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Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy: Principles, Challenges and Perspectives

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Table of contents

Part I. Bioeconomy: Concepts, Fundaments and New Approaches

1. Fostering Sustainable Bioeconomies: The Role of Conscious Consumption
Madhavi Venkatesan

2. Service-Based Bioeconomy—Multilevel Perspective to Assess the Evolving Bioeconomy with a Service Lens
Päivi Pelli, Jyrki Kangas, Jouni Pykäläinen

3. Environmental Sustainability Indicators for the Bioeconomy
Tiina Pursula, Maija Aho, Ida Rönnlund, Minna Päällysaho

4. A Macroeconomic Perspective on Green Growth
Mounaim Sebastian Rhozyel, Jolanta Žalpytė

Part II. Bioeconomy: Industry, Market and Financing Possibilities

5. The Biodiversity Finance Initiative: An Approach to Identify and Implement Biodiversity-Centered Finance Solutions for Sustainable Development
Marco Arlaud, Tracey Cumming, Ian Dickie, Marlon Flores, Onno den Heuvel, David Meyers, Massimiliano Riva, Andrew Seidl, Annabelle Trinidad

6. Bioeconomy Opportunities in the Danube Region
Miklós Gyalai-Korpos, Zoltán Szabó, Miklós Hollósy, Bence Dávid, Kinga Pencz, Csaba Fehér, Zsolt Barta

7. Barriers to Acceptance of Bio-Based Substitutes: How Schema Incongruity Can Hinder the Purchase of Bio-Based Products
Katja Rudolph

8. Key Factors for the Successful Implementation of Payments for Environmental Services and Offsets for Biodiversity Management and Sustainable Development
P. Puydarrieux, A. L. Mésenge

Part III. Bioeconomy: Innovative Approaches and Technological Possibilities

9. Development of Blue Revolution Through Integrated Bio-cycles System on Tropical Natural Resources Management
Cahyono Agus

10. Local Knowledge and Resources as Driving Forces of Sustainable Bioeconomy
Maris Klavins, Vaira Obuka

11. Tropicalizing Sustainable Bioeconomy: Initial Lessons from Ecuador
Daniel V. Ortega-Pacheco, Ariel Silva, Alfredo López, Ramón Espinel, Diego Inclán, María J. Mendoza-Jiménez

12. Economic Assessment of Tourism Based on Shark-Seeing and Diving as a More Profitable Activity Than Commercial Fishing
Plata Zepeda Yessica Miriam, Patricia Ramírez Romero, Fabíola S. Sosa-Rodríguez

Part IV. Bioeconomy: Advances on Agriculture, Biofarming and Food Production

13. Potential for Sustainable Urban Food Production in a Medium Scale City in Germany
Kay Plat, Andreas Meyer, Petra Schneider, Kai Perret

14. Building Bioeconomy in Agriculture: Harnessing Soil Microbes for Sustaining Ecosystem Services
Raj Rengalakshmi, Manjula M., V. R. Prabavathy, S. Jegan, B. Selvamukilan

15. Revitalisation of Agricultural Biomass for an Industrial Bio-economy, Case Studies on South Africa and Netherlands Bio-economy
Marie Blanche Ting, Jim Philp

16. Mangrove Restoration an Economical Alternative for Generating Incomes
Ángel Sol Sánchez, Gloria Isela Hernández Melchor, Juan Manuel Zaldívar Cruz, Carlos Alberto Zúñiga González, José Luis Santiváñez Galarza

17. Green-Growth Policies and Economic Effects: Lessons Learnt from Organic Farming in the Czech Republic
Radka Redlichová, Věra Bečvářová, Diana Mihaela Pociovălișteanu, Karel Vinohradský, Ivo Zdráhal

18. Family Farmers’ Cooperative from Ibiúna, São Paulo State, Brazil: An Example of Social Capital as a Driver for Ecological Sustainability Change
Paulo Roberto Borges Brito

Part V. Bioeconomy: Advances on Bioenergy and Biofuels

19. Constructing a Sustainable Bioeconomy: Multi-scalar Perceptions of Sustainability
Aparajita Banerjee, Chelsea L. Schelly, Kathleen E. Halvorsen

20. Contributions of Public Policies to Greening Sugarcane Ethanol Production in Brazil
Issa Ibrahim Berchin, Sthefanie Aguiar Silva, Pierre Bocquillon, Vitória Haendchen Fornasari, Larissa Pereira Cipoli Ribeiro, João Marcelo Pereira Ribeiro, José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório Andrade Guerra

21. Sustainable Development: Implications for Energy Policy in Nigeria
Adejumo Akintoye Victor, Adejumo Opeyemi Oluwabunmi

22. To Cultivate or Not to Cultivate? An Exploratory Analysis of What Influences Greek Farmers’ Decisions Towards the Cultivation of Bioenergy Crops
Eugenia Petropoulou, Vasiliki Petousi, Irini Theodorakopoulou

23. Bioenergy Development in Sweden—Frameworks for Success
Anders Chr. Hansen, Anna Berlina

24. Ecological Limits to Sustainable Use of Wood Fuels
Janis Abolins

Part VI. Bioeconomy: Advances on Bio-Based Forest Resources and Biomass

25. Sustainability-Driven New Business Models in Wood Construction Towards 2030
Anne Toppinen, Minna Autio, Miska Sauru, Sami Berghäll

26. A Governance Framework for a Sustainable Bioeconomy: Insights from the Case of the German Wood-based Bioeconomy
Erik Gawel, Alexandra Purkus, Nadine Pannicke, Nina Hagemann

27. Holistic Indicator for Optimizing Forest Governance
Mihail Hanzu

28. Qualitative and Quantitative Indicators of Coniferous in Boreal Zone After Care for a Forest
Dmitry Danilov

29. Bioeconomy Meets the Circular Economy: The RESYNTEX and FORCE Projects
Walter Leal Filho

Keywords: Environment, Sustainable Development, Natural Resource and Energy Economics, Environmental and Sustainability Education, Sustainability Management, Environmental Management, Natural Resources

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