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Theory and Practice of Climate Adaptation

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Table of contents

Part I. Climate Change Governance and Policy

1. Decentralized Governance and Climate Change Adaptation: Working Locally to Address Community Resilience Priorities
Erin Martin, Christopher Perine, Veronique Lee, Jeff Ratcliffe

2. Using the Open Standards-Based Framework for Planning and Implementing Ecosystem-Based Adaptation Projects in the High Mountainous Regions of Central Asia
Paul Schumacher, Tobias Garstecki, Bunafsha Mislimshoeva, John Morrison, Benedikt Ibele, Corey Lesk, Salamat Dzhumabaeva, Umed Bulbulshoev, Shaun Martin

3. Understanding Climate Change Adaptation: The Role of Citizens’ Perceptions and Appraisals About Extreme Weather Events
Samuel Domingos, Rui Gaspar, João Marôco, Rita Beja

4. Diffusion of Climate Change Adaptation Policies Among Local Governments in Sub-Saharan Africa: Conceptual Review
Issah Justice Musah-Surugu, Albert Ahenkan, Justice Nyigmah Bawole, Samuel Antwi Darkwah

5. The Politics and Governance of Negative Emissions Technologies
Klaus Radunsky

6. Vulnerability Here, There, and Everywhere: What Happened to Ghana’s Decentralized Climate Change Adaptation Policy?
Issah Justice Musah-Surugu, Albert Ahenkan, Justice Nyigmah Bawole, Antwi Samuel Darkwah

Part II. Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience and Disaster Risk Management

7. Effect of a Drought on Cork Growth Along the Production Cycle
Carla Leite, Vanda Oliveira, Alexandra Lauw, Helena Pereira

8. Ozone Layer Depletion, Climate Change, Risks and Adaptation
Aliaksandr Krasouski, Siarhei Zenchanka

9. Embedding Adaptation into Development Planning and Decision Making Process at the Municipal Levels in Mozambique
Luís Artur, Casimiro António, Olanda Bata, Felisberto Afonso, Gilberto Muai

10. Promoting Private Sector Engagement in Climate Change Adaptation and Flood Resilience—A Case Study of Innovative Approaches Applied by MSMEs in Mumbai, India
Caroline Schaer, Archana Pantakar

11. Can Young Olive Plants Overcome Heat Shock?
Márcia Araújo, Conceição Santos, Maria Celeste Dias

12. Microclimatic Adaptations That Occurred in Urban Area in the Brazilian Cerrado Between the Years 2011–2012 and 2016
Diana Carolina Jesus Paula, Natallia Sanches e Souza, Marta Cristina de Jesus Albuquerque Nogueira, Flávia Maria de Moura Santos

Part III. Social Perceptions and Socio-cultural Dimensions of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

13. Outlining Community Perceptions of Climate Change in Local Adaptation Strategies Development: The Case of ClimAdaPT.Local
Luísa Schmidt, Adriana Ferreira Alves, Susana Valente, João Morais Mourato

14. Attitudes, Ability and Willingness: Rethinking Split-Incentives of Non-domestic Building Tenure to Overcome Energy Inertia
Kay Emblen-Perry

15. Environmental Justice and Climate Change Adaptation in the Context of Risk Society
Maria Eduarda Medeiros Silveira, Solange Buchele de S. Thiago, Larissa Pereira Cipoli Ribeiro, Ana Clara Medeiros Silveira, José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório Andrade Guerra, Jéssica Garcia, Sthefanie Aguiar Silva

16. Fish Farmers’ Perceptions, Impacts and Adaptation on/of/to Climate Change in Africa (The Case of Egypt and Nigeria)
M. L. Adeleke, D. Al-Kenawy, A. M. Nasr-Allah, S. Murphy, G. O. El-Naggar, M. Dickson

17. Environmental Migrations Without Environmental Migrants? Perceptions and Policies on Environmental and Mobility Issues
Inês Vieira

18. Can 3D Visualizations Really Convince Small Island Coastal Communities About the True Risks of Sea Level Rise?
Attard Claudia, Galdies Charles, Conrad Elisabeth

19. Overview of Contextual Factors When Designing and Implementing Climate Risk Communication with Rural Communities in the Global South
Elvis Modikela Nkoana

Part IV. Food Security and Climate Change: Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change

20. Improving Water Productivity in Irrigated Agriculture: Challenges from Climate Change and New Water Resources Paradigms
José Manuel Gonçalves, Isabel Pedroso Lima

21. Promoting Sustainability Through Agro-industrial Waste Valorisation
Micael Silva, Patrícia Marques, Luís Coelho, Hartmut Nestler, Paula Castro, Cristina Galhano

22. Are Increases in Maize Production in Malawi Due to Favourable Climate or the Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP)?
Floney P. Kawaye, Michael F. Hutchinson

23. Would Rainfed Agriculture Be the Right Option Under Climate Change Scenarios? A Case Study from Centro Region of Portugal
Albano Figueiredo, Carolina Alves, Joaquim Patriarca, Andreia Saavedra Cardoso, Paula Castro, João Loureiro

24. Impact of the Light Microclimate on Photosynthetic Activity of Grape Berry (Vitis vinifera): Insights for Radiation Absorption Mitigations’ Measures
Andreia Garrido, Richard Breia, João Serôdio, Ana Cunha

25. Is It Possible to Completely Adapt Agriculture Production to the Effects of Climate Variability and Change in Central Argentina? New Approaches in Face of New Challenges
Mónica B. Wehbe, Roberto A. Seiler, Marta G. Vinocur, Ivan E. Tarasconi

26. Coffee Responses to Drought, Warming and High [CO2] in a Context of Future Climate Change Scenarios
José Nobre Semedo, Weverton P. Rodrigues, Danielly Dubberstein, Madlles Q. Martins, Lima D. Martins, Isabel P. Pais, Ana P. Rodrigues, António E. Leitão, Fábio L. Partelli, Eliemar Campostrini, Marcelo A. Tomaz, Fernando H. Reboredo, Paula Scotti-Campos, Ana I. Ribeiro-Barros, Fernando C. Lidon, Fábio M. DaMatta, José C. Ramalho

27. How Can Global Change Affect Insect Population Dynamics in Mediterranean Ecosystems? A Case Study with Pine Shoot Beetle and Pine Processionary Moth
Teresa Maria Vasconcelos, Isabel Maria Duarte

Part V. Technological approaches to Climate Change Adaptation/Innovative Approaches towards Low Carbon Economics

28. Urban Agriculture Practices as Initiatives for Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change: Possibilities for Urban Farms in a South American City
Ana Valquiria Jonck, João Marcelo Pereira Ribeiro, Issa Ibrahim Berchin, Francesca Chaher Perini, José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório Andrade Guerra

29. Climate Adaptation Practices in Building Constructions: Progress and Limitations in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Elinorata Mbuya, Nathalie Jean-Baptiste, Alphonce G. Kyessi

30. Irrigation Water-Saving Technologies to Adapt to Global Changes in the Yellow River Basin, China: A Hetao Case Study
Qingfeng Miao, Haibin Shi, José Manuel Gonçalves, Luis Santos Pereira

31. Emission Trading Schemes and Carbon Markets in the NDCs: Their Contribution to the Paris Agreement
Veronica Caciagli

32. Adaptation Technologies in Water Sector Demanded by Developing Countries and the Potential of Technology Transfer of SMEs in South Korea
Ho-Sik Chon, Huncheol Im, SeJin An

Keywords: Environment, Climate Change

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