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Advances in Mechanical Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Hot Orbital Forging by Tool with Variable Angle of Inclination
Leonid B. Aksenov, Sergey N. Kunkin

2. Modeling and Simulation of Tapping Mode Atomic Force Microscope Through a Bond-Graph
Mohammad Reza Bahrami, A. W. Buddimal Abeygunawardana

3. The Likelihood Description of Lubrication Layer Formation Structured at the Molecular Level
Elena V. Berezina, Alexej V. Volkov, Vladimir A. Godlevskiy, Alexander S. Parfenov, Anton G. Zheleznov

4. Design of Library of Metaheuristic Algorithms for Solving the Problems of Discrete Optimization
Vladislav A. Chekanin, Alexander V. Chekanin

5. Dynamics of the Manipulator Parallel-Serial Structure
Victor V. Dyashkin-Titov, Victor V. Zhoga, Ivan A. Nesmiyanov, Natalia S. Vorob’eva

6. Simulation of the Dynamics of a Rotor on Foil Bearings
Vladimir V. Eliseev, Ekaterina A. Andriushchenko

7. Vibrations of Turbine Blades as Elastic Shells
Vladimir V. Eliseev, Artem A. Moskalets

8. Contact Forces Between Wheels and Railway Determining in Dynamic Analysis. Numerical Simulation
Kirill V. Eliseev

9. Some Characteristics of Linear Acceleration Reproduction with Flexible Harmonical Component
Alexander N. Evgrafov, Vladimir I. Karazin, Denis P. Kozlikin, Igor O. Khlebosolov

10. Self-braking of Planar Linkage Mechanisms
Alexander N. Evgrafov, Gennady N. Petrov

11. Waves with the Negative Group Velocity in the Cylindrical Shell, Filled with Compressible Liquid
George V. Filippenko

12. On Equally Stressed Hinged Devices
Mikhail D. Kovalev

13. Determination of a Pre-destructive State During Hydraulic Testing of Steel Pipes with Defects by the Acoustic-Emission Method
Evgeny J. Nefedyev, Victor P. Gomera, Anatoly D. Smirnov

14. Features of Calculating the Working Mechanism of an Excavator
Yuri A. Semenov, Nadezhda S. Semenova

15. Localization of Plastic Deformation HCP—Crystals During Indentation and Scratching
Margarita A. Skotnikova, Galina V. Ivanova, Alexander A. Popov, Olga V. Paitova

16. Shock Response Spectra as a Result of Linear Interactions
Valerii Tereshin

17. Some Peculiarities of Electric Drive Impact on the Dynamics of Cyclic Machines
Iosif I. Vulfson

18. Synthesis of Spherical Four-Links Rotational Pairs in the Solidworks Program
Munir G. Yarullin, Marat R. Faizov

19. Structural Study of a Two-Mobility Five-Link Space Mechanism with a Double Crank
Munir G. Yarullin, Ilnur R. Isyanov

20. Modal Analysis of Turbine Blade as One- and Three-Dimensional Body
Tatiana V. Zinovieva, Artem A. Moskalets

Keywords: Engineering, Machinery and Machine Elements, Structural Mechanics, Computational Science and Engineering

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
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8 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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