Altiok, Husne

Responsible Research and Innovation Actions in Science Education, Gender and Ethics

Altiok, Husne - Responsible Research and Innovation Actions in Science Education, Gender and Ethics, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. RRI Actions in Science Education and Communication

1. The Italian School-Work Alternating System
Paola Castro, Cristina Agresti, Elena Ambrosini, Maria Cristina Barbaro, Roberta Simone, Eugenio Sorrentino, Sandra Salinetti

2. Actors Engagement and Tailored Methods in Physical Education and Sport Curriculum as a Policy Lab
Adriana Valente, Valentina Tudisca, Pietro Demurtas, Petru Sandu, Catalin Ovidiu Baba, Ermelinda Durmishi

3. Evaluating the Embedding of RRI in Higher Education Curriculum: The EnRRICH Experience
Andrea Vargiu

4. Developing RRI Practices: The Role of the ICT in Stakeholders’ Knowledge Exchange and Co-creation Processes
Susana Bautista, Jelena Mazaj, Marlon Cárdenas

5. Actors and Practices in Living Lab for Alternating Training
Adriana Valente, Valentina Tudisca, Claudia Pennacchiotti, Zacharoula Smyrnaiou, Konstantina Kotsari, Irene Monsonís-Payá, Jordi Garcés, Barbara Branchini, Fabrizio L. Ricci

6. OCEANOLAB—Marine Research and Innovation Live
Céline Liret

7. Humanitarian Medical Cloud Computing System (HMCCS)
Amira Buz Khallouf

8. Designing-by-Debate: A Blueprint for Responsible Data-Driven Research & Innovation
Jef Ausloos, Rob Heyman, Natalie Bertels, Jo Pierson, Peggy Valcke

9. The ASSET Research Project as a Tool for Increased Levels of Preparedness and Response to Public Health Emergencies
Valentina Possenti, Barbara Mei, Paola Scardetta, Anna Kurchatova, Manfred Green, Kåre Harald Drager, John Haukeland, Eva Benelli, Alberto d’Onofrio, Agoritsa Baka, Mitra Saadatian, Vanessa Maria Moore, Kjersti Brattekas, Ariel Beresniak, Mircea Ioan Popa, Donato Greco, Alberto Perra

Part II. Gender and Ethical issues in RRI Initiatives

10. Gender Equality in Academic Institutions: New Pillars for a Responsible Policy-Making Process
Lorenza Perini, Silvana Badaloni

11. Why Guidelines for Research Ethics in Science and Technology Should Consider Irreparable Research, and Why They Don’t
Gunnar Hartvigsen

12. An Innovation Model for the Analysis of the Role of Gender Equality, Privacy and Engagement of in Smart Factories’ Ecosystem
Francesco Niglia, Angelo Corallo

Keywords: Philosophy, Research Ethics, Innovation/Technology Management, Science Education, Gender and Education, R & D/Technology Policy

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SpringerBriefs in Research and Innovation Governance
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