Oswald, Serena Eréndira Serrano

Risks, Violence, Security and Peace in Latin America

Oswald, Serena Eréndira Serrano - Risks, Violence, Security and Peace in Latin America, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Latin American Council for Peace Research (CLAIP) on Its 40th Anniversary

1. Introductory Remarks. CLAIP in the Face of the Challenges of Peace and Security in the 21st Century
Úrsula Oswald Spring, Serena Eréndira Serrano Oswald

2. History of Forty Years of Peace Activities Within the Latin American Peace Research Council (CLAIP)
Úrsula Oswald Spring

Part II. Struggles for Peace and Against War in Its Global Context

3. War and Peace in the 21st Century
Pablo González Casanova

4. Peace and Security in Latin America: New Challenges, New Directions
Francisco Rojas Aravena

5. Global State Terrorism and Asymmetric Wars
Gilberto López y Rivas

6. Strategic Concepts for Training in Integrated Defence of Peace and Security in Cyberspace
Luis Holder, Julio Cárdenas

Part III. Socio-environmental Conflicts and Sustainable, Equal, Diverse and Nonviolent Peace

7. ‘Like an Army in Enemy Territory’. Epistemic Violence in Megaextractivist Expansion
Omar Arach

8. Socio-environmental Risks and Conflicts in Colombia and Mexico
Nathaly Burbano Muñoz, Malely Linares Sánchez, Fabiola Nava León

9. Climate Change as a New Challenge to Human Security
Francisco Rubén Sandoval Vázquez

10. The 2016 US Presidential Elections and Beyond – Peace Education for Nonviolent Resistance
Patrick T. Hiller

Part IV. New Challenges for Peace and Security in Latin America

11. Human Rights, Peace and Security in Mexico and in La Montaña, Guerrero
Abel Barrera Hernández

12. Violence, Free Trade Agreements, Corporations and Human Rights
Miguel Concha Malo

13. Peace and Nonviolence. Enough of ‘Just Wars’! A Universal Catholic Initiative for a ‘Just Peace’
Pietro Ameglio

14. The Relationship Between Impunity and Inequality Globally and in Mexico
Juan Antonio Clercq

15. Reconceptualised Security in Mexico
Serena Eréndira Serrano Oswald

Part V. Human Rights, Peace Education, Gender and Indigenous Groups

16. Human Rights and Radical Democracy
Luis Alberto Padilla

17. Education for Peace, Gender Equality and Good Treatment
Maribel Rios Everardo

18. Social and Educational Effects of School Violence in a Public Secondary School in Morelos
Myriam Fracchia Figueiredo, Guadalupe Poujol Galván

19. Reconceiving Rights: An Analysis on Their Declarations, Proposals and Demands
Sylvia Marcos

20. Peace Education in a Pluricultural and Multilingual Country
Laura Bensasson

Part VI. Perspectives for CLAIP in the Twenty-First Century

21. Solidarity Economy: A Key to Justice, Peace, and Sustainability
Howard Richards

22. Proposal for a Mexican Model of Investment in Renewable Energy in Mexico, in Response to the Extractivist Model of Fossil Resources
Emmanuel Gomez Morales, Aida Viridiana Vargas Zavala

23. Future Perspectives for Peace Research in Latin America and the Caribbean: Synthesis of Research and Proposals Presented at the X CLAIP Congress
S. Eréndira Serrano Oswald, Úrsula Oswald Spring

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Environmental Politics, Social Theory, Conflict Studies, Peace Studies

Publication year
The Anthropocene: Politik—Economics—Society—Science
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28 pages
Natural Sciences
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