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Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems

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Table of contents

Part I. Distributed Coverage and Exploration

1. A Probabilistic Topological Approach to Feature Identification Using a Stochastic Robotic Swarm
Ragesh K. Ramachandran, Sean Wilson, Spring Berman

2. Communication-Restricted Exploration for Search Teams
Elizabeth A. Jensen, London Lowmanstone, Maria Gini

3. From Ants to Birds: A Novel Bio-Inspired Approach to Online Area Coverage
Luca Giuggioli, Idan Arye, Alexandro Heiblum Robles, Gal A. Kaminka

4. Information Based Exploration with Panoramas and Angle Occupancy Grids
Daniel Mox, Anthony Cowley, M. Ani Hsieh, C. J. Taylor

5. Multirobot Persistent Patrolling in Communication-Restricted Environments
Marta Romeo, Jacopo Banfi, Nicola Basilico, Francesco Amigoni

Part II. Multi-Robot Control

6. A Comparative Study of Collision Avoidance Algorithms for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Performance and Robustness to Noise
Steven Roelofsen, Denis Gillet, Alcherio Martinoli

7. A Decentralized Control Strategy for Resilient Connectivity Maintenance in Multi-robot Systems Subject to Failures
Cinara Ghedini, Carlos H. C. Ribeiro, Lorenzo Sabattini

8. Chase Your Farthest Neighbour
Rotem Manor, Alfred M. Bruckstein

9. OuijaBots: Omnidirectional Robots for Cooperative Object Transport with Rotation Control Using No Communication
Zijian Wang, Guang Yang, Xuanshuo Su, Mac Schwager

10. Persistent Multi-robot Formations with Redundancy
Alyxander Burns, Bernd Schulze, Audrey St. John

11. Triangular Networks for Resilient Formations
David Saldaña, Amanda Prorok, Mario F. M. Campos, Vijay Kumar

Part III. Multi-Robot Estimation

12. Construction of Optimal Control Graphs in Multi-robot Systems
Gal A. Kaminka, Ilan Lupu, Noa Agmon

13. Decision-Making Accuracy for Sensor Networks with Inhomogeneous Poisson Observations
Chetan D. Pahlajani, Indrajeet Yadav, Herbert G. Tanner, Ioannis Poulakakis

14. Distributed Laplacian Eigenvalue and Eigenvector Estimation in Multi-robot Systems
Mehran Zareh, Lorenzo Sabattini, Cristian Secchi

15. Distributed Object Characterization with Local Sensing by a Multi-robot System
Golnaz Habibi, Sándor P. Fekete, Zachary Kingston, James McLurkin

16. Optical Wireless Communications for Heterogeneous DARS
Patricio J. Cruz, Christoph Hintz, Jonathan West, Rafael Fierro

Part IV. Multi-Robot Planning

17. Bundling Policies for Sequential Stochastic Tasks in Multi-robot Systems
Changjoo Nam, Dylan A. Shell

18. Decomposition of Finite LTL Specifications for Efficient Multi-agent Planning
Philipp Schillinger, Mathias Bürger, Dimos V. Dimarogonas

19. Informative Path Planning and Mapping with Multiple UAVs in Wind Fields
Doo-Hyun Cho, Jung-Su Ha, Sujin Lee, Sunghyun Moon, Han-Lim Choi

20. Multi-robot Informative and Adaptive Planning for Persistent Environmental Monitoring
Kai-Chieh Ma, Zhibei Ma, Lantao Liu, Gaurav S. Sukhatme

21. The Effectiveness Index Intrinsic Reward for Coordinating Service Robots
Yinon Douchan, Gal A. Kaminka

22. United We Move: Decentralized Segregated Robotic Swarm Navigation
Fabrício R. Inácio, Douglas G. Macharet, Luiz Chaimowicz

Part V. Modular Robots and Smart Materials

23. A Rule Synthesis Algorithm for Programmable Stochastic Self-assembly ofRobotic Modules
Bahar Haghighat, Alcherio Martinoli

24. Distributed Adaptive Locomotion Learning in ModRED Modular Self-reconfigurable Robot
Ayan Dutta, Prithviraj Dasgupta, Carl Nelson

25. Distributed Camouflage for Swarm Robotics and Smart Materials
Yang Li, John Klingner, Nikolaus Correll

26. Evo-Bots: A Simple, Stochastic Approach to Self-assembling Artificial Organisms
Juan A. Escalera, Matthew J. Doyle, Francesco Mondada, Roderich Groß

27. Geometrical Study of a Quasi-spherical Module for Building Programmable Matter
Benoît Piranda, Julien Bourgeois

28. HyMod: A 3-DOF Hybrid Mobile and Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robot and its Extensions
Christopher Parrott, Tony J. Dodd, Roderich Groß

29. Network Characterization of Lattice-Based Modular Robots with Neighbor-to-Neighbor Communications
André Naz, Benoît Piranda, Thadeu Tucci, Seth Goldstein, Julien Bourgeois

Part VI. Swarm Robotics

30. Decentralized Progressive Shape Formation with Robot Swarms
Carlo Pinciroli, Andrea Gasparri, Emanuele Garone, Giovanni Beltrame

31. Discovery and Exploration of Novel Swarm Behaviors Given Limited Robot Capabilities
Daniel S. Brown, Ryan Turner, Oliver Hennigh, Steven Loscalzo

32. Effects of Spatiality on Value-Sensitive Decisions Made by Robot Swarms
Andreagiovanni Reina, Thomas Bose, Vito Trianni, James A. R. Marshall

33. Emergence and Inhibition of Synchronization in Robot Swarms
Fernando Perez-Diaz, Stefan M. Trenkwalder, Rüdiger Zillmer, Roderich Groß

34. Evolving Behaviour Trees for Swarm Robotics
Simon Jones, Matthew Studley, Sabine Hauert, Alan Winfield

35. Evolving Group Transport Strategies for e-Puck Robots: Moving Objects Towards a Target Area
Muhanad H. Mohammed Alkilabi, Aparajit Narayan, Chuan Lu, Elio Tuci

36. From Formalised State Machines to Implementations of Robotic Controllers
Wei Li, Alvaro Miyazawa, Pedro Ribeiro, Ana Cavalcanti, Jim Woodcock, Jon Timmis

37. Human Responses to Stimuli Produced by Robot Swarms - the Effect of the Reality-Gap on Psychological State
Gaëtan Podevijn, Rehan O’Grady, Carole Fantini-Hauwel, Marco Dorigo

38. Localization of Inexpensive Robots with Low-Bandwidth Sensors
Shiling Wang, Francis Colas, Ming Liu, Francesco Mondada, Stéphane Magnenat

39. Modelling Mood in Co-operative Emotional Agents
Joe Collenette, Katie Atkinson, Daan Bloembergen, Karl Tuyls

40. Programmable Self-disassembly for Shape Formation in Large-Scale Robot Collectives
Melvin Gauci, Radhika Nagpal, Michael Rubenstein

41. Towards Differentially Private Aggregation of Heterogeneous Robots
Amanda Prorok, Vijay Kumar

Part VII. Multi-Robot Systems in Applications

42. Construction Planning for a Modularized Rail Structure: Type Selection of Rail Structure Modules and Dispatch Planning ofConstructor Robots
Rui Fukui, Yuta Kato, Gen Kanayama, Ryo Takahashi, Masayuki Nakao

43. Distributed Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Activity Recognition in Wearable Robotics
Dana Hughes, Nikolaus Correll

44. Formation Control of a Drifting Group of Marine Robotic Vehicles
Nicholas R. Rypkema, Henrik Schmidt

45. Multi-swarm Infrastructure for Swarm Versus Swarm Experimentation
Duane T. Davis, Timothy H. Chung, Michael R. Clement, Michael A. Day

46. Robust Coordinated Aerial Deployments for Theatrical Applications Given Online User Interaction via Behavior Composition
Ellen A. Cappo, Arjav Desai, Nathan Michael

47. Vertex: A New Distributed Underwater Robotic Platform for Environmental Monitoring
Felix Schill, Alexander Bahr, Alcherio Martinoli

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Computational Intelligence

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