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Metal-Matrix Composites Innovations, Advances and Applications

Jr., William C. Harrigan, - Metal-Matrix Composites Innovations, Advances and Applications, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Aluminum and Lightweight Metal Matrix Composites

1. Aluminum Matrix Composites 1970–2017
William C. Harrigan

2. Commercial-Ready and Large-Scale Manufacturing of Light-Weight Aluminum Matrix Nanocomposites
Yuzheng Zhang, Miguel Verduzco, Andrew Parker, Mark Sommer, William Harrigan, Al Sommer

3. Development of an Electroless Plating Process for Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTS) to Improve Their Dispersion and Wettability in Molten Aluminum
Mohammed Elsharkawi, Amal M. K. Esawi

Part II. Synthesis and Developments of Emerging Composites

4. Study on Hot Deformation Behavior and Processing Map of 20 Volume Percent Al18B4O33w/2024 Composites
Wenchen Xu, Xiangqian Zeng, Xueze Jin, Debin Shan

5. Development and Characterization of In-situ Aluminum–Titanium Carbide Composites Prepared by Pneumatic Powder Injection Route
Sheetal Gupta, Anirban Giri, Saikat Adhikari, Vivek Srivastava

Part III. Basic History and Advances in Metal Matrix Composites

6. Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Cryomilled Al–Mg Composites Reinforced with Nanometric Yttria Partially Stabilized Zirconia
Matthew Dussing, Hanry Yang, Troy D. Topping, Enrique J. Lavernia, Kaka Ma, Julie M. Schoenung

7. Fatigue Crack Growth Resistance of Titanium Metal Matrix Composites
H. Stanley, M. Dear, T. J. A. Doel, P. Bowen

8. Experimental Optimization of Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Titanium Matrix Composites Using Taguchi Methods
Koutarou Hattori, Shogen Hirami, Yoshiko Hasegawa, Hiroshi Izui, Yoshiki Komiya

9. Model-Based Damage Detection in Piezoelectric Fiber Based Composites
Khalid M. Shalan, Mohamed E. AbdelMeguid, Tarek M. Hatem, Hesham A. Hegazi, Yehia A. Bahei-El-Din

Part IV. Mechanical Behavior of Metal Matrix Composites

10. Effect of Matrix Properties and Sliding Counterface on the Wear Behavior of Magnesium Alloy Metal Matrix Composites
S. Jayalakshmi, R. Arvind Singh, T. S. Srivatsan

11. Synthesis and Microstructural Development of Particulate Reinforced Metal-Matrix Composites Using the Technique of Spray Atomization and Deposition
T. S. Srivatsan, Yaojun Lin, Fei Chen, K. Manigandan, Enrique J. Lavernia

12. Magnetically Induced Cavitation for the Dispersion of Particles in Liquid Metals
M. Sarma, I. Grants, A. Bojarevics, G. Gerbeth

13. An Engineered Magnesium Alloy Nanocomposite: Mechanisms Governing Microstructural Development and Mechanical Properties
Sravya Tekumalla, Shikhar Bharadwaj, T. S. Srivatsan, Manoj Gupta

14. The Tensile Response and Fracture Behavior of a Copper-Niobium Microcomposite: Role of Surface Modification
Paul Arindam, T. S. Srivatsan

15. Fundamental Issues and Highlights of Reactive Wetting in Carbon-Based Composites
Khurram Iqbal, Stevens Cadet

Part V. Poster Session

16. Influence of Graphene Nanoplatelet Reinforcements on Microstructural Development and Wear Behavior of an Aluminum Alloy Nanocomposite
Mohammad Alipour, Reza Eslami Farsani, Yu. A. Abuzin

Keywords: Materials Science, Metallic Materials, Ceramics, Glass, Composites, Natural Materials, Materials Engineering

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The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series
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