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Orthopedic Biomaterials

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Table of contents

Part I. Nanotechnology and Biomimetics

1. Orthopedic Nanomaterials
Tolou Shokuhfar, Emre Firlar, Mostafa Rezazadeh Shirdar, Mohammad Mahdi Taheri

2. Nanotechnology for Reducing Orthopedic Implant Infections: Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties
Luting Liu, Thomas J. Webster

3. Orthopedic Applications of Silver and Silver Nanoparticles
Jason Kang, Krystal Hughes, Malcolm Xing, Bingyun Li

4. Formulation and Evaluation of Nanoenhanced Anti-bacterial Calcium Phosphate Bone Cements
Karthik Tappa, Udayabhanu Jammalamadaka, David K. Mills

5. Biomimetic Orthopedic Materials
R. Portillo-Lara, E. Shirzaei Sani, N. Annabi

6. Hydroxyapatite: Design with Nature
Xiao Yang

7. Calcium Phosphate Coatings for Metallic Orthopedic Biomaterials
Yingchao Su, Yufeng Zheng, Liping Tang, Yi-Xian Qin, Donghui Zhu

Part II. Polymer Biomaterials

8. Collagen-Based Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications
Madhura P. Nijsure, Vipuil Kishore

9. Poly(ethylene glycol) and Co-polymer Based-Hydrogels for Craniofacial Bone Tissue Engineering
Arbi M. Aghali

10. Peptides as Orthopedic Biomaterials
Derek E. Andreini, Zachary J. Werner, Christopher D. Bell, Malcolm Xing, Bingyun Li

Part III. Degradable Metal Biomaterials

11. Biodegradable Metals for Orthopedic Applications
Ke Yang, Lili Tan, Peng Wan, Xiaoming Yu, Zheng Ma

12. Development of Biodegradable Zn-Based Medical Implants
Yingchao Su, Yadong Wang, Liping Tang, Yufeng Zheng, Yi-Xian Qin, Donghui Zhu

13. Surface Modification and Coatings for Controlling the Degradation and Bioactivity of Magnesium Alloys for Medical Applications
Ian Johnson, Jiajia Lin, Huinan Liu

Part IV. Biomaterial Implants and Devices

14. Materials for Orthopedic Applications
Roche C. de Guzman

15. Composite Orthopedic Fixation Devices
Bryant Heimbach, Mei Wei

16. PEEK Titanium Composite (PTC) for Spinal Implants
Erik I. Waldorff, Samuel Fang, Nianli Zhang, Livia Visai, Marcello Imbriani, Emanuele Magalini, Eleonora Preve, Pierfrancesco Robotti, Andrew L. Raines, Evan Goldberg, Jiechao Jiang, Kirk C. McGilvray, Jeremiah Easley, Howard B. Seim, Christian M. Puttlitz, James T. Ryaby

17. Advances in Bearing Materials for Total Artificial Hip Arthroplasty
Rohit Khanna

18. Bone Grafts and Bone Substitutes for Bone Defect Management
Wenhao Wang, Kelvin W. K. Yeung

19. Novel Composites for Human Meniscus Replacement
Adijat Omowumi Inyang, Tamer Abdalrahman, Christopher Leonard Vaughan

20. Biomaterial-Mediated Drug Delivery in Primary and Metastatic Cancers of theBone
Patrick F. Forde, Katie B. Ryan

Keywords: Biomedicine, Biomedical Engineering/Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Orthopedics, Biomedical Engineering

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