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Teaching and Learning Stochastics

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Table of contents

Part I. Teaching Probability

1. Reasoning with Risk: Teaching Probability and Risk as Twin Concepts
Manfred Borovcnik, Ramesh Kapadia

2. Language and Lexical Ambiguity in the Probability Register
Adam Molnar

3. The Status of Probability in the Elementary and Lower Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum: The Rise and Fall of Probability in School Mathematics in the United States
Cynthia W. Langrall

4. Challenges and Opportunities in Experimentation-Based Instruction in Probability
Per Nilsson, Andreas Eckert, Dave Pratt

5. Visualising Conditional Probabilities—Three Perspectives on Unit Squares and Tree Diagrams
Katharina Böcherer-Linder, Andreas Eichler, Markus Vogel

6. Probability Concepts Needed for Teaching a Repeated Sampling Approach to Inference
Hollylynne S. Lee

7. Characterizing Probability Problems Posed in University Entrance Tests in Andalucia
Carmen Batanero, María del Mar López-Martín, Pedro Arteaga, María M. Gea

8. Random Walks in the Didactics of Probability: Enactive Metaphoric Learning Sprouts
Jorge Soto-Andrade, Daniela Díaz-Rojas, Pamela Reyes-Santander

9. The Role of Statistics Anxiety in Learning Probability
Caterina Primi, Maria Anna Donati, Francesca Chiesi

Part II. Students’ Reasoning and Learning

10. What 9- and 10-Year Old Pupils Already Know and What They Can Learn About Randomness
Peter Bryant, Terezinha Nunes, Deborah Evans, Rossana Barros, Laura Gottardis, Emanouela Terlektsi

11. Understanding Children’s Meanings of Randomness in Relation to Random Generators
Haneet Gandhi

12. Reasoning in Decision Making Under Uncertainty and Decisions of Risk in a Game of Chance
Ana Serradó Bayés

13. Determinism and Empirical Commitment in the Probabilistic Reasoning of High School Students
Ernesto Sánchez, Jaime García-García, Miguel Mercado

14. Students’ Reasoning About Sample Space and Probabilities of Compound Events
Pedro Landín, Jesús Salinas

15. The Six Loses: Risky Decisions Between Probabilistic Reasoning and Gut Feeling
Joachim Engel, Arne Orthwein

Part III. Education of Teachers

16. Comparing the Relative Probabilities of Events
Egan J. Chernoff, Ilona Vashchyshyn, Heidi Neufeld

17. Preparing Teachers for Teaching Probability Through Problem Solving
Pedro M. Huerta

18. Exploring Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Probability and Its Teaching
Assumpta Estrada, Carmen Batanero, Carmen Díaz

19. Students’ Reflections About a Course for Learning Inferential Reasoning Via Simulations
Susanne Podworny

20. Prospective Teachers’ Probabilistic Reasoning in the Context of Sampling
Emilse Gómez-Torres, Carmen Díaz, José Miguel Contreras, Juan Jesús Ortiz

Keywords: Education, Mathematics Education, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Teaching and Teacher Education, Learning & Instruction

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ICME-13 Monographs
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Upbringing, Education
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