Vermaas, Pieter E.

Advancements in the Philosophy of Design

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Table of contents

1. Towards a Philosophy of Design
Pieter E. Vermaas, Stéphane Vial

Part I. Design Concepts

2. A Philosophical Approach for Distinguishing “Green Design” from Environmental Art
Sue Spaid

3. Scratching the Surface: “Appearance” as a Bridging Concept between Design Ontology and Design Aesthetics
Annina Schneller

4. The Varieties of Good Design
Salu Ylirisku, Mattias Arvola

5. Collisions, Design and the Swerve
Jamie Brassett, John O’Reilly

Part II. Design Thinking

6. Arational Design
Thomas Wendt

7. A Case for Graphic Design Thinking
Katherine Gillieson, Stephan Garneau

8. The Role of Abduction in Production of New Ideas in Design
Lauri Koskela, Sami Paavola, Ehud Kroll

9. Perennial Prototypes: Designing Science Exhibits with John Dewey
Kim Kullman

10. Sketch Representation and Design as Generative Transformation
James Andrew Self, Gabriela Goldschmidt

11. Models in Engineering Design: Generative and Epistemic Function of Product Models
Claudia Eckert, Rafaela Hillerbrand

Part III. Design Aesthetics, Design Phenomenology

12. Notes for an Aesthetics of Social Innovation: A Reading Through the Lenses of Jacques Rancière’s Philosophy
Virginia Tassinari

13. Conceptualizing Aesthetics in Design: A Phenomenological Framework
Mads Nygaard Folkmann

14. Phenomenology in Spatial Design Disciplines: Could it Offer a Bridge to Sustainability?
Emina Kristina Petrović, Bruno Marques, Natasha Perkins, Guy Marriage

Part IV. Design Research, Design Epistemology

15. The Specificity of Design Research: How Practice-Based Design Knowledge Can Enter the Great Archive of Science
Paolo Volonté, Lucia Rampino, Sara Colombo

16. Design Research as a Meta-discipline

Anne Caplan

17. On Testing Engineering Design Methods: Explanation, Reverse Engineering, and Constitutive Relevance
Dingmar Eck

18. Research in Interior Architecture: Interdisciplinary Viewpoints and Research Approaches
Ann Petermans, Jan Vanrie, Kris Pint

19. The Philosophical Underpinnings of Design Theory
Anne-Françoise Schmid

Part V. Design, Sustainability, and Ecology

20. Effects of Design and Sustainable Design of Technical Artefacts
Karina Vissonova

21. Ecological Design as an Ecology of Love: Epistemological and Ethical Implications
Gonzalo Salazar, Seaton Baxter

22. Scales of Design: Ecodesign and the Anthropocene
Victor Petit, Bertrand Guillaume

Part VI. Design, Politics, and Society

23. Governmentality, Technologies, & Truth Effects in Communication Design
Katherine Hepworth

24. The Black Book: Emilio Ambasz’s University of Design
Matthew Holt

25. The Design of Nothing: A Working Philosophy
Paul A. Rodgers, Craig Bremner

Keywords: Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Industrial Design, Engineering Design, Aesthetics, Architectural History and Theory, Sustainable Development

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Design Research Foundations
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