhu, Debanjan Mitra, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan

Part III. The Mathematics of Communication: Information Theory and Applications

42. Asymptotic Developments for the


-Inequality Indices
María Carmen Alonso, Ignacio Martínez

43. A Logistic Regression Analysis Approach for Sample Survey Data Based on Phi-Divergence Measures
Elena Castilla, Nirian Martín, Leandro Pardo

44. Some Multivariate Measures Based on Distances and Their Entropy Versions
Carles M. Cuadras, Sonia Salvo-Garrido

45. Cryptographic Uncertainness: Some Experiments on Finite Semifield Based Substitution Boxes
Ignacio F. Rúa, Elías F. Combarro

46. The Roll of Dices in Cryptology
María Isabel González Vasco, Santos González, Consuelo Martínez, Adriana Suárez Corona

47. Tools for Detecting Leverage and Influential Observations in Generalized Linear Models
María Carmen Pardo

48. On Economic Applications of Information Theory
Rigoberto Pérez, Ana Jesús López, Covadonga Caso, Mercedes Alvargonzález, María Jesús Río

49. Concept Uncertainty in Adversarial Statistical Decision Theory
David Ríos Insua, Jorge González-Ortega, David Banks, Jesús Ríos

50. On Some Properties of Beta-Generated Distributions
Konstantinos Zografos

Part IV. The Mathematics of Imprecision: Fuzzy Sets and other Theories and Approaches

51. Fuzzy Multi-criteria Support for Sustainable and Social Responsible Investments: The Case of Investors with Loss Aversion
Amelia Bilbao-Terol, Mariano Jiménez-López, Mar Arenas-Parra, M. Victoria Rodríguez-Uría

52. Graphical Exploratory Analysis of Fuzzy Data as a Teaching Tool
Inés Couso, Luis Junco, José Otero, Luciano Sánchez

53. Some Results and Applications Using Fuzzy Logic in Artificial Intelligence
Irene Díaz, Anca L. Ralescu, Dan A. Ralescu, Luis J. Rodríguez-Muñiz

54. On Extending Fuzzy Preorders to Sets and Their Corresponding Strict Orders
Francesc Esteva, Lluís Godo

55. Resolution of Fuzzy Relation Equations When the Fuzzy Relation is Defined on Fuzzy Subsets
Manuel José Fernández, Fermín Suárez

56. Measuring Dispersion in the Context of Ordered Qualitative Scales
José Luis García-Lapresta, Luis Borge

57. The Kolmogorov–Smirnov Goodness-of-Fit Test for Interval-Valued Data
Przemysław Grzegorzewski

58. On New Frameworks for Decision Making and Optimization
María Teresa Lamata, José Luis Verdegay

59. The Additively Decomposable Fuzzy Shannon Type Inequality Index for Positive Random Fuzzy Numbers
Hortensia López-García, M. Amparo Gil-Martín

60. An Incipient Fuzzy Logic-Based Analysis of the Medical Specialty Influence on the Perception About Mental Patients
María Asunción Lubiano, Pilar González-Gil, Helena Sánchez-Pastor, Carmen Pradas, Henar Arnillas

61. Some Results About the Vertices of k-Additive Dominating Measures
Pedro Miranda, Michel Grabisch

62. Divergence Measures: From Uncertainty toImprecision
Susana Montes, Susana Díaz, Davide Martinetti

63. Discounting Imprecise Probabilities
Serafín Moral

64. On Some Concepts Related to Star-Shaped Sets
Ana Belén Ramos-Guajardo, Gil González-Rodríguez, Ana Colubi, Maria Brigida Ferraro, Ángela Blanco-Fernández

65. A Case Study-Based Analysis of the Influence of the Fuzzy Data Shape in Quantifying Their Fréchet’s Variance
Sara la Rosa de Sáa, Carlos Carleos, María Teresa López, Manuel Montenegro

66. A Note on Generalized Convexity for Fuzzy Mappings Through a Linear Ordering
Antonio Rufián-Lizana, Yurilev Chalco-Cano, Gabriel Ruiz-Garzón, M. Dolores Jiménez-Gamero

67. Scale Equivariant Alternative for Fuzzy M-Estimators of Location
Beatriz Sinova

68. Measures and Vagueness
Alejandro Sobrino

69. A Short Reflection on the Word ‘Probable’ in Language
Enric Trillas, Itziar García-Honrado

70. Measuring Uncertainty in the Portfolio Selection Problem
Enriqueta Vercher, José D. Bermúdez

Part V. Miscellanea: Operations Research and Other (More or Less Uncertain) Mathematics and Applications

71. Quantities Characterizing Lower Semi-Fredholm Linear Relations
Teresa Álvarez, Antonio Martínez-Abejón, Javier Pello

72. Some Examples of First Exit Times
Jesús Antonio Álvarez López, Alberto Candel

73. Jordan Systems: A Search for the Exceptional
José A. Anquela, Teresa Cortés

74. The Cyclic Universe: From the Cyclical Night to the Latest Cosmological Data
Francisco Argüeso, Luigi Toffolatti, Concha Masa

75. Phasors, Always in the Real World
Nilo Bobillo-Ares, M. Luisa Garzón

76. Indexation Strategies and Calmness Constants for Uncertain Linear Inequality Systems
M. Josefa Cánovas, René Henrion, Marco A. López, Juan Parra

77. The LFM Data Qualification in Convex Multiobjective Semi-infinite Programming
Miguel Ángel Goberna, Margarita M. L. Rodríguez, Virginia N. Serio

78. Complexity and Dynamical Uncertainty
Santiago Ibáñez, Antonio Pumariño, José Ángel Rodríguez

79. Finite Orthogonal Laurent Polynomials
Francisco Marcellán, Anbhu Swaminathan

80. From Semi-infinite Programming to Efficiency Analysis: Forty Years of Research Experiences
Jesús T. Pastor

81. Coupling of a Mixed-FEM and a Spectral BEM for the Approximation of an Exterior Elliptic Problem
Javier Valdés, Omar Menéndez, Salim Meddahi, Pablo Pérez

Part VI. Some Biographical Sketches and Outstanding Facts

82. Pedro Gil, Colleague and Friend: Experiences Shared in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research at the Complutense University of Madrid
Rafael Infante Macías

83. Pedro Gil at the Complutense University
Julián la Horra

84. Pedro Gil: Teacher, Researcher, Mentor, Leader and Colleague at the University of Oviedo
Norberto Corral, Manuel Montenegro

85. BSc Mathematics at the University of Oviedo. On the Launching and Two First Bachellor’s Programmes in Mathematics
Benjamín Dugnol, Javier Valdés

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Systems Theory, Control, Operations Research/Decision Theory

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Studies in Systems, Decision and Control
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