Shaw, Shih-Lung

Human Dynamics Research in Smart and Connected Communities

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Human Dynamics in Perspective
Shih-Lung Shaw, Daniel Sui

2. Utilizing Geo-located Sensors and Social Media for Studying Population Dynamics and Land Classification
Gautam Thakur, Kelly Sims, Huina Mao, Jesse Piburn, Kevin Sparks, Marie Urban, Robert Stewart, Eric Weber, Budhendra Bhaduri

3. Uncovering the Relationships Between Phone Communication Activities and Spatiotemporal Distribution of Mobile Phone Users
Yang Xu, Shih-Lung Shaw, Feng Lu, Jie Chen, Qingquan Li

4. Spatio-Temporal-Network Visualization for Exploring Human Movements and Interactions in Physical and Virtual Spaces
Song Gao, Hanzhou Chen, Wei Luo, Yingjie Hu, Xinyue Ye

5. Modeling Mobility and Dynamics of Scheduled Space-Time Activities—An RDF Approach
Junchuan Fan, Kathleen Stewart

6. Smart Sensors, Cyborgs, and Cybernetics: A Critical Reading of Smart City Technologies
Chen Xu

7. A Location-Based Client-Server Framework for Assessing Personal Exposure to the Transmission Risks of Contagious Diseases
Tzai-Hung Wen, Ching-Shun Hsu, Chih-Hong Sun, Joe-Air Jiang, Jehn-Yih Juang

8. An Exploratory Analysis of the Effects of Spatial and Temporal Scale and Transportation Mode on Anonymity in Human Mobility Trajectories
Jennifer A. Miller, Brendan Hoover

9. Uncovering Geo-Social Semantics from the Twitter Mention Network: An Integrated Approach Using Spatial Network Smoothing and Topic Modeling
Caglar Koylu

10. Grouping People in Cities: From Space-Time to Place-Time Based Profiling
Tao Cheng, Jianan Shen

11. Open Source Social Network Simulator Focusing on Spatial Meme Diffusion
Xinyue Ye, Lanxue Dang, Jay Lee, Ming-Hsiang Tsou, Zhuo Chen

12. The Opportunities and Challenges with Social Media and Big Data for Research in Human Dynamics
Atsushi Nara, Ming-Hsiang Tsou, Jiue-An Yang, Cheng-Chia Huang

13. Outlook and Next Steps: From Human Dynamics to Smart and Connected Communities
Daniel Sui, Shih-Lung Shaw

Keywords: Social Sciences, Human Geography, Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns), Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Human Dynamics in Smart Cities
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9 pages
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