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Knowledge Management in Digital Change

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Table of contents

1. Value Creation in the Digitally Enabled Knowledge Economy
Klaus North, Ronald Maier, Oliver Haas

Part I. Digitally Enabled Enrichment of Resources to Leverage Human Performance

2. Semantic Technologies: Enabler for Knowledge 4.0
Achim Rettinger, Stefan Zander, Maribel Acosta, York Sure-Vetter

3. MEDICINE 4.0—Interplay of Intelligent Systems and Medical Experts
Hans-Peter Schnurr, Dominik Aronsky, Dirk Wenke

4. Data Driven Knowledge Discovery for Continuous Process Improvement
Michael Kohlegger, Christian Ploder

5. Digital Change—New Opportunities and Challenges for Tapping Experience and Lessons Learned for Organisational Value Creation
Edith Maier, Ulrich Reimer

6. Socializing with Robots
Anja Richert

Part II. Collaboration and Networking

7. IT Support for Knowledge Processes in Digital Social Collaboration
René Peinl

8. Digital Knowledge Mapping
Sebastian Kernbach, Sabrina Bresciani

9. How to Achieve Better Knowledge Utilization with Knowledge Externalization Mechanisms in Social Intranets
Vanessa Bachmaier, Isabella Seeber

10. Balancing Knowledge Protection and Sharing to Create Digital Innovations
Stefan Thalmann, Ilona Ilvonen

11. Localizing Knowledge in Networks of SMEs—Implication of Proximities on the IT Support
Stefan Thalmann, Stephan Schäper

Part III. Leading and Learning 4.0

12. Digital Leadership
Thorsten Petry

13. Autosomes as Managers—A Commented Case
Daniel Weihs

14. Who’s in Charge?—Dealing with the Self-regulation Dilemma in Digital Learning Environments
Per Bergamin, Franziska S. Hirt

15. Towards a Learning Oriented Architecture for Digitally Enabled Knowledge Work
Jörgen Jaanus, Nina Suomi, Tobias Ley

16. Competence Development for Work 4.0
Angelika Mittelmann

17. Learning 4.0
Peter A. Henning

18. Transfer of Theoretical Knowledge into Work Practice: A Reflective Quiz for Stroke Nurses
Angela Fessl, Gudrun Wesiak, Viktoria Pammer-Schindler

Part IV. New Forms of Knowledge-Intensive Digitally Enabled Value Creation

19. The Digital Transformation of Healthcare
Andréa Belliger, David J. Krieger

20. Piloting Digitally Enabled Knowledge Management to Improve Health Programs in Rural Bangladesh
Piers J. W. Bocock, Tara M. Sullivan, Rebecca Arnold, Rupali J. Limaye

21. Ubiquity and Industry 4.0
Fabricio Foresti, Gregorio Varvakis

22. The DAO Case—Block Chain Technology Based Knowledge Intensive Business Models
Patrick Hofer

23. Startup and Technology Hubs
Christian Kreutz

24. Digital Science: Cyberinfrastructure, e-Science and Citizen Science
Roberto C. S. Pacheco, Everton Nascimento, Rosina O. Weber

Keywords: Business and Management, Knowledge Management, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Business Information Systems, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Organization

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