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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology & Systems (ICITS 2018)

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Table of contents

1. Rationalization of Organizational Processes: The Case of the Institute of Applied Social Sciences of Rio de Janeiro Federal Rural University
Elisangela Costa, Saulo Barbará Oliveira, Daniel Ribeiro Oliveira

2. Benefits of Process Simulation Software – The Case of a Brazilian Mixed Public-Private Company
Ricardo Luiz Schiavo Nascimento, Saulo Barbará Oliveira, Aparecida Laino Entriel

3. IT Service Management Using COBIT Enablers: The Case of Brazilian National Institute of Cancer
Sandro Luís Freire Castro Silva, Saulo Barbará Oliveira, Marcos Azevedo Benac, Antônio Augusto Gonçalves, Carlos Henrique Fernandes Martins

4. Towards a Forensic Analysis of Mobile Devices Using Android
Estevan Gomez-Torres, Oswaldo Moscoso-Zea, Nelson Herrera Herrera, Sergio Lujan-Mora

5. Process-Based Project Management for Implementation of an ERP System at a Brazilian Teaching Institution
Ada Guagliardi Faria, Saulo Barbará Oliveira, Fábio Carlos Macêdo

6. A Conceptual Framework for the Implantation of Enterprise Applications in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
Irving Reascos, João Alvaro Carvalho

7. Model for Selecting Software Development Methodology
Lizeth Chandi, Catarina Silva, Tatiana Gualotuña, Danilo Martinez

8. Smart Cities Semantics and Data Models
Antonio J. Jara, Martin Serrano, Andrea Gómez, David Fernández, Germán Molina, Yann Bocchi, Ramon Alcarria

9. The Information Technologies in the Competitiveness of the Tourism Sector
Pedro Liberato, Dália Liberato, António Abreu, Elisa Alén-González, Álvaro Rocha

10. A Fuzzy Classifier-Based Penetration Testing for Web Applications
J. K. Alhassan, Sanjay Misra, A. Umar, Rytis Maskeliūnas, Robertas Damaševičius, Adewole Adewumi

11. Comparative Evaluation of Mobile Forensic Tools
J. K. Alhassan, R. T. Oguntoye, Sanjay Misra, Adewole Adewumi, Rytis Maskeliūnas, Robertas Damaševičius

12. Cloud Based Simple Employee Management Information System: A Model for African Small and Medium Enterprises
Isaac U. Oduh, Sanjay Misra, Robertas Damaševičius, Rytis Maskeliūnas

13. Inexpensive Marketing Tools for SMEs
José Avelino Vitor, Teresa Guarda, Maria Fernanda Augusto, Marcelo Leon, Datzania Villao, Luis Mazon, Yovany Salazar Estrada

14. Big Data, the Next Step in the Evolution of Educational Data Analysis
W. Villegas-Ch, Sergio Luján-Mora, Diego Buenaño-Fernandez, X. Palacios-Pacheco

15. Method for Emotion Corpus Validation from the Consensual Identification of Patterns in Alzheimer’s Patients
Pablo Gómez, Alexandra González-Eras, Pablo Torres Carrión

16. Web Prosumers: The Intangible Wealth of Education and Economics
Emanuel Bohórquez, Teresa Guarda, Humberto Peña, Marcelo León, William Caiche, José Villao

17. Analysis of Correspondences Applied to Vehicle Plates Using Descriptors in Visible Spectrum
Shendry Rosero, Alberto Jimenez

18. Alignment of Software Project Management with the Business Strategy in VSEs: Model and Evaluation
Carlos Montenegro, Geovani Barragán

19. Proposal to Implementation Time-Driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC) for Calculation of Surgical Procedure Costs of a Medium-Sized Teaching Hospital
Michele Mendes Hiath Silva, Saulo Barbará Oliveira

20. Best Practices and Pitfalls in Open Source Hardware
Manuel Moritz, Tobias Redlich, Jens Wulfsberg

21. Best Practice in Advanced Enterprise Knowledge Engineering
Matteo Sasgratella, Alberto Polzonetti

22. Production Flow Improvement in a Textile Industry
Jose J. Lopes, Maria L. R. Varela, Justyna Trojanowska, Jose Machado

23. Marketing Knowledge Management Model
Teresa Guarda, Maria Fernanda Augusto, Marcelo León, Hugo Pérez, Washington Torres, Walter Orozco, Jacqueline Bacilio

24. Participative Sensing in Noise Mapping: An Environmental Management System Model for the Province of Santa Elena
Teresa Guarda, Marcelo León, Maria Fernanda Augusto, Hugo Pérez, Johnny Chavarria, Walter Orozco, Jaime Orozco

25. Using Experimental Material Management Tools in Experimental Replication: A Systematic Mapping Study
Edison Espinosa, Juan M. Ferreira, Henry Chanatasig

26. Unveiling Unbalance on Sustainable Supply Chain Research: Did We Forget Something?
Edison Loza-Aguirre, Marco Segura Morales, Henry N. Roa, Carlos Montenegro Armas

27. Industry Knowledge Management Model 4.0
José Ignacio Rodríguez-Molano, Leonardo Emiro Contreras-Bravo, Edwin Rivas-Trujillo

28. Smartphone-Based Vehicle Emission Estimation
M. Cerón, M. Fernández-Carmona, C. Urdiales, F. Sandoval

29. An Information Visualization Engine for Situational-Awareness in Health Insurance
Flávio Epifânio, Gabriel Pestana

30. ECOPPA: Extensible Context Ontology for Persuasive Physical-Activity Applications
Mohamad Hoda, Valeh Montaghami, Hussein Al Osman, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

31. Creating Predictive Models for Forecasting the Accident Rate in Mountain Roads Using VANETs
Borja Bordel, Ramón Alcarria, Gianluca Rizzo, Antonio Jara

32. Improving Game Modeling for the Quoridor Game State Using Graph Databases
Daniel Sanchez, Hector Florez

33. A Model of Self-oscillations in Relay Outputs Control Systems with Elements of Artificial Intelligence
R. H. Rovira, V. M. Duvoboi, M. S. Yukhimchuk, M. M. Bayas, W. D. Torres

34. Computer Vision-Based Method for Automatic Detection of Crop Rows in Potato Fields
Iván García-Santillán, Diego Peluffo-Ordoñez, Víctor Caranqui, Marco Pusdá, Fernando Garrido, Pedro Granda

35. A Finger-vein Biometric System Based on Textural Features
Enrique V. Carrera, Santiago Izurieta, Ricardo Carrera

36. Multi-level Skew Correction Approach for Hand Written Kannada Documents
H. C. Vinod, S. K. Niranjan

37. Semi-automatic Determination of Geometrical Properties of Short Natural Fibers in Biocomposites by Digital Image Processing
Victoria Mera-Moya, Jorge I. Fajardo, Iális C. Paula Junior, Leslie Bustamante, Luis J. Cruz, Thiago Barros

38. ExperTI: A Knowledge Based System for Intelligent Service Desks Using Free Text
Alejandro Bello, Andrés Melgar, Daniel Pizarro

39. Mapping the Global Offshoring Network Through the Panama Papers
David Dominguez, Odette Pantoja, Mario González

40. Comparing Different Data Fusion Strategies for Cancer Classification
Katarzyna Pojda, Michał Jakubczak, Sebastian Student, Andrzej Świerniak, Krzysztof Fujarewicz

41. A Recommender System Based on Cognitive Map for Smart Classrooms
Jose Aguilar, Priscila Valdiviezo-Diaz, Guido Riofrio

42. Strategy to Develop a Digital Public Health Observatory Integrating Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics
Leidy Alexandra Lozano, Maria Pilar Villamil

43. Using Machine Learning for Sentiment and Social Influence Analysis in Text
Emmanuel Awuni Kolog, Calkin Suero Montero, Tapani Toivonen

44. Big Data Applications in Cancer Research: A Case Study at the Brazilian National Cancer Institute
Antônio Augusto Gonçalves, Carlos Henrique Fernandes Martins, José Geraldo Pereira Barbosa, Sandro Luís Freire Castro Silva

45. New Diagnostic Tool for Patients Suffering from Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs)
Wojciech Oleksy, Zbigniew Budzianowski, Ewaryst Tkacz, Małgorzata Garbacik

46. Detection of Genetic Aberrations in Cancer Driving Signaling Pathways Based on Joint Analysis of Heterogeneous Genomics Data
Roman Jaksik, Krzysztof Fujarewicz

47. Cookie Scout: An Analytic Model for Prevention of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Using a Cookie Classifier
Germán Eduardo Rodríguez, Diego Eduardo Benavides, Jenny Torres, Pamela Flores, Walter Fuertes

48. An Empirical Evaluation of Open Source inTelecommunications Software Development: TheGood, the Bad, and the Ugly
Rolando P. Reyes Ch., Efraín R. Fonseca C., John W. Castro, Hugo Pérez Vaca, Manolo Paredes Calderón

49. Wearable Technology, Privacy Issues
Pablo Saa, Oswaldo Moscoso-Zea, Sergio Lujan-Mora

50. Older Adults’ Perception of Online Health Webpages Using Eye Tracking Technology
Anushia Inthiran, Robert D. Macredie

51. Method for Accessibility Assessment of Online Content Editors
Tania Acosta, Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Luis Salvador-Ullauri, Sergio Luján-Mora

52. An Approach to Mobile Serious Games Accessibility Assessment for People with Hearing Impairments
Angel Jaramillo-Alcázar, Sergio Luján-Mora

53. Real Time Driver Drowsiness Detection Based on Driver’s Face Image Behavior Using a System of Human Computer Interaction Implemented in a Smartphone
Eddie E. Galarza, Fabricio D. Egas, Franklin M. Silva, Paola M. Velasco, Eddie D. Galarza

54. Interactive System Using Beaglebone Black with LINUX Debian for Its Application in Industrial Processes
Marco Pilatásig, Franklin Silva, Galo Chacón, Víctor Tapia, John Espinoza, Esteban X. Castellanos, Lucia Guerrero, Jessy Espinosa

55. Interactive System for Monitoring and Control of a Flow Station Using LabVIEW
Jorge Buele, John Espinoza, Marco Pilatásig, Franklin Silva, Alexandra Chuquitarco, Jenny Tigse, Jessy Espinosa, Lucía Guerrero

56. Interactive System for Hands and Wrist Rehabilitation
Marco Pilatásig, Jenny Tigse, Alexandra Chuquitarco, Pablo Pilatásig, Edwin Pruna, Andrés Acurio, Jorge Buele, Ivón Escobar

57. Toward a Combined Method for Evaluation of Web Accessibility
Patricia Acosta-Vargas, Sergio Luján-Mora, Tania Acosta, Luis Salvador-Ullauri

58. Educational Math Game for Stimulation of Children with Dyscalculia
Pablo Torres-Carrión, Christian Sarmiento-Guerrero, Juan Carlos Torres-Diaz, Luis Barba-Guamán

59. Intelligent Tutoring Based on a Context-Aware Dialogue in a Procedural Training Environment
José Paladines, Jaime Ramírez

60. Communities of Language Learners: Mobility, Usability and Learning
Fernanda Maria Pereira Freire, André Constantino Silva, Isaque Miguel Pires

61. Moving Beyond Limitations: Evaluating the Quality of Android Apps in Spanish for People with Disability
Andrés Larco, Cesar Yanez, Carlos Montenegro, Sergio Luján-Mora

62. Analysis and Implementation of ETL System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Wilson Medina-Pazmiño, Aníbal Jara-Olmedo, Cristian Tasiguano-Pozo, José M. Lavín

63. Analysis of the Interaction on the Web Through Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Case Study: Economic Sectors with Higher Incomes in Ecuador
Mariuxi Tejada-Castro, Maritza Aguirre-Munizaga, Vanessa Vergara-Lozano, Mayra Garzon-Goya, Evelyn Solís-Avilés

64. Proposal of a Supply Chain Architecture Immersed in the Industry 4.0
Jose Ignacio Rodriguez, Monica Blanco, Karen Gonzalez

65. Open Source Web Software Architecture Components for Geographic Information Systems in the Last 5 Years: A Systematic Mapping Study
Alvaro Uyaguari, Edison Espinosa-Gallardo, Santiago P. Jácome-Guerrero, Patricio Espinel, Cristian F. Cabezas, Gloria I. Arias Almeida, Frankz Alberto Carrera Calderón

66. Ethnographic Study on Practices of the Software Development Industry in Chile
Dante Carrizo, Andrés Alfaro

67. Geolocation Applied to Emergency Care Systems for Priority Groups
A. José Sánchez, L. Lídice Haz, B. Datzania Villao, G. Washington Torres

68. MORPHY: A Multiobjective Software Tool for Phylogenetic Inference of Protein Coded Sequences
Cristian Zambrano-Vega, Antonio J. Nebro, José F. Aldana Montes, Byron Oviedo

69. Adaptive Harris Corner Detector Evaluated with Cross-Spectral Images
Patricia L. Suárez, Angel D. Sappa, Boris X. Vintimilla

70. JavaScript Middleware for Mobile Agents Support on Desktop and Mobile Platforms
Carlos Silva, Nuno Costa, Carlos Grilo, Jorge Veloz

71. Analyzing UAV-Based Remote Sensing and WSN Support for Data Fusion
Ramón Alcarria, Borja Bordel, Miguel Ángel Manso, Teresa Iturrioz, Marina Pérez

72. Continuous Speech Recognition and Identification of the Speaker System
Diego Guffanti, Danilo Martínez, José Paladines, Andrea Sarmiento

73. Competitive Intelligence Using Domain Ontologies on Facebook of Telecommunications Companies of Peru
Geraldo Colchado, Andrés Melgar

74. Sustainability Performance Evaluation of Groundwater Remediation Technologies
Santoso Wibowo, Srimannarayana Grandhi

75. Mobile Application to Encourage Local Tourism with Context-Aware Computing
Carlos A. Silva, Renato Toasa, Juan Guevara, H. David Martinez, Javier Vargas

76. Modelled Testbeds: Visualizing and Augmenting Physical Testbeds with Virtual Resources
Stephane Kundig, Constantinos Marios Angelopoulos, Jose Rolim

77. Proposal for an Integrated Framework for Mobile Applications Development
Danilo Martínez, Xavier Ferré, Diego Marcillo

78. An Adaptive-Bounds Band-Pass Moving-Average Filter to Increase Precision on Distance Estimation from Bluetooth RSSI
Diego Ordóñez-Camacho, Edwin Cabrera-Goyes

79. Towards a Framework to Enable Semantic Interoperability of Data in Heterogeneous Health Information Systems in Namibian Public Hospitals
Nikodemus Angula, Nomusa Dlodlo

80. Automatic Extraction and Aggregation of Diseases from Clinical Notes
Ruth Reátegui, Sylvie Ratté

81. eHealth Applications in Portuguese Hospitals: A Continuous Benchmarking with European Hospitals
João Vidal Carvalho, Álvaro Rocha, António Abreu

82. Innovation Process in Cancer Treatment: The Implementation of Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) at Brazilian National Cancer Institute
Antônio Augusto Gonçalves, Carlos Henrique Fernandes Martins, José Geraldo Pereira Barbosa, Sandro Luís Freire Castro Silva

83. The Higher-Order Spectra as a Tool for Assessing the Progress in Rehabilitation of Patients After Ischemic Brain Stroke
Ewaryst Tkacz, Zbigniew Budzianowski, Wojciech Oleksy

84. Developing and Testing an Application to Assess the Impact of Smartphone Usage on Well-Being and Performance Outcomes of Student-Athletes
Poppy DesClouds, Fedwa Laamarti, Natalie Durand-Bush, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

85. Multisensory Virtual Game with Use of the Device Leap Motion to Improve the Lack of Attention in Children of 7–12 Years with ADHD
David Chilcañán Capelo, Milton Escobar Sánchez, Jhonatan Salazar Hurtado, Daniela Benalcázar Chicaiza

86. Development and Improvement of the Visomotriz Coordination: Virtual Game of Learning and Using the Sphero Haptic Device for Alpha Generation
David Chilcañán Capelo, Milton Escobar Sánchez, Chrystian López Hidalgo, Daniela Benalcázar Chicaiza

87. Experiential Education: Creation of a Business Game to Enhance Learning of Business Administration Students
Eduardo Oliveira Ormond, Gustavo Olivares, Saulo Barbará Oliveira

88. Educational Computing Resources Applied to the Teaching of Manufacturing
Leonardo Emiro Contreras Bravo, Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Molano, Edwin Rivas Trujillo

89. Recommendation Systems in Education: A Systematic Mapping Study
Abdon Carrera Rivera, Mariela Tapia-Leon, Sergio Lujan-Mora

90. Looking for Usability and Functionality Issues: A Case Study
Karina Jiménes, Jhonny Pincay, Mónica Villavicencio, Alberto Jiménez

91. Determinants of ICT Integration in Teaching Secondary School Agriculture: Experience of Southern Africa (Swaziland)
Nomsa M. Mndzebele, Mzomba Nelson Dludlu, Comfort B. S. Mndebele

92. Design of a Recommender System for Intelligent Classrooms Based on Multiagent Systems
Dulce Rivero-Albarrán, Francklin Rivas-Echeverria, Laura Guerra, Brian Arellano, Stalin Arciniegas

93. The Visual Speech and Creativity in Advertising Impressed in Ecuador in Daily “El Comercio” Between 1908 and 1950
Marco López-Paredes

94. Influence of Social Networks from Cellphones to Choose Restaurants, Salinas – 2016
Homero Rodríguez, Jeyco Macías, Néstor Montalván, René Garzozi

95. Digital Feedback and Academic Resilience
Laura Guerra, Dulce Rivero, Stalin Arciniegas, Santiago Quishpe

96. Mobile Learning: Challenging the Current Educational Model of Communication Studies
Verónica Yépez-Reyes

97. Competencies and Indicators for a Productive Digital Communication
Laura Guerra, Stalin Arciniegas, Luis David Narváez, Francisca Grimon

98. Transparency and Participation in Public Service Television Broadcasters: The American Southern Cone
Paulo Carlos López-López, Mónica López-Golán, Iván Puentes-Rivera

99. Knowledge Based of an Expert System Using the Horizontal Analysis for Financial Statements of National, Private TV Companies in Ecuador
Ana Cecilia Vaca-Tapia, Francisco Campos Freire, Francklin Iván Rivas-Echeverría, Johnny Alejandro Aragón-Puetate

100. The Use of Facebook in Community Radio: A Quantitative Analysis of the Andean Community of Nations
Viviana Galarza-Ligña, Amparo Reascos-Trujillo, Stalin Rivera-Imbaquingo

101. The Interaction Gap: From the Bit to the Resurgence of a New Information and Communication System
Carmelo Márquez-Domínguez, Nancy Ulloa-Erazo, Yalitza Therly Ramos-Gil

102. The Influence of New Technologies on University Radio in Ecuador
Ana Culqui Medina, Elizabeth Granda Sánchez

103. The Press in the Context of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN): Without Sustainable Monetization in the Digital Economy
Yalitza Ramos-Gil, Carmelo Márquez-Domínguez, Aldo Romero-Ortega

104. Ecuador, the Non-communication: Postdrama or Performance?
Miguel Ángel Orosa, Aldo Romero-Ortega

105. Media Processes of Communicational Management, Information Transparency and the Incidence of TIC
Nancy Ulloa-Erazo, Álvaro Cevallos Ramírez

106. Radio: A Didactic Meaningful Strategy, for Strengthening the Oral Communicative Competence in the English Language
María Fernanda Ibadango-Tabango, Armida Mariela Montenegro-Cevallos, Luz Marina Rodríguez-Cisneros

107. The Communication in English from an Educational Perspective and Its Relationship with the Competence-Based Teaching Profile
Brenda Gutierrez-Franco, Armida Mariela Montenegro-Cevallos, Hazel Machado-Rosales

108. The Diffusion of Public Policies on Technical Training for the Textile and Clothing Industry in Ecuador
Tania Aguilera, Andrea Mila, Daniela Batallas, Giovannina Torres

109. Open Government and Citizen Participation in the Web Portals of Ecuador GADM
Patricia Henríquez-Coronel, Jennifer Bravo-Loor, Enrique Díaz-Barrera, Yosselin Vélez-Romero

Keywords: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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